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What advice would you give to your 18 years old self /fit/? Things

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What advice would you give to your 18 years old self /fit/? Things to avoid? Things to do?

Both fitness and psychologically related.

I guess for me it is:
>Stop spending your entire day on the computer watching animu
>Go out and find some friends
do an engineering degree instead
You have a good thing going in Ranger batt., don't fuck your future up by marrying the selfish bitch you're with. It will begin a chain reaction of horrible experiences and impossible choices. There's still time for you to do great things. You don't want to end up divorced, penniless, disgraced, and living in your mother's attic, do you? Trust me, you don't. Now man the fuck up and stay focused. You'll eventually find a woman who is worthy of you.
>don't go to college, you're not dedicated enough
>Catherine has no romantic or sexual interest in her and she's just gonna use you, ditch her
>you're about to inexplicably lose a lot of weight, go to the gym when it starts happening
>when you're not quite such a fatass and in at least decent shape, join the Army. Mom's gonna cry but she'll just have to deal.
My life was fucked before I hit 18. I'd probably tell myself to unfuck it sooner then I had.
>Don't sleep with those 3 guys. Or at least date that guy after you fucking slut
>don't spend your money on those jeans.
>you looked so hot before. You've only gained 5lb. It's not too late, lose it again please
>Also don't be a wuss and see that hot 6'5 guy
I'd tell myself to work out my upper chest more. I would also instill in me the importance of not skipping out on squats and deads.
Throw away your vidya, stop eating fast food, grow a pair and talk to girls.

>Don't trust anyone, especially yourself.
>go out and do stuff! you're in college, have the time of your life
>get shitfaced. it's fun.
>get a new wardrobe you autisic fuck, look at what you're wearing
>socialize with the people around you, especially in those intro classes
>find something you are legitimately interested in and make it your passion
>don't keep browsing 4chan
>Stop eating so much and go on a diet, you fat fuck!
>Don't slack on your studies or you won't make it.
>Don't get punched in the mouth and get your teeth knocked out.
>keep lifting in college
>don't take that tab
>don't drive like an asshole in you're new car
>definitely hit up the blonde qt when she says she misses you
>get the Martin instead of the Yamaha or at least a decent electric and amp
This picture made me laugh and cut me deep at the same time.
Things I'd tell myself:
>stop lifting weights. no matter how much you can squat it will never make you happy, it is a stupid, pointless, anti-social hobby and will just allow you to become more reclusive than you already are
>take school seriously, you are there on a full ride and all you have to do is put in the effort and not fuck up
>go out and make some friends and talk to girls you fucking pussy
>start taking care of your joints now
>stop dipping, it's a disgusting, expensive, self destructive habit
>learn how to dress yourself like an adult and buy clothes that fit
>wait for bitcoin to drop below $10 and then invest every cent you have into it, take out as many loans as you can and invest that money into it too, sell at $1000
That's pretty much it. Now all I need is a time machine and I can stop staying awake all night browsing 4chan and trying to think of reasons not to kill myself. On the bright side I hit a 500 squat today.
If you're gonna pretend to be a girl on the internet at least put more than 1% effort into it
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>it's too late not to drop out, but you can get your GED before you turn 20 at least
>stop watching anime
>if you're going to have no social lift, fucking lift
>go to school for business, you suck at math and will only fail at any science degree
You are low test, start roiding sooner

Also, shes never gonna leave him for you so get over this now.

Also try to make more friends at college
>don't take that tab

woooord. set my life back 4 months
>What advice would you give to your 18 years old self /fit/?

Kill yourself faggot, it's already too late.
get fit before you sit on all that dick.
> do SS, stop brosplitting
> don't drink that much - you'll become an alco
> don't ever cheat - you'll ruin your future life forever with feelings of guilt and regret
> don't cheat, you'll fall in love with her and go through a stressful time that feels like a balancing act. You'll never tell her either.
> stay skinny and stop dating L now, she'll be the first of a long line of stress induced over eating and overeating in general and you'll gain it all back.
> don't date until you meet or talk to R
> quit those bad habits it will fuck up your life and won't make you feel better
> Dont be friends with M, you'll hate him soon enough because of his incessant need to get high. He spirals into a life of Meth and Cocain and you feel broken after losing your only best friend.
> don't date J, she's dumb and really awful all the time and you never really care about her.
> its 2015 and you're 20 now. Get off your ass and fix this shit anon.
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>Stop breaking contact with everyone you know whenever you stop seeing them on a regular basis
>join army
>get mad exp and dosh
>buy a house
>fly to russia
>go to ukraine
>shoot hohol banderas and capitalist pig who soils the motherland
>either die a glorious death or marry qt3.14 ukranian grill and pump her full of sons to carry my name
what's your squat 1RM?
>actually try in high school
>go to college while you still can for free and go become a barber or some shit
>don't waste nearly 10 years of life being unemployed, rotting away in your cum-dungeon of a bedroom
>never visit 4chan
>instead of feeling lonely and suicidal from 14 to 24, lift instead
>when it comes to lifting, don't waste your first 6 months of lifting doing a brosplit with low weights, it wont do shit, do reg parks 5x5 and shove that fucking food in your mouth till you feel sick and then eat some more
>when you get those rare chances to fuck some slutty bitches, FUCKING DO IT! rather then stay a virgin till 26 and going.
>take guitar practice deadly serious, you could have been fucking shredding like petrucci by now
>and finally, to hell with mother. don't waste another second thinking about waste of space, it will only fuel your hatred of women latter on in life

now if i could only take my advice
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Thread images: 3

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