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Yo fit. I've had a bad cold for like 5 weeks now. I went to the doctor this thursday and he told me it's just a normal cold that's refusing to leave my body and there isn't much he can do against it. Since this is kinda related to fitness, since I can't work out( since it will get worse, I've tried and I've already called in sick for work and I don't want to do it more times), I ask you guys for some tips

What are your tips?
>I take ZMA supplement for extra Zinc
>I drink a lot of hot liquids (Green tea, normal tea)
>I drink a lot of water
>I wash my hands often and shower pretty much every day
>I usually get enough sleep (Working shift, so some days I won't get enough sleep)
What can I do better?

>TL;DR. Long, bad cold, what should I do? What should I change?
The only thing you really got right is drinking lots of water and getting sleep.

The most essential thing to getting healthy and staying healthy is

>Plenty of sunlight, not vitd3 supps, not tanning bed etc, sitting in the sun for an hour a day with skin exposed is acceptable.
>Sleep. Not any certain amount of time, just try and get some REM sleep.
>Citrus fruits are somewhat useful
Getting sunlight is really hard right now in Sweden. My area had 1 hour of sun in November, been better this month but it's pretty hard.
Do you mean citrus only as fruit, or do adding lemon juice to your food or drinking citrus tea count aswell?

What are you doing?

Not working out because your "cold" will get worse? No it won't.

What do you have? An upper respiratory infection? A sinus infection? Colds don't last five weeks. You either have some other infection, or you've contracted a series of colds.

Take Nyquil at night so you can sleep soundly. Take expectorant to loosen phlegm if you're coughing a lot. Take pseudoephedrine to dry out your sinuses and eliminate 90% of your cold symptoms so you can get on with your life.

Give me some pseudoephedrine, caffeine, Tylenol and Ibuprofen (to break fevers) and I'll be productive under most circumstances.
I'm asmathic, which increases the chances of prolonged colds in my throath/nose/mouth. The current cold virus that is going on in Sweden is pretty bad, it's not uncomming for it to last 6 weeks if it "cycles" in your home. I'm really not alone here with this bad of a cold.
Step 1:
Stop being a homosexual when it comes to cleanliness

Step 2:
Enjoy your strong immune system.

I've left home 4 years ago and have had questionable sanitation since (I still bathe every other day), and I've never gotten sick apart from seasonal allergies. If people weren't so obsessed about cleanliness their immune systems would be regularly fighting off pathogens making it stronger. But actually having breaks in the immune system's functioning by living in a perfectly sanitary environment, makes it hard to jump back on when it needs to.

Colds don't last five weeks.

Figure out what's actually wrong with you.

Either way, get on decent drugs so you can get back to living.
>>30004007 What about reading >>30003897?
amen bruh. sometimes i just wipe a little bit of my shit on my hands to, great immune system gains

I replied directly to it.

How about addressing the lack of proper drugs and the bizarre assumption that working out is going to make the "cold" magically worse?

Don't hold me responsible because OP is too stupid to find out what's actually wrong.
So what should I do? Go to the doctor and force him to give me some random drug? That shit doesn't work in Sweden, our doctors are usually trustworthy, I don't know about the US but yeah. I've already been there and there's nothing I can do.
Maybe it's not a cold that most people have here, I don't know, but the symptoms are pretty much the exact same. And yeah, And since you apparently didn't read what you replied to, I've astma which worsens and prolongs colds and similar symptoms
lel, but seriously I never wash my hands, and probably rest my head on my hand a lot and still never get sick.
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