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>Item listed at 0.99
>at 67 quid with 5 hours left
>Suddenly a retard bids it up to 110
>giving yourself a shit deal on purpose
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>monochrom wardrobe
>black skinnies/slim fits
>grey/white/black shoes
>some expensive designer clothes
>never got a compliment

last thursday

>slept at my brothers house
>had to go to university but only had sweatpants, basic pullover and sports shoes
>took my brothers dad core/ lumberjack core clothes
>"wow anon, you look so good."
>"finally got rid of those emo clothes?"

What the fuck. I'm currently in an existential crisis.
I didn't think they would notice some obscure designers I found on a anime board, but at least appreciate how well everything fits.

My brother is 2 inches shorter than me, so his clothes didn't even fit me well. Despite this, I got complimented on my clothes for the first time of my life.

I spent 3500 Euros on my current clothes. I really don't want to buy norm shit clothes just so some girls think I look good.
But then again, it really felt good getting those compliments.
lmao you fucking autist
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Most people don't know shit about fashion.

But you just have to decide how much you want to dress for yourself, and how much you want to dress for other people. Nothing says you can't do both. I don't know why this board has such an obsession with either dressing 'fashionably' /or/ in a way that people find attractive.
So you have CP's, some Rafdidas autist shoes and black and white clothes (bomber jacket as well?).

Haha, man what utter retards, they don't understand you're wearing the FASHION UNIFORM?
Damn, how dumb can they be, not appreciating true beauty like a bomber and white CP's, hah, they must be such autists.
he onto you
Post a fit

If you live in Western Europe and your memechrome is half decent you must've gotten at least one compliment before
I know, right? He should, like, totally be wearing raws and ocbds with some nice boots, maybe with some nice flannels. That's the way to show 'em how individualistic he can be.

You have literally the worst opinions.
>dadcore implications

Love it.
post fit
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>tfw there's that qt asian girl at uni wearing cdg play and shit
>tfw she says nothing when i wear basic fits
>tfw she smiles sarcastically when i wear next level stuff
What kind of level are we talking about here?
>You have literally the worst opinions.
utter shitposting for my own enjoyment has gotten me far in 20 minutes.
I hate this shit. It's like they have no idea how bidding works.
File: 1409835258511.gif (942KB, 253x216px)
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>don't have enough money to dress with the same style as the girls I want to attract
>tfw embarrassed to take a hair photo to a barber
>Most people don't know shit about fashion.
a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.
"the latest Parisian fashions"

You dumb cunt. Literally defined by what 'most people' like.
why. everyone i know does that
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>Buys my item
>Doesn't pay
>Can't leave negative feedback
>buy item
>cunt doesnt reply
>wait 2 weeks
>paypal pls gib moni
>moni is gib
>still sour taste in mouth

doss cunts
i feel you mayne, do the same.
>tfw your barber is old jewish dude
>tfw u cant ask him for hitler youth cut
>tfw too autistic to go to new barber.
black h&m hoodie, black h&m jeans, and white vans
Who the fuck are you again? Drop your trip.
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>black leather saint laurent chelseas
>pair of black acne stay cash jeans
>white division joy tshirt
>"oh my god anon you dress like Harry Styles"
>mfw I've always dressed like that
>want to start wearing white shirt with skinny jeans and chelseas
>Harry styles already did it

Fuck I'm not changing my style because of that faggot
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>orange suit
>can't afford
File: 1383455820397.gif (3MB, 375x200px)
3MB, 375x200px
>haven't left the house in 2 days
Why the fuck is every new trip obnoxious "lel so ironic" faggot attempting to build some sort of fucking internet persona?
OiOi contributes more to this board than you, do something productive and kill yourself faggot
embrace it and take it as a compliment, u nerd
There's a reason /fa/ is less popular than mfa, the majority of people have a shit taste in fashion (which isn't to say monochrome is the best) they think Jcrew, Bananna republic, or topman is the be all end all of fashion.
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>tfw shitty profile from years of mouthbreathing
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>send an offer
>send another offer
You're not fooling anybody, OiOi
>wear black zip sweater and black jacket over grey henley with black jeans and black boots, everyone looking at me like i have a gun
>wear indigo raws, chambray, brown boots, and grey overcoat, everyone super polite and girls mirin

I'm starting to think opinion of irl people is more important than internet fashion nazis. i like both styles though, dadcore and "goth russian dockworker into hiphop core"
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 11

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