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We all know fit is always talking about SS, SL, ICF, Candito 6-week, Greyskull and brosplits but it's time to pick one as the champion. Feel free to add any other routine since I just posted the most talked on /fit/

Which one is the BEST routine for beginners?
>reading the sticky 5x5
Do we even need this thread? Just pick SS or SL. Stick with it for 6 months then change to a routine that fit your goals.
a routine that you stick to
SS without p.clean
SS for strength SL for aesthetics. Both are strength routiens but switching power cleans for rows is more top heavy.
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>SL for aesthetics
what about it fgt
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not him but it's not for aesthetics man, even the own website say so
Best aesthetic workout?
>SS for strength SL for aesthetics
they're nearly the same fucking programs faggot
Blaha lookin good
I dont see all the reasons to hate
Guy with 4/3/5 stats (with some change) here.

Its all about goals. If your goal is to look good SS is a poor choice. ICF is to much volume for a beginner (imo). SL would be a good choice, so would a simple push/pull/legs or upper lower.

I think SL is a better choice than SS because of better back development.

My personal choices were
Beginner: SS+chins (I love power cleans. I still do them)
Intermediate: 5/3/1 BBB (made great size and strength gains
Still intermediate: PPLxPPL
Where I am now (low advanced) Back on 5/3/1 BBB because it is where I got the best gains. Im on cycle 2 right now and Deadlift BBB is a fucking killer I tell you what.

Squat 3 pl8?

why so low compared to the others?
I meant that as Squat, Bench, Dead, my mistake
Depends on your goals and level of fitness, faget.

He ordered them Squat/Bench/DL, the same way they're ordered in competition

Candito will be more attractive (the program) to beginners since you can add a few more accessories and more days at the gym

Greyskull will allow you to add any accessories, and the amrap is a nice touch

SS will allow you as well but rippetoe advises to add only a few

ICF has too much shit, it would be better as a 3x5 with all the shit or 5x5 minus a lot of the shit, which would basically be SL
Because he's pathetic. Every video he lifts in he has to defend his shit lifts, and he's fat as fuck and can't cut effeciently for shit. He's like rippletoe but never good at all and never had an original idea.
5x5 is the best you offered, but if I could do it over I'd do a 10x3 like Jamie Lewis suggests in his books. Really as long as you do every big compound a lot it doesn't matter. After 6 months you should be looking into more advanced stuff and inserting yourself into crowds of people that match your goals.
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If I'm cutting as a fat ass with no strength should I start a lifting program? I only ask because of "you won't make gains on a deficit".

first, if you're tubby who gives a shit about gains you'll never see anyway


second, you'll make noob gains quickly regardless, albeit a little bit less than you otherwise would, but the difference will be negligible as long as you're cutting relatively slowly
You will make gains especially as a fatass. If you don't believe me watch videos from Scooby he is way more qualified than anyone here.
Thank you
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actual fitness thread
>read the sticky hurr

Dude you blow. Go back to you loltaytay threads and piss off you cunt.
When I first started I got confused and did the SL workout 3x5 with SS progression, and it worked pretty well.
so really it's about what workouts you want to do and how you're able to progress.
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Only correct answer itt. Some people do better by starting slowly or are motivated by frequent accomplishments like new PRs. *x5 programs are great for those people.

Some people gotta do shit all the time to internalize the habit, so they should go with a split. A split can offer more variety for people who don't want to do the same five lifts for months.

A hambelocetus that's scared to go to a gym could easily start C25K and for them it would be the best beginner program.

Everyone is telling OP to read the sticky because the sticky explicitly states that the best beginner program is one you'll stick to.
Not OP but I had literally just decided on Blaha 5x5
Now I'm having doubts again

>remember last tuesday, first time in gym again in months, lifted too much with biceps/triceps, never have I experienced such soreness, literally couldn't extend my arms, couldn't lift for 4 days
>im gonna spend the downtime doing a nutrition program and finding a good beginners program
>Blaha 5x5
>See this thread
>Too much weight

>inb4 it's just one anon on /fit/ man
We're all just ones on /fit/ bruh

Ain't nobody wanna talk about this?
>I want aesthetics

P/P/L 6 day a week split, make sure your diet is exceptional though, and get plenty of sleep. Personally I find lower carb diets better, but up to you.
i'm doing ICF 5x5 and i'm seeing a lot of progress.
but it is time consuming, i literally can't do it in less than 2 hours if i do stretching and warm up
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Thread images: 7

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