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Alright /fa/ggots, fashion priorities.

ITT, post your weekly spending money after expenses, and then list how much you usually spend on various fashion pieces.

I'll start. As a part-time student/worker, my weekly income is about $500 AUD, minus $300 for expenses, leaving $200, which I consistently blow on clothes and alcohol.

I happily spend on various items:
T-shirts: $60-$100
Jeans: $150-$200
Jackets: -$300
Pants/chinos: $99-$150
Footwear: $50-$200

And I'll probably spend +$500 on my grail.
I have other hobbies and interests to support and invest in on a limited pool of money
plus tryna get a good body now so the last month I have spent 0 on clothes

sage for /fa/ wankfest thread
Spending money after expenses is about 4k weekly. I'm living up in a camp. My food is free, my gas/insurance is free, my rent/internet/cable/gym membership is also free.
Although when I go home, food is about 70$, gas around 100$, insurance for the month is 500$, gym is 30$, person living in my house pays my utilities/mortgage

Tshirt 130-800$
Jeans/pants/shorts 200-1500$
Jackets 200-2500$
Footwear 200-1500$
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But all that can't cover up your cunt personality. >inb4 jealous much
Why what exactly?

Listen here, lahey.
I have no problem with my personality.
What are you working if you have 4000$ weekly?
I'm a maintenance supervisor at a oil base plant.
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Earn like 8000$ per month but don't like my job (programmer) would rather like to go in some design stuff

400$ for alcohol and normal outings
150$ on tickets for clubs, concerts and stuff
2500$ for my appartment
500-1000$ for insurance and bills
2000$ or more aside for holydays
2000$ on cloths
I don't have a car

Tshirt plain 130-250$
Tshirts 200-500$
Jeans 200-300$
Pants 300-1500$
Jackets 800-2500$
Footwear 500-2000$
where the fuck do you live? even CEOs of major companys dont get that kind of money, and im supposed to believe some faggot on 4chan is pulling 8k a month.
I'm in switzerland and I didn't even studdy until now. I made an apprenticeship as a developer. Now I'm working since 2 years in my companie.
I'm only 21.
where the fuck do you live that $96,000 a year is a lot of money?
obama's america

third world
back to /pol/ faggot
NHS band 4 point 17 is £22,016 annually, don't go into the public sector for money, I do it for my own reasons. After tax and NI that's around 17k
I live alone in a cosy one bed flat at £610pcm.
>tfw no gf to gouge your bank balance
Other expenses usually come out to around £250 so every month I have about £560 of my own money. I put £100 into a savings account that I never touch so £460 potentially goes to stuff I choose, mostly clothes.
Average spends on stuff I would estimate at:
tees £20-70
trousers/jeans £100 - 250
jackets/outwear £100-400 (sometimes more, but they're special and I save for them specifically)
footwear £150-400 (again more on rare occasions)

Right now I'm saving for a good suit and shoes for my brother's wedding, it's on valentine's day so I'm not too worried about saving in time.

I also have a bit of money coming to me from my grandfather who died recently, but I won't count it because it's not a huge amount and it's a one-time thing and virtually all of it is going into savings.
96k$ a year is everywhere a lot of money you little shit. Both my parents don't make that much money.
>tfw poor as fuck in Switzerland but rich everywhere else
no for switzerland it's pretty average and more
Will earn like 120k when I studied

>8K is an average salary in switzerland

Lmao what kind of bullshit i must read. I live in Geneva since 20 years, the average salary is about 3 to 5K flat. I don't know in what kind of retarded company you work, but there's no way in hell you're gonna get paid 8K as a code monkey in Geneva.
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I live in Zürich and here is the average at 8k
and 3k you only get in migros
>tfw in my "country" 3k is already wayy above the average.

