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Feels Generale

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Best room.jpg
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ITT we r8, b8, and appreci8 each other's feels

I'll start

>tfw no OCBD

>tfw no chelseas

>tfw no oxfords or brogues

>tfw no chinos

>tfw no jump boots

>tfw no geos

>tfw no joggers


Pic unrelated btw
>tfw only own tees, pants and a jacket
>winter soon
>literally no clue where to cop sweaters that don't cost a million european dollars
>try to ask for help on /fa/
>nobody helps
im going to freezy to death
Thrift stores around here have great mens sweater sections
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w2c this feelguy shirt

Make it out of your tears/blood

Bonus for using a Tricky Ricky tee
>talking to girl on tinder
>the topic is winter
>she brings up clothing
>starts talking about uggs, oversized sweaters, and lulu's
>We've planned to go drinking this saturday
if she wore rick and lifted more, she would be perfect.

I know this feel so hard

>meet qt

>She likes shitty middle-school pop

>go on a date with her qt friend

>bitch wears uggs and yoga pants

Fuck this, I'm going to be gay
>tfw living in the tropics
>can't dress like fall because hot mornings
>can't dress like summer because cold afternoons
>humid all around
>can't layer, ever (a sweater at most)
>rainy seasons wears shoes down quickly

Seriously fuck the tropics.
Ive learned you just need to make compromises and eventually mold them to your liking.
there are no thrift stores where i live

i hope i will look good when they find my frozen corpse
w2c cheap black joggers

That's what /fit/ likes to do (the straight ones anyhow), find a chubby with potential and make a cardio bunny

Only problem is good taste is hard to find and harder to force on people, especially if they're dumb
>live in third world shithole
>visiting Chicago
>wearing t by a. wang black tee, $12 thrifted acid wash jorts, cdg chucks
>random guy on street comes up to me
>"Yo man you wearing A.P.C Kanye? Nice fit man"
>N-no, but th-thanks anyway
>"Looking good man"

I did not expect to stand out in America.
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1403138120653 2.jpg
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>Last quarter of 2013 school year had biddies mirin' left and right
>Didn't talk to them because asspie
>More talkative now than I was and ready to chat up qtp2t's this upcoming quarter
>School starts in a few weeks
>Have everything I need for F/W besides 1 or 2 knits
>Clothes tailored for that perfect fit
>Hoping to gain the interest of qt's from my fits then have my personality do the rest

TFW Hopeful
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>tfw dating qt for a while but it was a little vague circumstances
>tfw been suffering from depression as of late
>exploded on her and broke up
>hurt her pretty bad, said we should just chill out til she moves closer to college
>month goes by, we kinda stop talking
>She isn't interested in being with me anymore
>realizing all the stupid shit I did
>blew it with the only girl I've connected with in a damn long time

Playing the waiting game now, hoping she will shoot me a text. ;_; Even though we broke up two months ago and I just discovered this didn't matter two weeks ago, it tore me up.

The silver lining in this story is that I'm at least taking steps to fix my stupid mistakes. Apologizing to other people that have fallen victim of this, cleaning up mistakes, etc. Maybe she will never come back to me. Hurts, but I'll accept it because at least I'm starting to get my life in check. I'll do it for more than her, I'll do it for me.

Gay as shit, but bottom line to anyone who fucks up is just take it and learn from it for yourself. I don't want to pretend that I'm only doing this for myself, because I don't think anyone could do that right after a breakup. Just always move forward and only do things if they make you better as a primary goal.
Thanks for listening, /fa/. I just turned 20 and I'm glad I'm finally getting my shit together early.
>find a chubby with potential and make a cardio bunny
How do you get girls to do anything productive?
>How do you get girls to do anything productive?
>find a chubby with potential

If she's clearly a lazy ass don't even bother.

