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Has /fit/ ever been in a fight? i got in a brawl at my local

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Has /fit/ ever been in a fight? i got in a brawl at my local bar 2 nights ago, was prettty crazy.

share your stories fit

legit have these threads ever other day
I got in a fight with this little bitch, I didn't feel like using my hands because I like my aesthetics of my hands, so I just started head butting the dude over and over, I felt like fucking iron man.
What kind of third world shithole do you have to live in where adults still get into physical violence with each other? I don't think I've ever actually seen a fight in real life, just on LiveLeak.
>>be amateur boxer
>>drunk guy at club starts to bump into me
>>push him away
>>he asks if I want to fight him outside
>>hot girls watching
>>say yes
>>knock him out
>>get charged by police
>>lose boxing license
>>don't get into fights anymore
I don't even lift weights.
lose boxing license?

shiiit pretty sure there a professional fighters who have done time.... how does that work?
>mfw working as a bouncer on the weekends
>mfw fights every night
I'm 18 and I've gotten into 3 (not counting ones with brother)
2 of them were consensual and fun tho.
me too brother

>im getting real tired of drunk women and their shit

I've always wondered if that would happen.

Sorry to hear that, bro.

captcha: suctm
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Yeah man, drunk bitches are so much worse than drunk guys. At least the guys usually just want to get in a few punches and have that be it unless they're being full on shitheads. Women will try to permanently maim you at the slightest provocation, I've lost count of how many women have tried to claw my eyes out
>i got in a brawl at my local bar 2 nights ago
So you're some violent skeeze living in some violent skeezy neighborhood, and you think that's OK? Sad.
fucking aye bro, you understand this shit. its hard talking to people who have never done bouncing before about it.

i hate having to pick one up, cause youre angry and mad and cant just put them in a sleeper hold like you would with a dude, you have to be all careful
The more confident you feel about your fighting abilities, the more likely you are to get into fights, or to start them for that matter.

Why do you think you were intent on getting confident about your fighting ability in the first place?
Is that.. Mik Patton?
I wanna fight this faggot in my apartment complex. I see his straight bill hat wearing faggot self acting like an asshole to his girlfriend all the time. The faggot even drives her car. He literally controls her vehicle. They haven't even been dating for that long. I'm kinda jelly because she's hot as fuck and literally 10/10 ass, but knowing that this dickwad is fucking that ass pisses me off. Before this douche came a long, i had a chance to chat with her a bit but nothing serious just small talk. Was going to make a move until he came a long and snatched her up. I understand. You snooze you lose, but it just happened to be that this guy is a huge fag. I heard him yelling at her telling her to hurry up and get in the car the other night.

I wanna fucking wreck this dudes face in.
Only time I've ever been in a fight was when I was 8 and made fun of this autistic bitch in my class every day until she started crying. Next week she ambushed me outside of the school and shoved an icicle into my eye so I had to go to the hospital and can't see very well now.

Aside from that no.
>being this jelly
>I wanna fucking wreck this dudes face in.
Let me tell you, based on experience, how that will end for you, if you go beat on him: She will be the one that calls the police. She will tell them that YOU started the fight, and that her bf was completely innocent. Then you'll tell the cops 'he treats her like shit, he had it coming', and she'll deny everything, profess her love for him, and her hatred of you. After you're done with your criminal legal problems (arrest, detainment, court, fines, etc), she will HATE you.

Why is this? She's fucked up. Abused women are just like this. Fact of the matter is: Even if you wait it out, and by some strange trick of fate she leaves him, steer clear of her, she's fucked up; she doesn't WANT a decent guy that treats her well, she WANTS and abusive asshole, because she doesn't know anything else. She'd likely end up abusing YOU because that's what's normal for her.

