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techwear general

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Couldn't find a techwear thread
please halp
I've got 300 credit at a highend sporting goods store.
what's the most effay arcteryx jacket? I would also consider patagonia or some other brand they might carry.

I ride my bike in the city and the beta LT looks like it would be a good match.

>inb4 beta
>tfw I've thought almost every thing on that pic

cycling ruins me

Really? thought cyclists get mad pussy all the time
I love this picture so much
The only thing it's missing is mentioning a numb dick/ballsack
one of the scariest feels of my life
imo the alpha or theta are the best arcteryx series, own a theta ar myself and use it every day this winter
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>over one year ago decide to go cycling at 5:30 AM and in 12 F cold
>because why not
>dress myself in two layers of wool socks, mits and Gore-Tex gloves, all my layers and Castelli bibs and put on all the lights I have
>first twenty miles in darkness goes pretty well
>last nine start to lose feeling in face and fingers, almost all contact with my crotch is lost
>a thin layer of lycra was all that separated it from the wind and cold
>have to ditch and waddle into a gas station bathroom stall a few miles from home
>experience some of the worst pain I've ever had, my dick and balls cupped in my hands keeling over
>my genitals felt as if they were being ground with fine sandpaper and my face wasn't much better
>shivering like a mad cunt with my face against the wall and groaning in distress
>bathroom attendee walks in, gasps, and runs out
>didn't think much about it until cops showed up a short time later for questioning
>have to explain to the cops that I wasn't furiously masturbating
>they laugh and don't bother giving me a ride home even though the station is within a half mile of where I live

Had to call a friend to pick me up and it was humiliating
Check out 7mesh too (Veilance designer works there now).
Nothing released yet apart from a limited edition jacket using Goretex-Pro.
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nxt lvl as fuck.jpg
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>that pic
>techwear in the slightest

please dump more though
Jesus fuck, you are all that is man.
techwear is dead
on /fa/ it is, killed by narrow-mindedness

more like killed by poorfags...
case in point
what is /fa/ techwear for shoes?
inspo, pics, or recs please
>tfw dropped 2 hunna on a gyakusou jacket
>so far i've only used it to play csgo in
Anyone have experience with the eVent fabric? It seems like amazing new technology, but I haven't had a chance to mess around with anything that uses it.
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tokyo soul.jpg
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okey doke
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black knight 1.jpg
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black knight 2.jpg
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black knight 3.jpg
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Y3 Qasas, Adidas Tubulars, ZX Flux slip-ons (when they're fucking released), Nike ACG, Nike x Acronym, and various combat boots.
i fucking love this design so much
>those prices
>mfw uncle same gave me combatwear for free
Too bad it's all desert and forest colored
chacos with neoprene socks
Looks good technically but super boring.

I wonder what made Nachtigall leave Veilance to do... this? And who's designing Veilance going forward?
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W2C a jacket like this ? >>9366305
11 by Boris Saberi. I think they pop up every FW season?
Eyes & Sins also had a parka with a similar front pocket arrangement but longer. Fabric isn't technical though.
slam your saddle and level your hoods
why did you not ride home out of saddle?
Techwear isn't aesthetic, you can look like office clerk wearing techwear. Go back to tumblr and dream about owning ACR piece, you faggot.
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I hope european brands like Kl├Ąttermusen approach the US market someday. So. Good.

I don't know much about this brand, but there are tons of tech-oriented fashion brands that are very prominent in the US, domestic and otherwise. What's the biggest draw for these guys?
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Thread images: 13

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