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Gonna do a salt water flush for the first time today. What can

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Gonna do a salt water flush for the first time today.

What can I expect? Anyone who does it on a regulara basis?

I'm heading to the gym first and them I'm preparing my anus for a high pressure discharge.

Will update after commencing the flush
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you will shit like you were a mad diarrheaholic, anon, trust me in this, your anus will be like a fucking old kitchen tap, the ones always dripping, fuck, you best have lube for the soreness or you will know what's real friction bro
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Just got back from the gym and about to down the one liter of salt water.
This intrigues me!
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I've downed 500ml of the water, salty as fuck and filling as fuck.

Will I die from the salt shock since I just went to the gym and I'm probably slightly dehydrated?
What the fuck?

Like an enema? Or you drinking the saltwater?

Also, why?

Drinking 1L of saltwater. It's supposed to be good for you somehow.
I've been eating a lot of crap lately so I figured i should try flushing it all out to see if it makes any difference.

Status update:
All salt water is down and I can feel my insides starting to move about. It should not be long now.
Keep us updated pls
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It's moving a lot in there. I can literally feel the water make its way through my bowels. Nothing unpleasant, just very noticable.
There is a pressure building.
It feels like the calm before the storm.....
>drinking saltwater

Grandmas recipe for bad tummy was a warm glass of water with some salt. Guaranteet puking.

captcha: ypeyclu intestinal
Shit that sounds like such a good cleanse

Do you just get water and add salt?
Oh god 1 litre salt water? As in 1 part salt 5 water?

One liter of salt with one tablespoon of some high quality salt. I choose pink himalayan salt for dem minerals.

No nausea what so ever here.
>I read that some people don't flush so I'm currently downing another 500ml of saltwater to maximise the possibility of the flush happening.
I took a tea once a few years ago that was a natural powerful laxative, i didn't know, put it purged the shit out of me, I still remember that first sip of coffee that morning and how my face changed, i made it for the toilet but not for much, i wasn't even properly sit when the flow started, it was so close...
I guess ill keep this tab open and find out how you progress, good luck opie
Please continue.

>Feeling some more movement but nothing drastic. The pressure buildup has stopped. I just feel a bit bloated after the second batch of water.
Had an enema once, wasn't as satisfying as I hoped.
I shit 2 times a day though, guess I don't need one
You might want to put yourself a tripcode for this thread since there's nothing stopping someone from impersonating you. In this case it's ok to tripfag since for science it's important to know who's OP and who isn't.
good idea

well my angus feels moist now, only a matter of time
If this works, im copying you OP

Trip turned on. It was a battle to rush to the bathroom, the pressure is getting greater. I'm heading to the loo for the first time now.
hey you fuck tryin to steal muh thread

>First shit taken. Mostly brown water with some residue of the mongolian hotpot I had two days ago. So far so good, I can feel another one coming pretty soon.
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I've got a story, no judgements:

>be in las vegas for a poker tourney
> poker tourney is in Harra's Casino
> harrah's is the the world's ashtray
> smell of cigarettes, tabacco, nicoteen is off the charts
> feel sick the entire time im there
>during tourney, people slap packs of cigs, light up and smoke, chat each other up and blow smoke everywhere
> loose tourney cant wait to gtfo of harrah's,
>return to my room at the ceasar's and soak in tub of hot water to detox from all the cig smoke
> turn on jet, jets feel good on my balls
> accidentally place butthole next to a jet
> Oh shit, that felt good
> proceed to hover anus over jet, very hot water
> relax like a boss, jerk it, etc
> suddenly need to shit really badly
> thank god toilet is 5 ft from bathtub
> suddenly the most foul diarreah session
> feels like my anus sprung a leak and is overflowing
> stand up after 8 minutes of nonstop leakage
> toilet it black...like no joke black shit
> flush, finish showering
> suddenly feel THOUROUGHLY cleansed, like i was born again
> feel like $1,000,000 for the next 4 days
> mfw i realize i accidentally gave myself an enema

that being said, I recommend an enema every now and then to detox.
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go on

>be 15
>in shower jerking it
>push shower head up agains anus for no reason
>feel bowels filling
>immediately have to shit
>run to restroom naked and wet to release the pressure
>feel pretty good after
>Feeling a pressure buildup again. I was expecting this to be more violent.
>Contemplating drinking another 1000ml......
I know that feel, feelgoodman.gif
I dont get it

is it 1 litre of water with ONLY one tablespoon of salt? doesnt seem like a lot

The theory is that the water will have the same salinity as the body. Hence none of the water will be absorbed in your colon and just pass through, flushing your bowels from top to bottom.
OP thanks im sick of the manlet, face, dick, etc... threads.