Stay out of it. Ignore it. You're better off.
Son of police officer here, I can definitely confirm all of this trifling-ass bullshit.
>my poor fucking dad
Can't remember who that guy in the OP is, but I seem to recall he used to spar with Mike Tyson, and never lost an official fight.

any adult male dressing like this should be punched in the face anyway
He cums in her mouth every night and she fucking loves it. Grow some balls and maybe you'll get a gf like her one day.
Yeah, I think I heard that once too. Apparently he was heaps busy with other career endeavors to do proper publicised fights very often.
theres a reason why they say dont try to understand women.

most of fucked, usually from a guy whether it be their father or a boyfriend or some stranger. Women have serious mental issues and dont try to work them out, they just let them fester

im not going to actually go and beat him up

im just saying i would love for him to start something with me so i could then beat his ass

i agree with you that sounds point on. I just understand why women want that kind of shit. Why is it appealing? This guy is like the thug wannabe faggot you would see at a football game picking fights with fans of the opposite team
You're a faggot. That dude is balls deep in a 9/10 whilst you're making fun of his clothes and white knighting a whore. Grow up m8.
Bitch should hurry the fuck up what's she doing being a slow bitch
even if you won, she would still hate you

you're not getting it anon. just forget about the both of them
There's at least 5 Patton threads up right now, this one is the best disguised.
Bitch is probably a 3/10

I'm fucking a bunch of celebrities right now, so take my advice seriously.

You need to let these bitches know that they are nothing but another conquest, never let a bitch know you l9ve her unless you really do love her, don't be like I love u and shit, just let her know by telling her she's a fat whore and you could do better, smack her on the ass and call her pussy lips, bitches l9ve being called names.

Rape is something they all want, I like to fuck my main bitch for 25 hours while she's on her period,n just letting them know I don't care and I'd fuck them bloody and dead if it meant they'd shut up long enough for me to finish my video games.
>I just (don't) understand why women want that kind of shit. Why is it appealing?
It's not that they consciously want to be abused. It's usually that they were raised in an abusive environment to start with, so that's what's 'normal' to them. A decent guy would seem like a total pussy to them because he's not 'strong enough' (i.e. not pushing her around and generally being abusive). It's not even a question of being 'appealing' to them either, beyond them equating an abusive asshole with being a 'strong male authority figure' or somesuch.

Also even if this asshole started a fight with YOU out of the blue, even if you lost the fight? She'd still either call the police herself, or back him up when he lied to the police and said YOU started the fight. If she's really the product of an abusive upbringing, then she'll defend him no matter what, even if he punches her in the face 5 minutes later for something inconsequential.

Women like this have to either come to a point where they *see* and *understand* that how they're acting is unhealthy, or they exist in that state forever, or until some asshole beats them literally to death. In some cases they might even kill the guy, once their own internal conflict comes to a crisis point.
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sure thing buddy

yeah thats kind of hard when they're neighbors of mine. I wish I could forget them but when you take the trash out and you hear him tell her "hurry the fuck up get the fuck in the car" (something close to that), it's pretty damn annoying
Listen faggot, you think lifting and being a nice guy is going to get you hitches think again, you gotta just tell the bitch straightnup, bend over and get ready, if she runs or hides she's just looking to be chased, girls love that shit.

I remember play fighting with my first girlfriend Jenny the slut bitch, I would punch her in the titties and eventually popped her cherry while sitting in her mom's hammock with her mother watching, just realize that bitches love cherries. We out, peace.
Im sure the other bouncer guy has a few, but i will give you my funniest fight story.

In NZ the bars and nightclubs have to shut by 4am

>3:30am and i cant wait to leave
>some 30 y/o dweebs left and 2 cutie asians
>one of the dweebs breaks off from his group and approaches the asian cuties.
>i always listen in when i know dudes get shutdown, cause some dont handle it well and flip out
>the guy is asking one of them out as a favour for one of his friends in the group
>i could see the reaction on the girl's face, utterly disgusted at the prospect of dancing with one of them
>she says "hell no", and the guy backs off

I always give a big jolly laugh when shit like this happens, makes dudes a little bit more embarrassed.

>round 2, this guy comes back again
>"please miss, you dont know what you are missing out on..etc blah blah"
>she yells out for me to come over
>im just like "listen buddy, these girls dont want to dance, just leave them alone"
>he goes back to his friends and i can see them all talking about me as they are huddled near the dj booth
>12 year old virgin trying hard to be edgy
Nigga u don't know how to slay the pussy, I can teach u, pop 2 perch and smoke some.meth, this is called blitzkriegin, tell the bitch straight up, she better be ready to get fucked, because her pussy won't ever feel the aame, even niggers don't want her.
Can confirm this is real. Women are stupid. You slay the mighty dragon and the princess charges you with assault.
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>be 6
>move to a new neighborhood, a really crappy one cause my ma was really poor at the time
>find out the kids there fight when they get bored
>not like regular kid wrestling, like full-on blood-feud Fight Club-style fighting
>befriend them
>get into fighting
>from age 6 to 10 or 11, absolutely wale on other kids (and get waled on myself), get really good at taking hits
>nowadays wonder how far I could have gotten if I'd gotten into a martial art after we moved away
I still miss it.
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Not since primary school. I'm not a coon.
>Women are stupid
SOME women are APPARENTLY stupid. What these actually are, are tragically damaged, usually by the two people they should have been able to trust the most (their parents).

