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>can't wear clothes that i don't like, but for those that i like i don't have money (even for some middle tier)
>saved money for decent clothes for years
>however i live in russia economics go shit in 2014 and all my savings now devalued twice
Pls gib me money
dont live in russia ffs
If i could
why is your country so shit russia? i have to read stories about your shit hole and ukraine on the bbc every fucking morning. sort your shit out.
Obviously you missed the memo. I'll give you a textbook example; During times of desperation, austerity, and struggle, Youth Cultures have consistently used clothing as a means of expression and protest against their situation. Since they are unable to invest in a large wardrobe of high quality garments, they instead focus on a narrow selection of stylized ready to wear garments which are then further personalized and accessorized by the owner. These garments are often brightly colored, highly patterned, or with eccentric cuts to compensate for the base quality.

Basically, think of yourself as on the verge of a fashion epoch. You don't need nice clothes., you just need to pay attention.
lol what about america?

nsa spying
police brutality
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>tfw there was a pair of immaculate trippen boots for sale in the charity shop for £48 but they were a 1/2 size too small
Why carry on living?
top kek I'm not even american but implying that life in america isn't about 100x better than living in some degenerate Russian shit hole

have fun with your dirty peasant nation
>fell for the rick troll
>bought geos
>it wasn't even an impulse buy, I was thinking about it for months
>kinda disappointed when they arrived

It's not like I'm some fuccboi, I own multiple Rick pieces and other designer items but somehow I felt weird when I wear them. It's really hard to pull off that perfect silhouette.
Old Dunks are so much easier to wear imo, should've went with them.
>tfw made an /fa/ feels thread a week ago
>tfw it gets deleted and get a warning from janitors
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>been trying to get over this girl
>drunk this weekend
>friend convinces me to get tinder cuz fuckit
>get one
>hella matches immediately
>confidence intensifies
>last night at 2am
>match with QT
>chat for a bit, she seems cool
>ask her major
>"fashion and design"
>ask her favorite designers
>"dries and rag and bone"
>literally also my top two
>going shopping together this weekend

>brother just bought me moncler sweatpants

feelin pretty good

Except it has already been pre-sold to the masses by gosha rubchinskiy. Mat' tvoyu zanogu.
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go to a thrift store, diy more, etc
us third worlders have to be more resourceful and creative but we can still get sick fits
you are fucking russian m8, make it work
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>going shopping together
>oblivious to the fact that she already knows you are a closet fag
>favourite designers
>dries and rag and bone
I'm happy for you anon, but I still want to punch you
>gosha rubchinskiy

fucking talentless hack lmao

move to usa or somewhere else

being into clothes & fashion while living in a 3rd world shithole with terrible postal services, what's the point?
rag and bone is gr8, moncler is also top tier.

join us in the wealthcore general!
>going shopping together this weekend
never go clothes shopping with a girl you want to date
she probably already thinka you're gay
your only chance to redeem yourself is to try and fuck her in the dressing room on your first date
>no friends
>haven't been this way always though
>only got tired of people
>spend all day browsing /fa/ or writing
>scared that i may be wasting my last years as a young man but convinced that i would only fuck up if i tried to be someone i am not

at least i have good fashion sense and my novel is coming along
what makes this your last year as a young man?
>tfw no qt militarycore bf
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>tfw finally finished copping just about all my cold weather pieces and it's fucking 89 degrees in SoCal

fuck everything

Who fucking cares?

Shit happens everywherr and the police shit is good on niggers only.
Lol so cal has been mad gorgeous the past week

Enjoying dis weather > dressing like an Eskimo.
why dont you go steal some from ukrainians?
Tfw I'm selling clothes that I made for real actual American dollars
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>v. expensive leather jacket I'm watching on ebay
>location: moscow, russia
>tfw I'm going to lowball that broke motherfucker and he's going to accept it
Anyone ever have that feel where it's like you wanna wear something but it's too radical from the style you have now and are afraid that people will judge you

I cant be the only one
I want to wear lunarcore and I live in miami
I wanna dye my hair platinum blonde, I'm Asian.
ten bucks ur a southeast asia manlet
>dirty peasant nation
nah, I'm 6'3 and not from south east asia.
why are you making all these arbitrary rules up?

earning money is the best feeling there is in the world
>tfw trying to decide whether to graduate uni 3 semesters early in december with econ major, econ and phil in spring, or stay for 4th year and get comp sci
>tfw I hate where I go to school but comp sci majors make a ton of money so I should prob stay but can't stand the idea of staying here for any longer than I have to
>tfw confused af /fa/m

>snows nearly 3 ft in the past 3 weeks so I've been wearing winter boots every day
>really hurting my siqq fits

>depressed since middle school
>thinking even more than normal about killing myself
>too scared of pain to do anything but shoot myself
>scared of that too

>tfw 5'4"

not doing too well lately
money vs. doing what you enjoy

if you don't enjoy either, then pick whatever makes the most money for the least work

i wear winter boots all the time and it's ok

short people are fine

and go to a therapist if you are having suicidal thoughts i'm serious

I want to go full on comfy core with baggy wool pants and sweaters and shit but that would

a.) Deviate too far from my currently dressed-in-dark-colors-slim-fit-everything style


b.) Make me look so incredibly out of place here in the Los Angeles county area
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Thread images: 10

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