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Anon, why are you staring at me like that?

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>dumping before the b&
"I'm not, I'm looking for all the high proton cicadas that are hiding behind you"
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>tfw qt gf
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>tfw i never been mired like this
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>those hips
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>not again, anon!
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>hey anon what's hard and dark?
settling for a 6.5/10 huh?
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in what country?

let me guess you're indian
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>not marrying a basic plain jane who will suck your dick and make you food without cheating on you

good luck with those gainz brah
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idk anon, I think she's pretty damn cute
god I'm so lonely
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I think so too. I find the upper gum / flat upper lip thing kinda cute. Maybe its cause that's how my first girlfriend was too.
ohkay *soft african whisper*
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>anon why do you keep taking pictures of me?
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>tfw no basic girl to take bus rides with
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if the dump stops, i've been banned. spill out some preworkout shake in my honor
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>anon i can't believe you don't have a girlfriend, you are some handsome!
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anon! come on, let me see your muscles
she may be a 6.5/10, but she's attractive.
she's got a rustic homespun feel.
if her personality is on point I would wife; wouldn't feel like settling. if her personality is like most bitches, I would find a hotter one.
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>tfw no quirky gf to visit exotic animals with

i got a dslr tho im like 33% of the way there
statistically most cheaters are plain janes
>not being masculine enough for her to never think about other men.
Is this what the average American qt3.14 looks like?
She gives me those homey feels.
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>a postworkout shake mix? anon, you...shouldn't have?
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>ok, anon. we are married. what do we do now...?
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end dump

i'd like to thank the mods for not being faggots and letting me post
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 26

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