Please leave and go back to your containment board (>>>/b/), do not return until you've reached the age of at least 18, k? That means developmentally, by the way, not chronologically.
Too bad you didn't train your brain, or you would've realised you could lose your licence.

You dumb fuck.
>at about 3:45 4 of them come up to me, ask me why i intervened.. as it was none of my business
>i laugh in their face and just tell them the girls didnt want to dance with some pedophiles
>the shortest in the group starts calling me a cunt over and over again
>like i care. its 3:45 and I want to go home
>grab the little one and proceed to take him upstairs
>shit breaks out, i had one in a choke while his mates were trying to fight me
>I yell to my other two bouncers who were on the door to come help me bring them up
>one of these smart arses is now videoing this shit
>we all sprawl out on to the street, land in a pile
>drag a motherfucker into a curb, stomped on his nuts.
>The dude filming got his s3 knocked out of his hand, broken screen and lost his battery
>bar manager came out and said he would erase the footage
>it was a good punch up

first time writing a story, sorry if it is shitty
I've always been in fights. I got bullied pretty bad in middle school and started fighting them 1 on 1. Eventually the garbage pale kids got tired of some faggot whooping on them so they all jumped me. Ruined my life. Ended up on "home bound" which is essentially the public school system's solution to kids who can't be in school. Pregnant girls and niggers. That was in 7th grade. Didn't go back to real school until my final semester in 12th grade.

Here's a green text one for you low attention span fags
>be me, 16
>working at Subway
>dyel, chubbyfat kid
>spent last 2 years at an "MMA" class in some guys tool shed
>manager's son is with me today
>6'4 lanky kid who does what he wants because his Mom runs the place
>feeling bad, ask if I can leave early, not busy anyway
>"You don't need to leave, do your job"
>been doing his job all day, we get a list of shit to do for each person, he hasn't done half his list
>"You get to leave when you want because Mommy let's you"
>can visibly see that angered him
>he keeps making phone calls, figured he was calling friends
>turns out he was ratting me out to Mom, still not sure what he told her, but she gave him permission to fire me
>"We gotta let you go, dude, sorry
>Set down, my mind was very clear, I knew now why they were always half-staffed
>Cunt kept getting people fired who didn't like him or mouthed off to him
>Weigh options, I knew in my heart if I didn't do it, he'd do it to someone worth more than me
>"You alright, bro?"
>Look up and tell him yeah, he walks out
>Walk behind him and throw the hardest punch I can
>Wail on him for what seemed like hours
>Security guard that works there (it was inside a walmart) breaks it up
>go outside, they make me wait for the cops
>kid walks out to tell the cops what happened
>face looked like absolute shit, black eye, busted lip, bruises everywhere
>Felt proud. I won something for once.
>go home, hand is swollen like shit
>turns out I broke my thumb radial
The only "real" fight I ever got into was in elementary school

>Be 7 or 8
>I'm a relatively quiet and well-behaved kid, the teachers love me
>It's the middle of winter, so there are plenty of snowbanks around
>Hanging out with my friends outside, waiting for my mom to pick us up (we carpooled)
>Japanese faggot that liked to pick on me after school starts some shit
>Starts throwing snowballs at me, I try to ignore
>Keeps throwing, and starts breaking off chunks of ice off the snow banks and pelts them at me
>Some of them hit my face, kinda hurts
>Repressed rage.png
>Act like I'm not paying attention
>Jap loses interest, starts talking to his other friends
>I keep an eye on him to make sure he's not paying attention to me
>Grab a rock from the landscaping, it's big and egg-shaped, about the size of my palm
>A couple minutes later, it's just him since his friends were picked up by their parents
>He's playing something on Gameboy, probably pokemon
>Walk up slowly behind him
>Raise rock over my head
>Bring it down at the base of his skull/back of his neck
>Crumples to the ground
>Hit him in the back of the head a couple more times
>He's not moving
>My friends don't say anything
>We wait, get picked up by my mom

