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Good Morning /fit/!

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/b/tard here,

Decided to go ahead and start working out so that I don't look like the majority of the betas on /b/, but I have a question.

I am now getting up at 5am to get a 40 min workout, and then eat some oatmeal. Is that suggested (eating brkfst AFTER working out)?
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>eating after workout
Hence me asking anon. I am obviously not well educated on such matters.
Wow what a faggot, it's like there is no fucking sticky what so ever

failed normie central, pls go....

you need to be somewhat autistic to actually achieve fitness goals.

Fuck off back to /b/ you can get all the attention you want there.
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Alright you shit since everyone else in this thread is being a blantant speg I'll give you a few pieces of advice.

Make sure that when you're doing cardio you actually have the machine set to C A R D I O and are holding onto the HR monitor bars the entire time. It looks like you did what most fatasfatasses do on cardio machines: hop on for 40 minutes at barely 0 resistance and feel like you did an actual workout. Trust me, you didn't do shit.

For the sake of energy, it's going to be more efficient to eat food before working out as opposed to eating food after working out. When you decide to eat isn't a big deal, but if you intend on doing real C A R D I O that early it's optimal for you to have at least 3-400 cal in your system before doing your workout.

Also get a MyFitnessPal so you can track your eating you fat shit and

Well, they have a point, you should have read the sticky. You should have used Google search as well. Literally just do some cardio in the AM and if you can, some weightlifting. The first step is wanting to change... Good luck!

Read the sticky then you fucking moron.
I love threads like these.
But honestly how do you miss the sticky?
Its got a walking fucking dinosaur.
Basic differences to set you aside from the novice runner should be HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

Also google what aerobic running and anerobic running is and learn how to build your diet around your goals.

You wont get results with a really good routine and a shit diet.
Say bye to sugar now, and make sure you try and get a gym membership.

Also start a sport because many people use the gym as a hobby and I am one of those who strongly disagrees and thinks life can be enjoyed a number of other ways while using the gym as a supplement to aid in recovery from my sports.
That's bad advice time of eating I important

Eat breakfast at 5-7
Lunch at 10-12
Dinner at 1-3

These are optimal times for metabolism and digesting food

Lear 5x5 and do that 3x a week
And cardio on your off days
If you want to lose weight dieting is more effective than training
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>metabolism and digesting food
>These are optimal times for metabolism

Kill yourself.
Hey don't listen to these faggots that are discouraging you. They're never going to make it anyways. As long as you truly want to change, and look good then you will do it.

I know that you're just baiting, but

>No mention of timezones
>No mention of AM/PM

Who are you trying to ruse?
there is an entire google full of scholarly articles on this exact topic if you'd spent ten seconds trying to answer your own question

if you're even too braindead to do even that and insist on making 4chin spoonfeed you, the giant READ ME BEFORE POSTING sticky has condensed all of these stupid questions into a faq for you

if you can't do that, good luck tracking macros and hitting the gym consistently and intensely
Thread posts: 18
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