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what's /fa/'s routine everyday? tell me what you do

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what's /fa/'s routine everyday? tell me what you do from the morning to night time
I do ur mum from morning to night time
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>wake up at 10pm/12am
>do school work
>go to uni gym at 6am
>try to lift the feels away
>eat breakfast and attend classes from 9am-12pm
>lab until 5pm
>dinner as I browse /fa/ and /plebbit/
>bust nut and sleep/repeat cycle
>wake up at a retarded time (varies every day)
>quickly fix hair
>make coffee
>smoke cigarette and drink coffee
>play videogames if i have time
>go to class
Get tea
Browse boards
Shitpost on boards
Check email and other forums
Check package tracking if anything in the mail
Play with dog
Brush teeth
Do whatever until 12
Eat breakfast usually consisting of either a leftover dinner, fruit, or toast
Walk dog
Video games
Housework or yard work
Showed if its hot work
Video games
Video games
Shower and personal hygiene
Get into bed
Read andor shitpost like im doing now

Will drink tea or water and browse or shitpost on 4chan throughout the day

>wake up at 12-1pm
>check emails to see if any of my resumes got a response
>send more resumes
>spend entire day either on the internet, talking to family/friends, and job hunting
>look for alternative uni places
>4pm visit grandpa in hospital
>repeat everything untill 2.30 am
>go to bed

getting real tired of this life, just want a job so i can get out of routine and save up for Uni (enrollment cost 6 thousand) fugg.
/fa/ cops can hang on later
>wake up very early or very late
>Deal with show bookings and label business
>Jam around with friends or the band if no one flaked
>write or record a few demos
>Drink with the crew
>mfw no one here actually works

>Wake up 7am
>Check email on my ipad at bed
>Coffe, bread
>bathroom/prepare for work
>smoke 1-2 cigs while walking to work
>work from 8am to 2 pm, have a coffe at the office at 10am, break at 12am to another cig + coffe or snacks
>launch at home
>at the evening attend colege Master shitty class
>dinner at home or meeet gf
>play some vidaya at home or listen to music
>smoke another cig before bed
>go to sleep at 11pm
> wake up
> heat up leftover food or eat cereal
> spend the next hour or so trying to get dubs
> trade a few stocks
> spend the next hour trying to get more dubs
> go get coffee
> program / do other work
> browse for new shit to buy
> watch random movie/tv show
> spend next 3 hours trying to get more dubs
> sleep
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>Shower, shampoo and conditioner, shave genitalia
>Cleanser and moisturizer for face
>Groom eyebrows if needed
>Brush teeth

simple morning i guess
>wake up at 4:45
>shower and shave my ass
>work for 5-6 hours
>computer games/surfing
>anki reps
>watch anime
>go to bed

lifes gud
Wake up at 5am, snooze alarm until 515-520
Walk to kitchen, take vitamins, Nexium, and some supps with a can of pineapple juice
Feed the cat, scoop litterbox, wash hands
Take shower, shave, misc bathroom stuff
If I didn't iron my clothes the night before, do it now
Look in the mirror and sigh over hairline
Look at phone to check temperature, decide what jacket to wear to work
Drive from apartment to train station
Board train, sit for 45 minutes
Get to work, make espresso at work
Sit for ~6 hours until lunch
Go get lunch or heat up leftovers
Sit for another 4 hours
Get on train, take back to station, drive back to apartment.
Mon-Wed, go to gym. Thurs/Fri, go to bar and have a few pints and a bite.
Smoke a bowl or two, have a snack while watching Netflix.
Go to bed around 23:30-0:00
Rinse and repeat.
>7am wake up
>brush teeth, eat large breakfast.
>Go to class
>eat lunch
>go to class
>eat dinner
sometimes i Job.
-wake up at 630, listen to radio for 10 minutes
-stare at closet for 3 minutes
-put kettle on low
-shower, sometimes shave
-eat eggs toast and some cheese, coffee and water (sometimes substitute eggs/cheese/bread for oatmeal)
-go on 4chan or watch dr katz/its always sunny/cruise 4cahn and listen to music, while i eat
-brush teeth
-catch bus or metro depending on his i feel
-chat with classmates, maybe discuss assignment problems i/they have been struggling with
- lecture starts
-class ends, talk with people for 5 minutes and either go to next class, eat or go to group study area to chill out and vaguley do work until my next class
-repeate until courses are over by 1 everyday
- catch metro home
-maybe pick up groceries on way home
-take a shit when i get home usually
-make more coffee, since my roomates probably drank the rest
-chill out for 30-40 mins, 4chan, news, hockey pools, read, watch a show or two, music
-review any notes i didn't understand during lecture
-work on assignments while listneing to music, while probably having 2-3 4chan tabs open at all times
- watch parts of whatever hockey game my roommates are watching
-have dinner
- work on assignements
- go to sleep at 11