He didn't bother me much after that, but there was also something off about him. Maybe he just learned his lesson, but I think I caused some kind of brain damage. I realize now I could've killed him but honestly I didn't give a shit then, don't give a shit now
Fucking dweeb got what they deserve
i have a story too
>be me
>go to party with friend
>sister is here too with her friends
>guy try to touch her ass and non stop talking to her
>i come push the guy and tell him to gtfo
>he grabs my arm in a retarded way trying to get his head closer
>instantly punch him in the throat
>as he fell he spell his whyski on me (and some of his spaghetti too)
>at this moment i know i must take everybody and get the hell out, the dude wasn't alone
>go home safe with friends and sis
You made another human being retarded.

Think about that.
I don't think he went full retard, he was just quieter and acted out less afterwards

Honestly I probably did him a favor
He was only pretending to be retarded.
I have never been in a fight because I'm not a retard
i know them feels bro

>working at the club
>3 guards pulled out last minute
>still open with me and 2 other guards
>everything was good untill 3;30am
>get a weird shiver and then 3 seconds later the DJ is calling for security
>break up 2 guys fighting
>turn around and couldn't believe it
>70+people on the dancefloor erupt into a riot
>look over at head of security and just run into the fray
>12 cops run into dancefloor and just start punching anything in sight
>the female barstaff jump over the bar to help their friends
>i ended up with a few bruises
>head security had 3 cracked ribs
>club nearly got shutdown for that one
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Been in more fights than I can remember, got sent to a private school in the Highlands because I was fighting so much, done all kinds of mixed mma in an attempt to curb my enthusiasm.

Don't fight kids, it's super fucking dangerous for you and the person you're against. Really, do anything you can not to fight, it's just not fucking worth it.

If you have no option, Bury that cunt as quickly as possible with zero regard for his health but know when you have won and stop. Better him than you!
Hahahaha oh shit. Funny cunt
>Be 15
>6"1 145 lbs. Friends literally nicknamed me "lanky"
>Get high with a friend
>Friend is a small guy but he has alot of balls
>Encounter a group of drunken kids
>i personally hated all of them but one so we hung out with him for a while
>The biggest guy really starts getting on me and my friends nerves
>he didnt act towards us or anything but he was annoying fat drunken piece of shit
>For the record he used to beat me up a couple of times when i was 11-12
>he has really bad anger control problem and is fucking stupid
>Friend starts annoying him for fun
>He grabs my friend who is literally 5"7 115 lbs and he is 6"3 about 240
>He tries to burn my friends eye with a fucking burning cigarette
>shout something like "dont fucking touch him and throw a sucker punch on his cheek
>Almost falls but grabs my shirt to stay up and throws one at me
>lol so slow dodge with ease and start pounding his head with hammer fists
>he drops and i start running like hell because it was public place and middle od the day
>Feeling paranoid hes gonna group up with somebody and come after me (im still high)
>friend calls me laughing his ass off and we go chill somewhere
The ones that dont pump estrogen in their drinking water
>Have amateur boxing match at a weeks notice
>Lose on points because i got tired
>Go out with friends to local bars to get drunk after
>Girl in kebab house at the end of the night asks me what happened to my face (I have a black eye and a few scrapes from the fight)
>I start flirting telling her telling her bullshit joke stories about how I got my black eye
>Boyfriend comes in and it turns out hes paranoid about her being a slut
>I'm a pretty chill guy and wouldn't of tried to chat her up if i knew she had a boyfriend
>He threatens to give me "another black eye" so I tell him to fuck off
>He tries to punch me and we start swinging in the kebab house, I take him down to the ground and then we get separated and I get kicked out
>He comes outside wanting more and we go for it again, I get the upperhand and then end up taking him down again with the same takedown
>We get split up again
>Police come and he gets in the shit and I get a lift home

I had a cut on my head because I think he was a wearing a ring, he had blood coming down the front of his chin out of mouth, I don't really remember any other damage because I was drunk and it was dark.
Show me your ways
File: MOV_0547.webm (3MB, 640x640px)
3MB, 640x640px
>train bojutsu because it's fun as fuck
>not really practical unless I walk around with a staff
>can only do that during halloween
>when it isn't halloween or star wars release night i'm defenceless
>that's why I CCW
>you should too