/fa/ makes me hate my life

well maybe not that much but fucking much.
My friend is a car mechanic in Zurich and he makes like 4.8k in the first year.
File: averageincoming.png (18KB, 554x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sorry the average incoming is 6.3k
you must have a really bad job when you think the average is from 3-4k
car mechanic
for this you not even need matura and 4.8k is already a lot for such a job
Whats life like for immigrants in Switzerland? Thinking bout moving, that average is thrice of what I should ever expect to make here
Where are you?
Whats your profession?
maybe spend 300 on clothes a year inc shoes.
>T shirts
I'll spend no more than 20 on a tee. But I need to up my budget because I can't find t shirts that are slim and built for long t shirts. American Apparel comes close, but quality is shit and they are almost too slim in small
300 I don't give a fuck
I can get all my pants at j. crew and they fit me great so I don't give a shit

It is important to note I don't own anything even near my max price.

I'm reading all this in jealousy, average in my country is 900ish per month...
>$400-$500 bi weekly
>$150 on car insurance (brother pays half) probably gonna be less if my mom finally chips in for her car
>$22 for gym membership
>$44 on gas
>$45 on cell bill

I I've started to not buy clothes on weeks my insurance is due but:
>$50-$100 on shirt
>$100-$200 on jeans
>$50-$100 on dress pants/chinos
>$50-$150 on shoes

can't go higher until I find a suitable way to save up, especially since end of season sales will be kicking off in a few months.

Is there such a man that can drink a bottle of whisky that way ?
Where u livin fam? I presume not (near) London from your rent...
it's apple juice or just water with colouring
>t shirts that are slim and built
uniqlo premium cotton innerwear
comes in two packs in black or white for £10
good day to day tee, cheap/long/slim

Shit I know. I obviously asked about a real bottle you goof.
bournemouth town bruv, moordown way, yeah london has way too high rent but then again I'd be getting living allowance if I was in london so it would even out a bit.
>living allowance
From the NHS?

Not bad though.
I've had to move back home after uni, and it's so boring, I want to leave.
it's called a fringe supplement or something, basically a percentage of your salary depending on how far inside london you actually live
My parents pay for everything so I get what I want.
i make approx $300 dollars every two weeks and have no expenses. can i become /fa/
im sorry but $100k isn't even a lot of money. it's enough to live extremely comfortably and even fashionably in a lot of places, pretty much everywhere in fact, but it is by no means an exceptional amount of money.
Ahh okay cool.
600$ a month just for your leisure
I think you might

yes it is m9
Part-time cashier, full time student
I make ~130 USD a week. I put $100 into savings for paying off my loans and the remaining money is split between gas, food, tobacco, alcohol, and cheap thrift store or H&M cops. I've decided to start abstaining from alcohol and tobacco products until I start making more money. I often end up having to dip into my savings and I feel financially stuck.
Puerto Rico, finance student
it really is a lot of money

just because there are some people making even more, hysterical amounts of money doesn't change that fact. compared to some oil baron, yeah, it's pennies, but keep in mind that the average income everywhere is like ~1k-2k a month, maximum.
you have to factor cost of living around that sort of thing though, any country where average pay is higher than your, almost definitely is going to have a higher cost of living

eg minimum wage in Aus is over double that of US but things cost a shitload more
160 a month for insurance

300 rent and utils

Maybe 100 on gas

Maybe 150-250 on food

Spend about 200 a month on clothes

Still put like 500 to 1000 into savings a month
Well I should clarify. I have undershirts that suffice, but nothing I'd really want to wear by itself.

uniqlo's supima t shirts are okay, but are a bit short for my taste. But that's what I find myself wearing right now.
The average income in the richest country in tge world is like 52g a year.
thread is about how much you spend a week. you list the maximum you won't spend on stuff you don't own...
wouldn't spend more than $100 on a tshirt

down to spend up to $300 on knits
~150 on sweatshirts
~100 on pants
~200 on jeans
~500 on jacket

the most expensive item of clothing i currently own is my sunglasses i paid 220 for lel
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Thread posts: 57
Thread images: 7

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