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Hey /fit/, /fatfuck/ here hoping to get some input on my decided

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Hey /fit/,
/fatfuck/ here hoping to get some input on my decided daily weight loss routine

>Currently 5'2, ~190lb
>decided to go with Atkins/South Beach type diet
>TDEE of 2'500
>100cal protein shake in the morning
>30 minutes of cardio and light lifts
>Unsweetened tea with fiber, maybe a protein bar for a snack
>Another 100 calorie protein shake for lunch, maybe some cottage cheese and cucumbers
>Try to squeeze in another light work out
>Big salad with cheese, nuts, eggs, and olives and shit for dinner
>Estimate consumed calories 1'500

If I stick to this will I be burning muscle instead of fat? The goal is two pounds a week. Anything that can/should be changed? Is it possible to get too much protein?
first off
>5'2", 190lb
i seriously hope for your sake youre a girl

cutting on salads and shit especially at a 1000 cal deficit is retarded and completely unsustainable for a fatty without a shred of willpower (i.e. you). at your level of fatness you'd lose weight by eating 2000 cals/day and doing a moderate exercise for 1-1.5 hours (cardio included)

>two pounds a week
impossible without significant muscle loss. you'll shed lots of water weight fast the first week or two but then your weight loss will normalize and if you're losing 2 pounds a week you're doing something wronf

>Is it possible to get too much protein?
yes but not by accident

read the damn sticky.
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Fucking kek OP
There were multiple contributing factors for the weight gain. I wasn't eat unhealthy, just a lot but my willpower is alright now. Also, something about motivation.

>TDEE of 2'500
Bullfuckingshit you fat cow. OVERESTIMATING ACTIVITY LEVEL.

>maybe a protein bar for a snack
Snacks? Kill yourself fatass, you will never lose the weight until you learn how to not eat for extended periods. And fuck your tea nigga, have you heard of water? Plain fucking water, drink it, dont drink anything else.

>Big salad
Letting fatasses ever eat food without weight it..... NOPE

>Estimate consumed calories 1'500
Letting fatasses estimate their caloric consumption..... NOPE

I have little to know hope for you, because I know you wont stick to 2 a days and I know you wont stick to 1 protein shake, and one Salad per day. You are DELUSIONAL.

Your TDEE is more like 1750 MAYBE 2000, your entire basis for loss is completely off. You need to cut down to ~1200/day for 2 weeks and then go down to 1000/day for as long as you can sustain linear losses. After your losses plateau you should refeed at 1750 for a few weeks and then resume 1000/day until your losses plateau and then repeat.

Atkins/keto/low carb are memes so dont feel like you need to follow them. The most important thing is your actual caloric intake SO START MEASURING YOUR FOOD. After a couple months of measuring then you can be trusted to estimate, not before that. However meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts are the most macro + micro dense foods so try to stay within those groups.

Last tip, use an Intermittent Fasting eating pattern. Wait as long as possible after waking before eating, doing something more than sitting in your room watching Mongolian cartoons helps take your mind off of food, eat half of your calories in one meal, wait 6-8hrs and eat the other half of your calories in another meal. After that no more food until tomorrow at the same time you had meal 1 the previous day. Get used to eating at the same time every day.

Best of luck, but I have no actual hope of you making it. Prove me wrong.
Is 1.5lbs a week realistic?


You better be a grill or a Lilliputian
Work and home life are pretty intense, I'll try cutting the snacks but 2'500 TDEE is accurate. I'm on day three already bruh.

Despite the fat and workload I've been doing workouts twice a day for two months, and it's 2 protein shakes a day. Anyway thanks for the tips and the post, I wish I could hire you as a PT.
Can people stop with the stupid ass "if you lose weight too quickly you'll lose muscle"

Its a fucking myth

This is going to make you fat in the long run, hamlord

Fat bitches like you always get on these kicks a couple times a year to diet and exercise after talking incessantly about it every day. One of those kicks is wasting money for a get fit quick scheme and the other is this.

You're going to lower your BMR by decreasing your calorie intake and then you're going to give up in a few days going back to your normal calorie intake. But with a lower BMR for a few days before it stabilizers, those calories won't be used and will be stored as fat.

That's how you gain ~5 lbs a year by that alone. Not to mention the calories you already don't use while stuffing your fat greasy face. You're destined to gain 10 to 20 lbs. a year.

Also, if you're trying to lose weight, why the fuck are you eating the same amount of calories an average sized adult should be eating to maintain a healthy weight?

You're smaller and you're trying to lose. You should have a deficit, dumbass.
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>Work and home life are pretty intense


>2'500 TDEE is accurate


>I'm on day three already bruh

It's not a kick, I just gained some weight and finally decided to do something about it. I've never done this before. Pretty sure I'm not going to give up, at least not as soon as everyone seems to think. Besides, I didn't eat junk food before, so it's not like that's going to make me cave.
Your TDEE is not 2500. Especially if you are a grill, which I'm getting the impression that you are. Unless you work construction daily and also do moderate to heavy regular exercise on top of that, your TDEE is NOT 2500. I'm 5'3 ~100 lbs and my BMR is seriously like 1200, you're considerably bigger but not enough to make your BMR that much higher. If you want to actually be successful at losing weight, don't factor exercise into your daily calories, because you'll just end up greatly overestimating your calories burned and eating more than you need. Exercise on top of a set deficit.

Atkins is also a stupid fucking diet, and you don't need that much protein unless you're lifting heavy.
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>I just gained some weight

I am a 5'10" male, that is slightly overweight and can barely see his abs and obliques. I can Squat 3 plate and Deadlift 4 plate.

You weigh almost 10 more lbs than I do.

Sit there and ponder that for a minute. You are absolutely delusional about how much of a problem you have and how much help you need.

Seriously just delete this thread and read the sticky... I am 100% serious.
>unsweetened tea
>protein bar
You don't need a protein bar.
>big salad
I know you are adding dressing to it and that shit is fatty fat fat

Discipline, you porcine shit.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 4

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