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Helping Mothers Lose Weight

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Alright/fit/, I'm wondering what I can do to help my mother get healthier. She has Fibromyalgia and arthritis on her tail bone which means she gets huge amounts of pain. She can't take anything for the Fibromyalgia except pain pills because she had cancer and it took away one of her kidneys long ago. The other one has been destroyed due to all the meds they had her take when she had cancer so now she goes to Dyalisis three times a week. She's able to get a transplant but only if she loses 40lbs but her goal is 80lbs so there won't be any excuse for the doctors to refuse the surgery.
Despite all that she's still a very hard worker and I'm immensely proud of her and I'm immensely happy to call her my mother. She's a wonderful woman.
I apologize of this turned into a blog and call me what you will and go ahead and troll. I just want to help her lose weight so she can at least improve her quality of life. I just started her on calorie counting a few days ago since she's always saying "okay, I'll start losing weight Monday" "I'll start this week, next week" etc etc. So I sat down with her and had her download the app MyFitnessPal and ask her if she's tracking her calories without being too aggressive about it.
So what kind of exercise can I help her start with and what can and can't she do? Any advice is helpful and I've even asked her to talk to her doctor about calorie counting to make sure its fine with them without health risks.
So please /fit/, I would love some help and advice on helping my mother lose weight . If this is too much for /fit/ and she needs to go to get a plan from her doctor instead then I'll ask her to go to her doctor and speak about losing weight.
If need be I'll delete this thread or may a mod delete this thread if its inappropriate.
Sorry, I dont know much about what exercises she can do. If she has a good doctor, she may get some help losing weight, but most doctors just tell her to eat less and exercise more, as if we did not already know this.
A glutenfree diet may help with the fibromyalgia. I know alot of people think that this whole glutenfree thing is a joke, but I have Crohns disease, and I know from exprience that eating gluten is a disaster for me. It's worth a try, since fibromyalgia sometimes have been linked to gluten. Best of luck to you and your mom.
At first I thought TL;DR, time to shitpost. Then I glanced it a bit and read the whole thing, getting a major hit in the feels.
I would personally advise her to go for walks, as a start, and just eat healthy.
But you should probably ask a doctor instead of this hopeless place.
Best of luck to you and your mom bro.
Please apologize me for my ignorance, is she able to jog ? or does that give her pain?
Its fine, any advice is better than no advice at all. Yeah, she's tried to go to her doctor and she started a program with them but her schedule is hectic so she rarely had time to go. Hm, I'll have to look up that gluten free diet and see how it can co-relate to Fibromyalgia and I'll see what she can do, hopefully it'll help with her Fibromyalgia. Fad diets usually are a joke but sometimes those diets can help with certain illnesses so their not all that bad but thank you. I'll look more into it and have her ask her doctor about it, maybe it can help her. Thank you again.
make her do spinning, or ride a real bike very day, that and diet really helps, also swimming burns lots of calories
Yeah, I understand. This is 4chin after all. I just figured since I'm a fat ass as well and I'm trying to lose weight and I've already lost 40, that her and I could do it together so I could give her support and give some advice on what better options there are to eat. I hear getting support from someone close to you while losing weight helps boost their motivation significantly so I'm hoping this will help motivate her to lose the weight and get a better quality of life.
I told her that I'll walk with her for 10-15 minutes to see how she feels and if she can go further then I'll walk with her for another 15 minutes so she gets some exercise and from there I'll do my own thing like running. But yes, she eats out most of the time because she is always in a hurry with her job so she grabs fast food, she rarely eats but I was getting worried because most nights I'd ask her what she at the whole day and she would eat something tiny for breakfast like 2 eggs and toast and then eat fast food once during the entire day so I was worried for her health. But thank you for responding and giving advice. Thank you anon.
This may be a helpless place but there are those few gems in here that do care and are willing to help others out in need. I just wanted to test the waters and hope I'd get some feedback. Thank you again.
Everyone is ignorant to something anon, no shame in that. The only shame is when you choose to be ignorant and not bother/are not willing to learn more on the subject. She's quite a larger woman, honestly she weighs as much as I do (280lbs) so I rather she not job and hurt her joints. So maybe walks will do for now til' she's at a more reasonable weight. What do you think? She also has a hard time breathing and the docs don't know why though so she has an inhaler when she can't breath and one she takes regularly.
Well yes, walking and speed walking does help, also make her walk up and down stairs. It's pretty good for loosing weight. Best of lucks fam
May I ask what spinning is? I honestly don't know if she knows how to ride a bike. I'll look into saving up for one that she can do at home because she comes home at 10:00 at night. What do you think?
There are no swimming pools near where we live so that'd be difficult.
Alright, thank you again anon for the advice.
spinning is like a stationary bike, you usually do it with a trainer, it's pretty good. I hope your mom get's better anon
Oh? I'll also look into that. Thank you.
Thanks anon, I just want to help her be able to manage her conditions while being happy in life without worrying to much about her conditions. She's a wonderful human being. Thank you again.
Thread posts: 13
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