math and physics takes up most of my life
lold at dubs
In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.
this is sad /fa/ is not your fucking livejournal
7:45 - wake
By 8:00 - ground beans, put water on, dress
By 8:15 - made/poured coffee, grabbed/made breakfast, left to class
8:30 class
Work, class, lunch, schoolwork through 6 PM
6:30 - home
Fuck around for 2 hours
8:30 - dinner
Games, reading through 11:00
11:30 - work out
12:15 - shower
12:45 - sleep

Only have busy days 3 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays for recharge and doing any homework I couldn't get done at work
i wake up, i take a shower
i work from home (webdeveloper)
i come here some times
go to bed
>wake-up and go have lunch
>live the dream

laughed way too hard at the third step of your day
when I have uni:
wake up at 6.40
take the bus at 7
die in class till 13
go back home
study or read or be out
gym at 7pm
>Wake ~7:30
>check iPad/ emails
>8:00 breakfast
>dick around, study until class at 10
>out of class at 2, go to gym for practice. Run, sometimes mountainbike.
>workout chest, arms, and abs.
>go to work for a few hours.
>eat dinner @ 8

weekends/ some fridays
>drive to *insert name of nearby metropolis* for photoshoot
>hang out at agency
>go to castings?
>hang moar
>judge ppl coming to open calls
>walk to get sushi/ go to museums
>hit up bars
>crash in studio apartment downtown
>drive back sunday
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math and phys
>stop using the board in ways that i don't find interesting
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Hi anon, nice routine, similar to mine.

>Wake up 7:35AM
>Work from 8 to 5, i get there always at 8:15 (car)
>11:00 am coffe break
>13:00 to 14:00pm one hour lunch outside the office
>15:15 another coffe
>17:15 go home
>rest of the day would be gym, soccer, vidya, music, friends or gf (no particular order).

Pretty normal life and a strong routine.

I really like spending money on clothes, music and nice dinners to feel better and relaxed after work.
>work 14-18 hours
>sleep 5 hours
>do it again for 7-10 days before having a 24 hour period off and back to work

the things we do to make 6 figures :(
pretty much this, + plus school and work
>wake up
>drink coffee and mercilessly bully tripfags on /fa/
>go to class for 4 hours
>come home
>eat snack
>banepost on /tv/
>eat dinner with the family
>read (at this moment it's a lot of murakami)
>go to sleep

every now and then I wake up really early in the morning to see if i can catch a good pigfuck thread before the janitor deletes it
what do you do?
>wake up 6 am
>lay in bed for 30 more minutes after I shower
>drive to class at 7
>get home at 3
>shitpost or do schoolwork until 11
>wash, rinse, repeat

>wake up at 11
>go run errands
>shitpost/hang out with buddies for the rest of the day
Try no-fap anon
I want to into this style this summer. Just total I-don't-care core

what shoes work with adidas track pants tho?
cant go wrong with sum nikes tho
Wake up at 6:30
Immediately begin shitposting
>wake up at 7:00 AM, alarm is Ventolin by Aphex Twin
>eat breakfast, drink coffee
>bathroom hygiene stuff
>get dressed, pack things, go to class, drink 2 more cups of coffee during breaks
>lunch at the cafeteria at around 2:00pm
>get home, coffee
>short break, check social media
>get home, eat, coffee
>go to library to study at around 6pm, two more cups of coffee
>get home at midnight
>shower and other bathroom stuff
>listen to music until i fall asleep, usually around 2pm
I shitpost on 4chan all day every day and use dole money to fuel my cops.
Dole won't be forever though.
AF1's? I'm thinking AF1's
>1pm wake up
>2pm eat breakfast, take a shit, lay in bed for a while
>3pm browse chans
>6pm go shopping using parents money
>9pm shop online using parents money
>11pm browse chans and fap
>1am go to bed
how do you guys live on so little sleep? this is my routine the past month

