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So my gf told me i should start dressing her because i dress

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So my gf told me i should start dressing her because i dress so much nicer than she does.

I am down, but thing is I really only know male oriented sites for online ordering.

What are some good female clothing oriented sites? price/quality wise

also, general /fa/ girls inspo

pic related is the kind of style i want to dress her in/kind of what she already wears
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gonna a couple of general style images
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buy her sum rick
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Sorry, but im pretty workcore and shes not even close to gothninja.

I have shown her some of his stuff though.
she told me to get some 2,000$ leather shorts
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i dunno, im looking for them myself.
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bump. some of here have ladies to shop for.
Other Stories has cool designs for cheap but quality is hit and miss. It's basically the same as Cos.
Totokaelo is great and stocks womenswear, great styling too.

The pics you've posted are pretty... Average womenswear, for the UK anyway (imo), if not a little dated. Like it's what I see a lot of girls 16-21 wearing, or at least did three years ago. In which case you might have some luck looking at high street shops' lookbooks and photoshoots - topshop, zara, asos.
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jcrew, madewell, urbanoutfitters and anthropologie are all places that i shop from online.
how to acquire a gf?
>be effay and aesthetic as fuck
>tight group of friends are effay and attractive
>effay guys and girls are into me
>have urge to just date plain as fuck girls just for the wtf factor
What's wrong with me

fits like this always piss me off

its just so impractical

>obviously cold and windy as fuck
>upper quads completely exposed
Don't hold out for fashionable girls because you're never going to get any pussy
it's to show off their legs you dumb twat.

girls who dress like this KNOW exactly what they're about, remember that.

i used to get annoyed at impractical clothing as well, but i made the mindblowing realization that it's to look good.
You should collect and show her all the inspo pics and ask her which style she likes most. Then go from there.

Can't help much with the stores, depends on where you live and what kind of access you have.
dont do it OP once she learns how to dress properly shes going to leave your ass
>dressing for others, not strictly for yourself
Holy shit, I just realised girls are thirstier than guys
Damn dude why do you think there are make ups and shit?
girls dress more for other girls than they do for men
Gentlemen, I believe we have unlocked the secrets of being woman.
What's the ahead of the curve, only cool with trend setters female aesthetic right now
having a similar dilemma, gf usually dresses like japanese schoolgirl/american apparel everything cause she used to work their
frankly i don;t know enough about female fashion to build her a new waredrobe.
i'm kinda looking forward to it though, good luck anon
Yes, because we all sleep on money
Bitches can shop anywhere.
That's why you always see girls with those dumdum 'fashonista' blogs where they bought their entire wardrobe from Target.

Basically you can go back over all those places you've learned not to shop at {UO, H&M, Marshalls, etc.) and make decent fits.
Yeah, sorry its more about having her dressed well than it is her being "fashionable"

Especially because she isnt the one pushing to get more into it and is asking me to dress her i dont want to toss trendier stuff at her.

Thank you though.

Thank you

snapchat qts

she likes pretty much everything ive posted itt, its just i dont know where to find stuff like that, cause thats not really what i look for when shopping previously.

>bitches and whores

thanks bud, good luck to you too

Thanks dude.
Rag & bone
I like it, but a little to far into the expensive side, shes still a poor college student

Thanks tho
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Emoda (japanese brand) often has nice inspo - coordinates that look neat, feminine and comfy.

Girly, neat, simple. Great inspo.

I am aware that both Murua and Emoda can look a bit plain sometimes but they're great for inspiration because you can replicate these looks easily by shopping at high street brands. But I don't know if your gf is into this kind of look.

&Other Stories, H&M, Zara often have great basic items that won't cost you a lot of money. H&M Trend, H&M Studio, Zara Studio is a bit more expensive, but it's often good quality vs price.

Asos is a great site because they have a lot of well known brands and they have a wide price range.

River Island also has great items. They have nice coats and dresses etc. They have a lot of stuff that's considered fashionable, and they also have a lot of stuff that's basic.

http://www.net-a-porter.com is great if you're looking for designer stuff, as well as ssense.com and ln-cc.com

Weekday.com has great stuff, about the same pricerange as H&M.

F21 is cheap, mostly miss but I often find stuff I've been looking at other stores for way less (bought a long blazer for 20 bucks instead of 70 at urban outfitters).

Monki is also a cool store. Quality feels cheaper than H&M, but they're in the same price range.

Pull & Bear is like Zara's little sister. Les serious, slightly cheaper.
you do realise nude tights exist and aren't all too noticeable when it's just a flash of skin above a knee
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dress here in:
edwina hoerl
cosmic wonder
evam eva
rowena sartin
>not sleeping on money
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Thread images: 14

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