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you guys like music, right? https://plug.dj/bangers let�

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you guys like music, right?


let's hear some tunes

also talk about fashion and memes and stuff. whatever
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AR-Central Park.jpg
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bump for palewave
What are your thoughts on typography in fashion?
>pic related
bump for handsome young men who enjoy some tunes
is that nok from the future?>
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going to playing fashion bangers all night
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bump for givenchy
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did someone say givenchy??
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bump for unwarranted pretension
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come listen
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bump for souls that are black as the night
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ashes to ashes
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music is just memes for ears
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nigga looking like an anime character
lao pls
bump for truth
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bump for staying fit
guys i'm really saad now
Saad you not my dad
why you actin all bad while you stay gettin mad

dont be tryna steal someone shit when u aint shit
my nigga you aint gettin no checks
because ya stay lookin like shreks
>tfw when banned by an angry virgin
babby babby babby
tfw u can go give that girl the dick now

he's helping u
who do you see of course its me cause i torture mcs
while you stung by bees

they give me 4 digits and they come 4 visits
while ya girl in australia eatin them biscuits
you can die slow or fast whats the difference
and ya need god because you need stitches
you already know you aint got no bitches
but it dont matter cause you snitchin

ya know i'm a young buck on these streets
while youse a dumbfuck beatin ya meat
hope ya dont come after me fuck the s.a.a.d
plug fam reps up on me
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issey miyake is in here rn
File: nike monarch.png (65KB, 1019x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nike monarch.png
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i want to (x2)

kiss bunyip on the lower lip
watch her nipple gently slip
then i want to grab her hip
take a sip and flip

(the coconuts yeah, aye, woo! x4)

i want to move to australia
or maybe to hawaii
i'd like to sail to ya
and then i'd say good bye
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back to the archives
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Is anyone else even relevant?
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ramones colour.jpg
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misleading name. they're not wearing ramones
All hail girlfriend

real shit tho
Fuck that guy
File: 85jc8nR1sa3o3.jpg (277KB, 1035x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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someone tell gf i have a crush on him
File: 1422506505317.jpg (192KB, 387x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mods r asleep or something
girlfriend is my friend. you shouldn't have said that...
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hes not the one banning u cis shitlord

why dont you check the priv?
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am i /fa/?
die cis scum
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veggie tales.jpg
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found q ko
you're not supposed to post this kind of question here, they should be directed to the fuccboi general threads.
thanks trunks!!
>yer not sposta do datttt

Fuck off
fuck off with those NBs
why do you keep getting banned lmao
he is fag
8th ban as of know top kek
Thread posts: 55
Thread images: 28

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