>wake up 11 am
>eat breakfast/lunch
>browse 4chan for an hour
>go to class at 1
>get out at 6
>eat dinner
>chill for 2 hours or so
>work until midnight
>eat small snack and browse the internet until bed around 2 am
>wake up at 8am
>brush teeth and comb hair
>head to uni at 10am
>eat croissants with bros
>class starts at 1:30pm
>eat lunch at some point during the day
>head home at around 7:00
>get bitten by dog
>lurk /fa/

>wake up
>realize my life is shit
>depression kicks in
>stay in bed for a few hours while looking for some pieces to cop
>cop some stuff
>fee kind of happy for a moment
>quickly go down to eat
>go back to my room
>depressed again
>go to sleep
>rinse and repeat
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Wake up at 7
Splash water on my face and brush my teeth
Have breakfast, usually my bf's semen
Skin care routine
Get dressed and get my stuff
Drive to work or school depending on the day
Boring analytics job sitting in a desk all day
Go to gym after work
Run for 30 mins
Drive home
Catch a coffee
Make dinner and eat
Read books
fuck you

im jealous
Wake up at 5pm
Eat breakfast, jog by the river, then shower
Study, 4chan, and play on steam for 4 hours
Drive to work at 10pm
Finish and go home at 7am
Go on the internet for an hour or two
Go to sleep
>wake up
>eat oatz
>go to uni classes
>eat lunch
>drink protein shake
>work out
>pour up
>head shot
>sit down
>stand up
>pass out
>wake up

私のニッガ :^)
>wake up, lay in bed for a while
>make waffles and coffee or cereal
>brush teeth and get changed
>go to uni
>go to gym
>come home and feel depressed
>do homework to try to forget about everything but get distracted by the internet
>have a drink and go to bed

I really need a job
NEET detected.
>8:30ish, wake up
>take a shower if I have time
>brush my teeth
>drive to work, it's about 20-30 minutes
>listen to my iPod (George Harrison or Sufjan Stevens lately) or sports talk radio
>work at 9
>I get an hour of paid lunch whenever I feel like it
>often go to my parents' house for lunch, since it is nearby, has wifi, and pets
>work until 5
>2 days a week I have grad school until late
>eat dinner
>sometimes go out with friends, if not I'll chill at home with roomates
>watch whatever game is on
>maybe read
>bed around 12-1
I'm kind of boring
post pic of bf
>wake up sometime past noon
>steep coffee in french press
>jerkoff, shower
>cold water on face, moisturizer, fix hair
>smoke some pot, drink coffee, listen to music
>eat something
>workout a bit

and then go on with my day from there
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>wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep
>contemplate life
>shower, wash face, brush teeth
>eat one of two small daily meals
>make plans
>attempt to study
>watch plans fall apart
>try to sleep
depression, derealization, anxiety and panic syndrome is killing me, I just want someone to hold
Neat. What uni?
>wake up
>contemplate suicide
>smoke cigarette
>fap with onahole
>wake up
>cardio in condo gym
>get dressed
>pack a lunch and things for my classes
>eat breakfast
>make tea
>read news and study at library, drinking tea
>wait forever for the streetcar (like five minutes probably)
>get cold or angry and take a cab instead
>go to class
>buy coffee or go to the library or eat lunch between classes
>go to the gym for weights after classes
>meet friends for more studying or dinner
>otherwise dinner alone at home
>subway and streetcar home
>home by 12
current routine
>get up at 745
>do a huge coffee shit and take a shower
>barely luke-warm shower because its so hot already
>wake my bitch
>grab a piece of fruit if i have any or some other easy to eat in one hand breakfast snack
>get dressed appropriately (suit or at least something nice for a client meeting, something more casual for any old day)
>get my bitch drive me to the station
>sit on train for 70 minutes
>get to internship
>attempt to greet colleagues without major spaghetti loss
>be given bitch tasks, writing jobs
>write bullshit and bluff my way through everything because thats what everyone does every day of their lives
>go to lunch, have something fairly healthy
>ruin that by downing 2 pints of beer in the last half hour of my break
>bask in the sunshine, take in the views of the beautiful, older part of the city that i am situated in, check out tourist girls asses
>wish that i was getting paid for this, hopeful of retaining role so i can do this every day even though its hectic and i dont believe in myself
>go back and finish whatever im doing
>train home at 1630
>shitpost, eat dinner, play civ v
>watch the sopranos
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>depression, derealization, anxiety and panic syndrome is killing me, I just want someone to hold