Best of luck my friend.
>Living in Cambodia with friend
>Cambodians don't have toilet paper or bidets, they have "bum guns" (pic related)
>Friend goes to the toilet
>Uses bum gun
>Comes out of toilet
>Feels like he needs to fart or shit, goes into toilet again just to be safe
>Comes out a minute later saying a pile of water just started pouring out of his ass
>He accidentally gave himself an enema
I need help to decide if I should drink another 1000ml of salt water to really get things going.

What do you think /fit/?
I did it once when I had a horrible week-long constipation. Drank 3 liters, passed everything I had inside me 5 minutes later.
Years later, not a single constipation. Maybe I scared my body into submission.

3L? Well I'm sure as fuck drinking another litre or two!
Yeah, 1 liter is nothing.
You're supposed to drink until you can't drink anymore and then force yourself to drink more. Fuck, drinking all that salty water was the worst thing about the whole experience, everything after that was smooth.

You sir have awoken the heavy drinker in me!!! I'm about to down another litre and head to the bathroom at the same time!
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enemas rule
File: 1377815778008.jpg (46KB, 300x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do it you fucking faggot
Just make sure it's salty enough and you're drinking it as fast as you can.
Actually digesting 3 liters of water in one go is obviously not good for your health, water poisoning is a thing.
Better take pics
Dear christ, this thread is magical. Keep us updated OP!!!!
File: 1390517621049.jpg (22KB, 460x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 460x306px

One tablespoon of salt in this one as well! Feel bloated as fuck.

>Second shit taken. It was allmost all water with only tiny bits of shit in it. I was expecting a heavy flow but it was more like I had to force it out. Even when pushing hard it only came out in a thin stream that sprayed all over the bowl.
Feeling a lot of movement since the last 1000ml was drunk.
Take pics bro
How do you get an enema? I dknt understand this, shit sounds amazing but how do you actually get one? Do you give it to yourself?
You can go to a specialist or you can do it yourself.
Thanks I'll do some googling for DIY stuff.
they sell a kit at walmart

shit works, get a friend to help though if you can
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Third shit taken. This one had the power of a thousand firehoses!
Contractions are getting closer! Have to rush to bathroom again!!!!!!
shit into a jar and show us
This is a really good thread. Experiments like this are very informative. You're doing gods work
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It's ramping up. All shits are superpowered now. I had a small solid bit get stuck in my sphincter which made the water spray everywhere.

My pulse is elevated and I feel almost a bit drunk.
File: P1020119.jpg (3MB, 3648x2736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the shit where it sprayed everywhere.

I'm off for another round!
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Why am i excited for this guy
File: 1273554542.gif (499KB, 400x290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that spray on the seat
holy shit
you should probably drink some non-salty water
op you gon die?
File: P1020122.jpg (4MB, 3648x2736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3648x2736px

I think you are right. I'm thirsty as fuck.

More spraying due to one small solid fucking up the stream. The pressure during the brown floods is extreme.
The weird this is that there is almost no smell at all.
How bad does it smell and is shitting sore? Will my housemates notice if I do this tomorrow?

Almost no smell and no soreness what so ever.
Your housemates will wonder why the hell you run in to the bathroom every 3 minutes.

Speaking of which....off for another round.
File: 1406772323330.gif (571KB, 120x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this thread
I'm excited
File: P1020123.jpg (4MB, 3648x2736px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 3648x2736px
Same crazy pressure. Extremely few solids now. Color seems slightly lighter than before.
This was the 3rd time that the shitwater gets through the toilet paper when wiping.

Was definitely a good idea to drink some regular water. Feels much better when constantly sipping ice water.
does it taste awful? i hate salty things but i haven't crapped in over a week and i'm getting pretty desperate

I had no problems with it. It's very salty but if you hold your nose it shouldn't be too bad.
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Thread images: 24

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