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/fit/ what do??? I have terrible posture as a result of neglect

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/fit/ what do??? I have terrible posture as a result of neglect over the years and now I'm sick of the way I look. I really want a clean posture, any exercises that can fix this or am I fucked?
Corrective stretches > exercises.
but bad posture and muscles imbalances are generally a combination of a weak muscle and a short muscle
so it does make sense to exercise and stretch

op, you better do your own research
Maybe take 2 minutes of your day laying on a flat floor. Make sure to do that either a good 10-15 minutes before working out, or after stretching after working out. This will avoid post-workout soreness.
Don't over do it or you might hurt yourself in the long run.
Couple it with corrective exercising and stretches.

Do back exercises.
Hang on to a monkey bar. Both upside down and upside right to stretch your spine.

Know which posture related deformation you have and find appropriate methods to correct them.

Avoid sitting for prolonged hours.
Correct your posture whenever you can. Look in a mirror to help, or ask one of your friends. If they find it weird then their clueless to the benefits of proper posture.
Take a few minutes to be upright if you work on a computer most of the time. Do so every 45-60 minutes. The more you're upright the better.

There are other tips but I'm not that knowledgeable. Visit a chiropractor for more complete information and possible treatment and advice from certified professionals.

I have pretty bad posture, but I've been working on it for a few months. Find the habits that enable shity posture and weed them out or modify them.
Bad posture can hamper other things in your body down the line from hip rotation to everything else that's related to your back.(pretty much everything)
It's worth it. :)
Also. Trial and error.
Thank you, what have you been doing for your posture.
thanks will do
okay thanks
Mainly I'm doing anything. Everything I listed I've been doing, except for the monkey bar hanging.
Any back workout will aid in building the muscles on your back to keep posture corrected, but alone they can damage or do nothing for your posture. I visited a chiropractor a while ago and they suggested I use a foam roller to make my middle-back more flexible.
It depends on the severity of your postures condition.
Mostly, I attempt to correct it when I notice I'm slouching, neck forward, etc.
Also helps to adjust your bed posture. Having piles of pillows under your head does something to your neck over the years. Aswell as sitting for long hours. These things I try to limit.
Same with being on my phone. A notorious habit. Affects the neck and posture.
Good luck! I highly suggest visiting a chiropractor if your posture is accompanied by pain, and even more so if your posture isn't as bad yet, so corrective measures can be applied.l early on.
Gotta figure out what kind of posture imbalance you have, or some methods can do more harm than good.
In addition, if you're going to lay down on the floor fold a blanket/bedsheet for a head rest, or spread a bed cover on the floor to avoid unwanted damage to the spinal column. Use a carpeted floor if possible. The goal is to have a flat surface to stretch the spine NATURALLY on without it being like bedrock hard.
Maybe a yoga mat would be better.

Do some research on your condition and possible alternatives to chiropractic services. But it shouldn't replace their professional opinions/advice in cases of severe posture related misalignment.
>avoid sitting for long hours

And this is the reason I will quit my job as a videogame tester, or any real office job.

Now if only I knew what the fuck to do....
Well you don't have to quit either occupation. Just take some time to stand up and walk around and stretch a bit.
yoga + deadlifts
Here's a pic. I can't give you real answers because I'm not certified or trained for it, and would leave a nasty taste on my conscious mind.
Identify your problem and do appropriate therapy for it.

If you want a quick answer with effective treatment and advice all together visit a chiropractor. You'll be happy you did. And plus they may give you a free massage if you're really stiff.
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Stretching and/or yoga is a great idea, just be regular with it.

Exercise wise, focus on the posterior chain as well as your core (abs, obliques, lower back). These are a few good options:

Straight Leg Deadlifts
Good Mornings
Back Raises/Back Extensions

Planks (front, sides, and back)
Decline Sit-ups
Leg Raises
Dumbbell Side Tilts
Russian Twists
Back Raises/Back Extensions
>dat ass tho
>no homo
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No homo inferred. Sumo wrestlers have surprisingly impressive booty gains.
Squeeze your butt, blow the air out with your abs, externally rotate your shoulders(meaning back and out), relax everything but your abs. Its going to seem weird at first but keep those abs contracted.
Also, learn how to breathe.
Also check mwod(i know crossfit gay shit, but trust me kelly starret has great stuff about movement, posture and mobility)
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Just get you one of these brah
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