We're all gonna make it brah
>wake up
>clean self
>prepare fit im going to wear today
>eat something (usually plantains and eggs/salami)
>go to class
>study for 3-4 hours, before heading back home
>take bus
>browser /fa/, video games
>organize, sew/alter few clothes
>go to bed
>try to lucid dream

usually I get 6-7 hours of sleep, but Fridays and Saturdays
Wake up, get dressed, post fit.
Make breakfast. Smoke cigarette/weed
Watch tv/do errands/play ball
Work out
Bathe, get dressed, post fit
pick up younger brother from school
Practice set list.
If evening plans:
Get dressed in darker colors, post fit
Browse (trip on)fa, pol, v, co, alt, and a little b to see if 4chan can make me laugh

You all usually do.
Thanks guys
>Wake up
>bang dudes all day
>bang dudes all night
only huck posts 3 fits a day so
people like you make this board so shit
what about when you work?

Reminds me of someone I know
I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.
>wake up
>double shit
>practice super smash bros melee tech
i also eat a second meal sometime in between those
>signed up for a late class and didn't pay in time
>Immediately dropped from all classes
>Frantically emailing professors asking to be readmitted
Talk about a shitty system. Maybe this is the universe telling me to not go to college. I really don't want to be there. But I have no clue what I would do if I didn't.
Lifes hard
>>9394486 kek'd

>Wake up between 7-9am
>Shit, Shower & Shave
>Get dressed/prepare for the day
>Go to work or the gym. (Work every second day so I use the days off for working out.)
>Go home, pick up some lunch on the way home. Usually Subway or a wrap from the local cafe.
>Get home around 3.30pm, quick shower to get rid of the daily stink
>Spend the rest of the night browsing the web/reading/may invite my girlfriend or friends over.
>Go to bed about 4am

It's simple but I'm content with it.
>wake up 8-10 AM
>contemplate suicide
>breakfast if time
>contemplate suicide
>go to class for 3-4 hours
>coffee and refresh every social media
>really wanna kill myself
>but I just read instead
>dinner maybe with friend, probably solo dolo
>lurk /fa/, look at new arrivals on online stores
>contemplate suicide
Days I work:
>Wake up from drunken stupor ~11am
>Coffee and a smoke while contemplating existence.
>Make my usual egg n cheese omelette w/ toast. Sometimes cereal and yogurt too
>Listen to music while I shit, shower, shave, and get dressed for work
>ride bike to work at 2pm
>break around 5. eat snack and smoke another cig
>Another cig break around 8
>Off at 10
>Meet up with friends
>Drink, smoke, various drugs all night
>Wash, rinse, repeat

On the days I go to school, the only difference is that I get up a little earlier and go to school instead of work.
>wake up 6:45
>want to kill myself for a little bit
>shower and eat
>bike to work
>lunch at 1:30 or as late as I can go
>bike home around 5
>sometimes drink while cooking dinner
>hearthstone or dick around, jerk off if I'm stressed/horny
>do it again
this post is so poetically apathetic wow
where do you work?
what do you do?

