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Post pics of naturals who are close to their natural limits
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Stop shitposting. You can get this kind of body with 6 months of SS + GOMAD
cba to find a picture but i imagine Latsbrah is close, except maybe when it comes to strength.

1 day, 5 dozen eggs, and 1 case of beer. I call it the Gaston challenge. Wish me luck.
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Dude you're gonna vomit
that's 6 dozen eggs genius

Come on m8

ITT: Videos that get you hyped the fuck up to break a new PR

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this is fucking gay
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>not the time where vegeta self destructs to save everyone he loves

I have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to intense self-improvement. I have learned many things along the way.

I have decided to impart some of my knowledge onto you /fit/izens, in the hopes that it will help you.

You may ask me anything you like, and so long as it is reasonable, I shall answer.

>ATTENTION MODS: This is on topic, as fitness is not just something which is physical, but also mental. The belief that the mind and body are separate is an illusion. Physical fitness affects your mind and mental fitness affects your body; they are one and the same. I plan to discuss all aspects of fitness and self-improvement.
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I'll start bumping with some various tips until people ask me questions.
>The greatest thing that you can do is to learn about psychology. ALL theories of psychology; Freud, Jung, Wilson, Aristotle, etc. Learning about psychology helps you confront your inner demons, analyze why you do what you do, discover your deepest fears, uncover what dysfunctional defense mechanisms you employ, and do the same in others.

>Some might tell you that psychology is a frivolous pseudo-science, but they are fools. Yes, serious questions can be brought up pertaining to the veracity of psychology, however note how most people who dislike psychology aren't arguing from a spirit of genuine curiosity, but from some sort of a cynical, stubborn, bitterness towards it. They do not want to understand it, because they have been taught (most likely by an emotionally abusive parent) that their emotions are worthless and should not be expressed, therefore any pursuit to do so (psychology) angers these people.

Recommended reading for psychology:
>Prometheus Rising by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson
>Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung
>The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
>Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
>Man's Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl
>On the Soul by Aristotle
How do I get a big booty bitch
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I could write an entire book on how to get (and keep) women.

Are you concerned with just hooking up or finding a good girl to settle down with?

So /fit/ what are ur favorites quotes/mottos/slogans?

need some inspiration to stay motivated and shit
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zyzz "at the end of the day, the only thing that matters in life, is how you tan"
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>you will never be able to deadlift a steel gate
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still at LMAO1GAET?? dyel?
>got rekt by 6 manlets

thats literally what i was thinking during that scene

just met this girl on omegle, she's digging me and my tiny muscles. what do /fit/?
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You could always Shitpost on /fit/
>put on a bit of muscle
>women go gaga over you
Man, women are fucking stupid.
you're on omegle so jack off on cam, then move on

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Alright /fit/ sorry for the shitty photo but this is me after about 9 months I think.

I haven't checked my body fat but in currently weighed in at 160 and I'm 5 foot 9

>inb4 manlet

Anyways 9 months ago I started at around 120 lbs and I was pretty much skellington (il post pics below)

But by the looks of it should I start cutting or continue bulking to 175?

Also feel free to post your progress pics, inspiration is cool too.
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Op here

> pic related

my body about 9 months ago

I told you I was skellington

Sick progress bro, judging by your before pic it looks like you've made gains.

If it were me I'd cut but if you want to go for the 175 it shouldn't hurt.
Holy fuark those skeletor arms. Looking bigger now though.

Find your BF% and then cut

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Motivation thread
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Also got Motivaiton Wallpapers for desktops if anyone is interested
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Your worth.png
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Hey /fit/, been trying to increase my gains a lot in between fighting giant colossi, snake women who can turn me to stone and hydra that I have to set myself on fire to kill.
Obviously all this means I've really been getting into shape over the last few years.
How would you rate me out of ten, sorry for the cheeky pose (no Romans you fuckers)
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Only just noticed my mate in the background, he's so much more hench than me!
your bro is a beast man, you should ask him what he's doing, not us.

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