Only been in a "fight" once and it was more like a robbery so have no fucking idea how I'd do in an actual fight. And I don't wanna know. /fit/ is full of niggers and pretty much every boxer on this board has been in dozens of street fights. What the fuck is that about? Educate yourselves, get a job that doesn't involve boxes or burgers and move to a better area you faggots. Or stop being a thug nigger who picks up a fight wherever you go. If you've been in more than 2 fights, it's really damn hard to believe you dindu nuffin and they weren't initiated by you.
what happened to the hot girls?
>Be a friendly guy
>Big enough that people are scared to fight me
Life is a lot better after getting big, I hate fighting
>"I like the aesthetics of my hamds"
>Hit him woth your face instead.
I don't think you know what you just implied
What about drunk gay dudes who are into /fit/ bouncers?
It IS a shitty story because you WERE a cunt, not tp mention that you sound pussywhipped for enabling those two to continue with their bullshit.
>waaaahhh people have no right to film me

You're lucky the guy was probably a beta cuck, he could've made quite a bit of money by suing the company you work for and you could've been put on trial for criminal damage.

But anyway, you work as a bounce, you lost in life already.
eh you just brush it off, i lost my shit once tho because this guy kept trying to grab my ass.
You would have gotten nowhere because you don't even respect the first rule of fight club bro.
Getting into bar fights usually doesn't end well because of the police. Even if you defended yourself or a girl you will still get your ass handcuffed. Thats why i usually avoid bar fights, have seen way too many people caught by police
>mixed mma
>mixed mixed martial arts
one time i beat up my ex room mate with a chair leg with grip tape wrapped around the handle and "fuck stick" carved into it.
I've always had a leg problem until I was like, 16, that was constantly giving me intense pain, so I got used to pain. That and a black belt dad that taught me how to ignore pain, so usually I don't have to fight because of shit like:
>18 years old
>At taking a friend out for his 18th to a bar
>Reserved two tables
>Night is going fine, we all go to the counter to do shots
>some faggots have sat at our table
>one fucker is playing with the "Reserved for: [Obviously asian name] sign"
>We decide not to bother, we don't really need the table, so one of our girls just takes a chair from the other table
>nigger stands up "Oi, that's from our table."
>I stand up, 6'2 200 lbs rugby player/linebacker
>"That's our table in the first place. Give it back"
>Pointing to reserved sign
>nigger tries telling me his name is chin pung wow soy sauce
>cant even pronounce name
>He puts his hand on chair that girl is on and pulls it away from under her
>I pull chair back
>nigger throws punch at me
>hits me straight in the face
>he is about 4 inches shorter than me btw so he had to reach
>don't react to punch, just stare him down
>he looks visibly shocked
>obviously threw one of his hardest punches
>kisses his teeth and backs away, literally pulling his friends in front of him

Got laid that night, grills all impressed that I was the only guy who stood up for us. We knew the barmen and that guy got banned, so its all cool.But at least he backed off, because if I had fought back, I would've won, and he would have pressed charges, all of his nignog friends backing him up.

how to ignore pain sensei
>kisses his teeth and backs away
Dude that's a thing that drives me crazy. I dont know why, but if i'm arguing with a nignog and he does that smacking sound kissing his teeth, i go totally into rage mode (6ft4" 210lbs boxer and grappler)
That's a complete lack of respect.
shit that looks so fun
To know that it is transient, that all it has done has harmed you on a physical level that will soon heal.
Acknowledge that it hurts, but understand that it deserves no reaction, you are not a beast that must react, you rational and superior.
It's a mark of idiocy to resort to violence, as they can't express themselves.

That said I do have power fantasies, anyone hits me I want to be able to be strong enough to grab them around the neck with one hand and them not be able to do shit.
It must be so disconcerting to beat on someone and they have zero reaction at all.
I dunno man, the first step is physically resisting it - for example if a friend sneaks up on me and jabs a pressure point, I don't react. The second step is mentally ignoring/accepting pain, like a year ago I broke my leg in a rugby match and played two more games, scoring tries in 2/3 games, because I refused to acknowledge the break, and thought to myself that it was just a sprain. Went and got it checked out after a month of pain though. But I don't know how to train it really. Reacting was definitely my dad, he would put me in locks and hit pressure points etc all the time when I was young, so I got used to ignoring sudden pain. Long term ignoring pain was definitely the injury, because I kinda had to just to sleep.
tl;dr hire someone to attack you
Yeah I think thats why nignog ran away, he gave his best punch and got nothing
It was a hot summer day and I was in my workout room benching 1200 pounds. My abs were flexing and girls within a 10 mile radius were getting wet. Once I was done with my daily 32 hour workout I called one of the bitches I know, Jessica. She is really damn hot and looks like a supermodel. SO I got into my Lamborghini Gallardo and reved it up to 40,000 RPM (this is an Italian import with special engine system). I got onto the freeway near my house and threw it into 8th gear, I hit about 600 mph and I could hear the sonic boom as I broke the sound barrier. As I was flooring it on the freeway like a badass, Jessica called me and said she wanted me to **** her. So be it.