>smoke bowl or two
Me be 19
Girl be le 17


two weeks ago
>10am wake
>Shower? Probably not only shower every other morning depending on the night before.
>11am if mom's home I try to get pancakes or something fancy out of her. Success depends on her mood. Usually get pancakes.
>text girl
>chill with her
>snax for gains
>12-2pm hit gym with ma perfect girl
>3 late lunch
>bulshit around
>later on dinn dinn, both live with parents so hmmmm food
>work on music

one week ago
>wake up
>text gf
>gf in love with some other fag
>me be "noooooooooooooooooooooo"
>try to win her back
>cry to mommy

>wake at 2pm
>hunting those gains
>trying to forget perfect girllllll
>go home
>work on music till 5am

>wake early
>uni all day because "compressed" 7 week " semester bullshit 3 3hour classes a day 2-3 days a week
>try to fit in job
>try to keep up with ridiculous uni work
>try to keep job
>try to do music
>oh did I forget working out? yeah hit the gym 5 days a week if I'm lucky
>can't lose gains tho
>sleep? nawww
This is me
I want to kill myself because of uni
I don't want to be there and it's a waste of time for me
I don't want to be a teacher
I want to drop out
But I don't know what I would do if I did
hs rank?
Wake up at 6 am
Shower, eat breakfast
Put on siqq fits and walk to school
Study retail and marketing plus fashion
Go home at 2 pm to fuck my slutty gf
Smoke cigarettes and drink coffee while playing Diablo 3 RoS until gf serves me dinner
After dinner: watch movies on Netflix in our comfy bedroom and maybe fuck some more. Rinse and repeat

>le 17

File: 1407313091419.png (99KB, 400x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my boring winter weekday:

>wake at 7:30
>shower, shave, teeth brushing
>breakfast (usually oatmeal and coffee with sandwich)
>check email and news
>go to work at 8:30
>launch at work
>get out at 18:00
>go to a fast-food/restaurant for dinner or go to grocery and make some cooking at home.
>20:00 browsing, shitposting, listening music
>22:00 - watch Sponge Bob or arthouse movies
>00:00 - browsing and shitposting
>02:00 - go to bed
>wake up
>shower for 1 hour
>go to work for 8-10 hours
>hang out with friends
>go home and eat ceral
>wake up somewhere between 5:20am and 12:20pm
>think about death for 20 mins
>get out of bed
>put on clothes
>eat breakfast
>if i have uni, leave the house
>if i dont have uni listen to music and browse chans
>think about what i can do to better my life
>make tea
>drink tea
>browse chans
>walk dogs
>vidya maybe, more likely music+chans again
>think about how i can better myself tomorrow
mcgill in montreal canada
>wake up
>drive to work
>drive home
>sit at the computer
>go to sleep
>wake up 630 am
>breakfast, shower and leave for work 730 am to 630 pm (2 hour lunch break)
>dinner and dick around a while
>work out 8pm
>watch movies 9pm til 12 am

i dont do shit on weekends, just smoke weed and get comfy with my dogs
>Wake up 5:30am
>Get dressed
>Clean everything I've ever touched or walk past
>Run four miles
>Two lectures
>Get tear gassed
>Parade with rifles for an hour
>Finish around 5pm
>Ironing and cleaning till 8pm
>Dick around on the internet till 11pm
Eh hoping to go there. Did you come from a cegep? If so, what was your r score?
>wake up at 6am
>shower and hygiene
>listen to my morning podcast
>sort out and clean my closet
>pack lunch
>work from 1pm-7pm
>OR go to class from 10am-4pm
>go to bed around 11pm
14 but I've been climbing
wake up 5 am
take dog out
give her food water etc
brush teeth
get dressed
catch bus
be at school 8:30 am
leave school 6:00pm
catch bus home
clean up dog shit
refill water
browse /fa/

7:00 - get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, pack my bag for school, have a cup of coffee then brush my teeth.
8:00 - cycle to school with earbuds because music addict
8:30 - start school, maybe get some coffee first if early
12:10 - break, have a cig while walking to the nearest shop, get something to eat, whatever i feel like
12:40 - lessons start again
16:30 - school's out, cycle home after maybe having a cig or two
16:50 - come home, take a shower, have some dinner
17:30 - cycle to work
18:00 - work in a resraurant as a sous-chef
23:00ish - have a break, smoke one or two cigs for 10 mins
1:00 - done with work, smoke a few cigs for bout half an hour
1:30 - cycle home
2:00 - be exhausted,
rinse and repeat

Do literally fuck-all, sleep 24 hours in a row cause im exhausted, have 1 meal a day.

BUT at the end of every month i get a metric fuckload of money for someone my age, so im not complaining
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