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how to take compliments on fits? hey /fa/ been browsing for a

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how to take compliments on fits?
hey /fa/ been browsing for a year and finanly have a pretty good wardrobe, somewhat mfa tier but hints of /fa/ mainly monochrome with some tech.
ok so
>standing with group in tech theater class
>notice qt staring
>i overhear her talking about me
>thought she was being ironic or some shit but she was actually mirin my fit
>i ask her why shes talking about me
>she ends up saying some shit like "why cant more guys dress like anon"
>and then she fucking disected my entire outfit infront of everyone and was saying a bunch of shit.
>all i said was thanks
>didnt really know what else to say.
what do /fa/
how do i take compliments
i felt cornered
didnt know what else to say other than thanks.
>i wasnt even dressed that good. clarks pinroll tapperd jeans black shirt and a green bomber.
post fit please
I dress like a swagfag and overhear hypebeasts mirin my fit with supremexbapexjordans

dem asian boyz with their tight asses mmm
I'm in software engineering and 99 percent of the guys wear basic bitch shit like Aeropostale with the logo prominently on display, or old Iron Maiden tour shirts

There is nobody around to be 'mirin my style, fugggg
i don't know.
last week some qt asian girl complimented my shoes.
all i said was thanks you too

she was probably playing what she was gonna say out in her head and probably is interested in you
I get lot of compliments from girls, some times i caught them mirim, sometimes they come up and tell me. My general answer is "thanks i appresiate that".

being black and effay is the best thing, since you got no competence, and it's rare to find a black effay guy
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she has been acting weird for the past 4 weeks
saying random shit like
you're perfect
hey anon
and just playing a bunch of weird ass fucking games.
thought she was being ironic since i use to be pretty unaesthetic fat overweight shit haircut, and ive done a complete 360.
>tfw left my fat unaesthetic shit body
>still havent left the mental state of it.
but most black and asian guys can do whatever they want and most of the time it'll still look pretty good.
>saying random shit like

even for /fa/ you are especially autistic
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wasnt really just a casual hey
i was walking in the hallway and i was noticeably in front of her and she says my name once, didnt hear, then pratically screams it and i turn around and she just says "hey"
some people comment on my clothes and i try to find something i like about their outfit that i can say i like too in response but mostly i just say thanks. it's not like they want you to give a speech in response.
you could be hitting that right now
at this very moment
instead of posting feels

dat regret
he sounds really insecure cut him a break

boost your self esteem and you won't feel awkward with compliments
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you go talk and be open and let her know you are interested like a normal person instead of holding in your emotions because you are afraid of success like an autist
>old iron maiden tour shirts
like kanye wore?

she obviously already likes you

man ur dumb
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ok need more advice like this, a little vague.
say, "hey! i really love that shirt your wearing! so i was thinking... do u maybe wwanna go get a coffee sometime?"
u could even ask her out to dinner if ur brave enough
plot twist: Kanye studies software engineering
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dont take advice from 4chan
log off, grab some coffee or whatever and think about it yourself
if you need a stranger online to give you a list of things to do and set your behaviour up for you you're not going to mature, you're not going to develop any problem solving skills for life
You have a brain, use it

Go read some ayn rand
File: ayn.jpg (126KB, 788x1169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So much this, also:

>ayn rand

subconciously i know you are right.
i just like using 4chan to throw out and play around with ideas.
you should go up to her and say

scoop boob ba doop bow wow badoom

and shell be like "what?"

and than you go
"sorry, I have a SCAT fetish" and wink
worked for me
you were doing good till Ayn rand, what the fuck lol
also your principle of not taking advice from strangers also applies to (shitty) books

op my two cents are to just complement them back. find something you like about her outfit or hair or whatever and let her know about it. if you dont want the focus on you, redirect it positively. being able to take a compliment humbly yet confidently is a skill that usually involves reciprocating. even if your thought process is "this outfit isnt even that good I dont deserve a compliment" youre still being self centered and most people won't stay interested in that kind of false modesty for long. being humble means realizing you deserved the compliment and that they have something worth complimenting too.

and dont feel pressured to keep the conversation going. if you force it youre going to feel awkward and probably fuck up. be ok with silence and let the convo flow naturally
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u talkin shit about my hunny ayn-kun?
kek top pleb
u a master or a slave bruh?
neither shitface thats the entire point
source on the pic you just posted in the OP

ayn randfags and anti-ayn rand fags pls fuck off for a second

this is important op
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 10

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