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Hey,how do you motivate yourself to start doing something?I can

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Hey,how do you motivate yourself to start doing something?I can see myself getting a bit fatter,not like really fat,but chubby.And I`m too weak to start doing something.
You're never too weak to start doing something. Like, 6 months ago I could barely do a couple pushups on my knees but now I can bang out like 50 on my toes, and can do multiple diamond pushups.
Nothing's impossible, bro.
What are your specific goals? Just getting skinny or do you want to start lifting? I can recommend some stuff for starting out, it's really helpful if you have an actual plan and don't just run into the gym and do shit for 5 minutes then get bored and leave like I used to.
I used to be in a really good shape,but then i started slacking,going out on fridays and stuff like that.Well I`d like to be kinda skinny,with muscles,i guess that`s called ripped?:D
Just get up off of your ass and fucking do it. Stop looking for motivation, because you'll never have as much as you want.
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Fix up your diet, start cutting and lifting, measure your progress and make sure to always challenge yourself.
I personally like listening to rock or metal before a workout to pump myself up and get aggressive enough to want to expend all that energy. I know a lot of people like to get really pissed off before a workout to motivate them further.
Get a clear goal in your mind - pick someone and find their body stats and work towards those. For example, I'm the same height as Ronda Rousey, and I do a similar sport, so she's my goals for now. It's good to have that visualisation so you can see how fucking amazing you'll look and how much it'll be worth it.
Also: lifting makes you really confident. If anything, do it for how good you'll feel about yourself.
I don't really know specific goals so I can't help you with specific stuff even though I like helping with all that, but you asked for motivation so there's some motivation.
Well im 1.90m and 90kg,but I am really chubby.I set my goal ,ok, but I don`t make my own meals and I don`t know what to eat,or just to cut down on shit tier food?
Try it for 10 minutes. That's easy to do, but usually you'll do it for longer since starting is always the hardest part. Just remember that it doesn't get any easier, you just get better.
this guy, even if he is /biz/ he is still motivational

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its real easy

>Do it
>Be a faget

Pick one OP
thanks bros,i guess i will start my journey now then.Even if it feels really hard,I hope i make it

Excellent taste in grils, anon
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>thanks bros,i guess i will start my journey now then.Even if it feels really hard,I hope i make it

first of all, dont give me that "I guess i will start" you better make sure you fucking DO IT!!

second of all anything that is really worth doing is hard, look around you right now, actually look at your surroundings, anything of value around you took hard work to make, produce and get

You will either make it or not

You Choose!
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>nymous 11/23/15(Mon)10:35:22 No.35008725▶
>File: this is why I lift 3.jpg (539 KB, 2592x3888)
thanks bro,here`s some more
You PC brah?
That`s like a slap in the face,but i agree with you.I will start doing it,but in the way i know,cutting off sugar,drinking only water,cardio and gym.But i don`t know ANYTHING about going to gym so,that`s that..
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buy dumbbells or a weight set and train at home first, watch youtube vids

don't worry about diet in first 3 weeks, wait to see what you like and start getting beginner gains first brah

you will make it
close to trips :D
ok ,will do,but besides cardio what should i do ?at the begginning i mean.
curls, seriously quick to make gains with curls even if its just milk bottles full of water

then see what you like but i'd start with arms and move to chest, then core and legs

read the sticky to customize a workout you like, right now though just experiment, your body will respond to what it finds good

be prepared for doms in your first week
what`s a curl?
ok,going to buy dumbbells today .what should i need more?
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>And I`m too weak to start doing something.

That right there is your problem. It'll take some time for everyone to figure it out and you'll probably hear it in different forms a 100 times until you realise for yourself what it means: Your thoughts shape your world.

Your subconciousness is a very avid listener to what you say and think all the time. And if you tell yourself "I'm weak, I can't do that, I'll never be able to do this" than this is what will happen.

As for motivation: Many people think that you'll need motivation before you do or achive anything. That is wrong.
With doing stuff comes motivation to do more, to achive more, to have more success. Not the other way around.

So what you need to do is start small and really celebrate these small victories. And then build from there. It is really important to focus on what you already did well and what you achieved today (and if it was just one push-up or one sentence you wrote for your essay or whatever) because these tiny steps will acumulate into something bigger.
Like building a wall, you don't set it up at once but lay brick after brick after brick.
Thank you Sir.
I saved you reply if that`s ok with you.I have had heard a lot about that consciousness stuff,but never really thought about it
damn breh this makes me weak

I wonder if that girl knows how much of a career she has made on the Internet (or at least 4Chan). I've seen her like a hundred times here.

To what this anon said I'll paraphrase my favourite quote:

Motivation is a fickle bitch. When it appears it is so easy to do anything, and when it isn't there you sit and wait for it to strike.

Discipline is making yourself do what you know you should be doing, what you're begging formoitvation to come along and sort out.

Cultivating discipline until your are your own motivation is the key to unlocking your potential.
You have to have the drive to go to sleep every day a better man than you woke up as. No matter what that means, no matter what you value, you must improve yourself every day. Be a little smarter, or a little stronger, or a little slimmer, or a little wealthier, or a little happier, etc. Your only opponent is the person you saw in the mirror this morning. Beat him today and you're up there with the best men ever
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I have this same problem OP.

I don't know how to fix it. I'm just applying for college now. 2 years late. I don't even lift, I just frequent /fit/. I have no motivation to do anything. I just gain knowledge without taking action.

I know tons of work out routines without ever doing one.
I know the process of picking a girl up on the street from start to finish, without ever talking to one
I know how to build a pc from scratch, without ever doing it myself
I know how to repair most shelves and sinks, without ever fixing one.

All I do is fucking read and gain all this knowledge and I never put it to fucking use. I hate myself for it.

I wish I wasn't so weak minded. I wish I could just do whatever I put my mind to.
Go see someone about your depression
I've seen 4 different therapists but none of them do anything for me. They don't help. I'm thinking of seeing a psychiatrist so I can get some antidepressants. Maybe that will help.
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Chin up senpai, you need either a best friend or a gf to push you a bit in doing things :) 1. start working out ! just think like this, if you can reach your max genetic limit, why not do it ? you will look good + the mirin eyes u catch looking at you ... man there are no words to describe that.
2. Pick up a girl then! What can you lose ? What can you win :) ? you lose the attention of another random girl on the street, whatever.... But if you win ?
Inhale confidence, exhale doubt ! Mark my words and go do something !
Thanks anon.
I'm motivated because when I look in the mirror I hate myself. Probably a shitty way to do it but it works for me.
this girl is a miracle of the universe
Eh, she's ok. Face is meh, kinda looks like Pepe.
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