I came to a full stop from 700 mph in front of her house. These Ferrari's have top notch brakes, you know. So she gets out of the house and walks up to my Bugatti and starts eyeballing my dick. I could tell she was staring at it because when I looked at her I noticed she was looking at my dick. Booya.

Flash forward 10 minutes later. My 30 inch dick is going inside of her VAGINA, hitting them walls. I'm holding her entire body up with my left pinky as I'm ****ing her and she has 30,000 orgasms. She looks me in the eyes and she says "harder." V-TEC just kicked in, yo. I blow my load so hard she falls off my dick. There had to have been about two pints of *** everywhere. People say I *** like a pornstar, I wouldn't disagree with them.

I throw her a towel so she can clean herself up then I do a triple backflip into my Maserati and drive home
>le born in wrong generation
so I must embrace the pain, it looks like some stoicism's shit. But since i grew without a dad, i'm a utterly pussy that have never fight (and dont want to, keep calm) how can i train to resist both physically and mentally ?

also, it reminds me of tyler durden getting hit in the bar, awesome scene.
This is the best I got, happened when I was about 17 in high school
>Go to an inner city school
> 70% Somalian, worst time
>leaving the weight room at lunch one day as the basketball lets out at the same time
> squeeziing through the exit packet with sweaty Basketball players
> Wahid says "bare wastemans workout at lunch"
> Turn and say "don't be a nigger"
> Immediate somali swarm
> first one shoulder tackles me against the wall
> sea of black hands are pushing at me
> pop his head back 1 or 2 inches with my hips and then smash it against the brick wall with my hands
> from the storm of people pushing me Wahid grabs my left side,
> execute perect trip
> Omar shows up
>is the niggest
> 210 easy
> tell him to square up, the sea of nigglets immediately subsides
> fight the alpha and the pack leaves you alone fo the most part
> provincial wresler, duch his hook and immediately hip toss
> underestimatr his weight, feel myself going down with him on top
> push backwards into display case
>try again
> critical hit
lands on his ass
> legs stop moving
> everyone panics
> am no longer fighting, a terrified of expulsion
> teacher coming around corner,
> Somalians help me hoist omar onto his feet, still support him on our shoulders
> teacher walks by
> playitcoolface.jpg
> Omar eventually finds his legs we return to our schedules
Dude really? This is an anonymous Internet forum, why lie?
>Don't get in fights

Try living in a rough neighborhood pal.
That's pretty much it. I think of it as pain and hurt. Pain is nothing - a slap on the cheek, a punch on the arm. Nothing. Hurt you should react to, because it damages you. A boiling kettle, a punch aimed at the throat. I guess a way to train it may be to do a martial art or train boxing etc if you can afford it, that'd be a safe way to train yourself to resist both. Because the only way to push past pain is for it to be inflicted - If you, lets say, bend your finger back in order to hurt yourself, you will stop doing it. Someone else would bend it just further back that it would hurt. I know that I would have my finger broken in that situation if it was a case of tapping out when it was too much to handle - but I would tap out because lol who wants a broken finger. I dunno man, its hard to think of how to train resistance for me, cause mines kinda innate. Martial arts/fighting at a club is the best thing I can think of. Find a hood boxing gym if you're too poor, quality of boxing gym is inversely proportional to how much it costs to fight there IMO.
What if he wants YOU to grab his ass?

Ok thanks. But there is nothing else to deal with pain mentally ? If not, doesn't matter, thanks lot for advices
File: MOV_0570.webm (3MB, 640x640px)
3MB, 640x640px
It's awesome and you don't actually need anyone to practice the moves. You can train it whenever you feel like it.

