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>timeMachine.exe >2012 >8 months worth of gym progress

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>8 months worth of gym progress
>already a confident alpha dude
>feed my ego literally off my own feel goods
>peak stage of my happiness
>gf starts smoking dat dank kush
>try dank kush
>get into a love hate relationship with maryjane
>love the numbness and the everythingsokay.jpeg feel
>hate the lazy, unmotivated, cbf feels(was always active even before the gym, naturally sports minded/talented)
>gf doesn't ever look like quitting
>gains disappearing
>my life becomes drake.mp3
>all we did was smoke, fuck and sleep
>enough is enough
>decide to break up with gf of 5 years
>wow anon you're strong to be able to do that
>don't realize the weed makes everything easy by fucking up your ability to feel emotions as you're brain rewires itself to only release chemicals when you get that "hit"
>"yeah! I am doing great, thanks!"
>literally have no emotion
>back in the gym for 3 weeks
>feels good but still feel empty(each marijuana addict differs on how long their brain can rewire itself once free of stimulants to start releasing feel good hormones naturally"
>still smoking 3 times a week
>friends from work smoke dat dank kush
>"yeah I smoke dat dank kush niqqa"
>haven't seen the inside of a gym since
>it's been over 2 years
>back with all the /fit/izens after 2 years
>still be 80kgs
>higher body fat percentage though
>lost all of my muscles but still noticeably strong quads,hams and calves(ty soccer)

I-I'm sorry, /fit/. I haven't smoked dat dank kush for a week now. I know I'm not completely over the hill yet but I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far. I don't know who to tell, so I had to tell you, fam.

ITT: post that first motivational image you saw that made you want to hit the gym/start lifting/flip cars

I've been there fam. weed certainly is a drug and certainly can fuck your brain up.

the trick is to only light up after you've gotten all your shit for the day done. don't wake and bake. smoking it err day will do exactly what it did to you.

instead have a sense of ceremony about it, have your rituals. like put on your favorite music, light candles, go to your special spot or whatever your thing is and really enjoy it - reward yourself for having a good week.

not OP, but I feel like most people who like weed, if they get to smoke it, will smoke as much as possible. Its like telling a fat on a cut that he can take a bite of a cheesburger once a day
The herbal Jew is pure degeneracy and makes 90% of its users lazy unmotivated Shabbos goyim. It also reduces your iq if you start smoking at an early age, don't believe what all the rappers and Seth rogan tell you children weed is for losers who want to buss tables for a living
It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. Are you still smoking, fam? I plan on quitting for good as it gives me a heavy brain fog the next couple of days after smoking.

You're not wrong. If I could control it to almost a cheat day thing I think I would enjoy it 10x as much. Making it 7 days was hell but fuck I'm starting to feel good again.

Luckily I started late, I'm 26 now. I agree fam, they all preach the wonders but don't explain how a rich lifestyle could void any of the negative aspects when you're not shitting money and live life at your own leisure.

Question: it's been 3 years since I lifted properly, is muscle memory on my side or is too late?
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Keep it up bro
Be a responsible man Get/fit/
Don't be a hippy
keep it up pupper
Pupper died man...
Honestly Bro you mind as well just kill yourself now. As a stoner, if you don't have the motivation to quit weed, you don't have the motivation to get /fit/ pussy.
The trolls have gotten worse over the years. I do appreciate your efforts though. Weed was my issue, fam. I hope your own insecurities continue to shine through your posts and that you may get that /fit/ pussy you desire some day.
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 2

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