I didn't grow up in the nicest area (60609) and as long as you weren't involved with trash you might get your car broken into at night or your bike stolen and that's about it. I don't know what "rough neighborhood" you're from where fights break out constantly. Sounds more like some faggy Orange Country drama.

Regardless, if you're 25+ and still living in a shit area it's no one's fault but your own pal.
Are you from Sweden?
I'd deepthroat that guy so hard. no homo off course
I've never been into a fight.

I would absolutely hate the embarrassment of getting my ass beat in front of people.

>tfw people say i am intimidating
>tfw been in other's faces before but they back out because they were scared to fight me
>tfw threatened people and they pull the "We're cool man we're cool!"

How do I overcome?
I got one:
>at frat house partying
>one of my female friends gts my attention. some little creep was grinding on her and wouldnt leave her alone.
>i walk over grab her hand and walk away with her
>this guys like 5'6" and starts raging
>i just laugh it off and walk away
>later that night im having a blast laughing with the bros and flirting with the hoes
>little motherfucker gets in my face with his bigger friend behind him
>"remember me ass hole?"
>as soon as those words left his lips i punched the life out of him, he was unconscious lol
>his friend tried to grab me i essentially lift him up and slam him and land on top.
>wrecked them both in like a split second
>frat bros grab me and all cheer and whoop and shit
>broke my thumb
>worth it
>I would absolutely hate the embarrassment of getting my ass beat in front of people.
> How do I overcome

Same feeling bru.
>fight someone

Losing everything is one of the most liberating things that can happen to someone

Ey, havent y'all ever watched fight club?

Nice. Never been in a fight myself, but when I'm mad I'd say I'm pretty scary, especially if you know me cos I'm always incredibly chill/non confrontational. I feel like I'd learn a lot about myself if I fought a cunt
>especially if you know me cos I'm always incredibly chill/non confrontational.

why are people always afraid of silent/calm guy ?

> I feel like I'd learn a lot about myself if I fought a cunt

What could you learn ?


well, fight club , espcially with /fit/, must be taken with a grain of salt.
File: images (1).jpg (11KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (1).jpg
11KB, 225x225px
I have never seen fight club.

So, basically, to over come this fear of embarrassment of getting my ass beat... I have to actually fight somebody?

Would it matter if I had won or lost?

My ex gf won her very first fight and her fucking ego went through the roof and she thought she could beat any girl's ass... is this what happens when you win?
>70+people on the dancefloor erupt into a riot
Did you guys figure out why this happened or no?
>I have to actually fight somebody?


>Would it matter if I had won or lost?

No, you'll learn something either way. It will help with future confrontations too. (how to play them out etc.)
Feel like I could stop being so afraid of people and realize everyone has flaws, most probably more fucked then me. I'm ALWAYS nice to people, but my kindness can easily be mistaken for weakness.[inb4 rihanna] I know there are a lot of people in my life that will regularly slag me etc, but would literally fall apart if I wasn't around.
I think fighting someone might help bring my inner alpha out a bit.

what do you mean by why are people always afraid of the silent calm guy? Nobodies afraid of me (i think) but I'm saying I honestly think people would be surprised with the anger I could let out.
>I think fighting someone might help bring my inner alpha out a bit

Yes. I understand, i'm like you.

> what do you mean by why are people always afraid of the silent calm guy?

if a silent guy goes nuts, people tend to freak out more easily while a irascible one provoke less fear.
must've felt so good
So you basically pissed him off then beat him up? What a fucking hero you are
You don't want to escalate the situation. You've been lucky thus far. Keep it up!
dude i'm pretty sure >>31758964 was being ironic
did fuk sis?
Were the monks gentle lovers?
Outside of school? Only had two almost alterations:

1) pulled a grill out of the line of fire in a Schoolies brawl.. call me white knight if you will, but I hooked up with her later so not a single fuck given
2) cut a guy off on the road and he almost hit me. When we got to the red lights he gets out of the car and so did I. He comes at me looking like he's going to hit me and I don't move. Just stand there giving him a shit eating grin as he gets into my face and acts tough. He spits on me then dashes to his car and drives off. Still not a single fuck given
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>He spits on me
>Still not a single fuck given

lol beta as fuck
but not surprising coming from a DYEL faggot
Nice to know you saved my pick. Bet you give it a kiss before you go to bed every night and imagine me spooning you as you fall asleep
didnt even know who you were, just typed your name in the archives and got this

it's funny how the tripfags are usually the most DYEL
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