Reward them with food lel
I used to browse /fit/, although i didn't get the idea from them.

true but like the beginners of /fa/, you can influence them so they become dressed by the internet.
If they're chubby they are likely a lazy ass. But it sucks because I see girls with aesthetics potential, not necessarily mental potential.
>tfw want a second pair of geos
>tfw born outside NA/Europe/Japan/Australia
>tfw nowhere to buy clothes
>tfw country is hot as fuck no way i can use ny kind of outerwear
>tfw live in shitty midwestern city
>tfw work every night
>tfw never have time to wear my sick fits
>tfw no one to impress with my sick fits

i have thousands of dollars worth of nice clothes in my closet that I never get to wear anymore. fml

amiugly and cottonon have cool ones iirc

but they're not cheap, tailor your own if you want cheap tapers
You sound lie Tomoko Kuroki but instead of dating sims it's fits.

*iloveugly btw
>tfw /fa/ dies after midnight east coast time

I'm not sure if Aussie shitposting or depressing silence is better tbh
ya if ur a manlet lol
im CST and still here


Dude, move on. I was in a relationship for three years and when I got out of it, I lost almost all of my old high school friends. I had to start over and see her happy with all the people I used to know.

I blocked all of them, started over, and am way happier now than I was back then. But you need to just get it out and move on, and you're on the right path.
>tfw no modelfu

Really? damn I'll have to cop joggers somewhere else now
always lurking

Whew, thought I was the only one staying up late to shitpost
I've got a doozy, but it's not really fashun related

>always been narcissistic

>never thought much about it because it was completely justified

>visiting mother who I haven't seen in years

>book on diagnosing psychopaths on coffee table

>flip through as she's getting coffee

>She highlighted and marked up the whole book

>tfw my mom thinks I'm a psychopath

>tfw just might be

Oh well, sane is for faggots anyhow
I guess a clockwork orange is effay
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Fuck my dyslexia
>mfw my mom thinks the same thing
>tfw dad thinks I'm gay
>mfw it's because I have a sick ass fannypack
>tfw no qt gf ever
Yeah, I know. I am definitely working on it.
Just kinda hard, since there is so little left for me in this state it seems.
But I can't get out because I don't have the funds.
Life is cruel sometimes. A big ol' world with tons of things happening in it and I am just stuck in one of the parts with absolutely nothing~

lel nice multiples of 7


>"I guess"
Really cheap?
H&M ... Zara.
I own a pair from zara, They retain their color long enough for the price. And the quality is meh.. good.
>tfw goodwill is full of shitty haitian polos and square dress shoes

Why am I cursed so
>tfw just went for a run

>tfw legs hurt

>tfw no comfycore clothes

kill me
>tfw you can't pull off clothes that asians can.
>tfw libido has been skyrocketing lately
>fapping 2-3 times a day
>tfw clear skin is getting a few pimples

I'm fucking 21 and still have to suffer this hormonal shit.
Sell some of them on grail :^)
>tfw I dress Dadcore and I get a ton of compliments and "omg anon I love how you dress so much <3"
>tfw dress how I like and get nothing
Hopefully it'll be better now that I can start layering normally
File: 1285553408763.jpg (31KB, 640x480px)
31KB, 640x480px
>tfw after 2 years you finally find the perfect fit skinny black jeans

FUCK I hate this feel so much
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>tfw it is almost Autumn
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>be me
>be 18
>be in post-secondary preparatory school
>be wearing a TNF jacket (muh techwear)
>join a bunch of people from my class
>there's that amazing qt asian grill
>she looks at me
>why are you wearing a k-way jacket anon ?
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>>Started talking to a hunny I used to know
>>She was being real chatty all week, invited me up to her flat
>>Went to said hot hunnies flat
>>Did the dirty (no condom)
>>All seemed fine, sex was gr8
>>Now she's barely talking to me

Was I poor in bed?? Does she not want to have sex and felt obliged?? I pulled out and she's got protection so confident of no baybees but there's always a chance..
>tfw can't find cargos that have a taper
>tfw want a big coat but don't like any
>tfw long, skinny arms
>tfw still don't know how i want to dress
this is the worst feels op i've ever seen.
does anyone have the original set-up for that picture?
>if she lifted more, she would be perfect.
ok lol
fuck you fgt she's mine
Pls help

>High hairline
>Moderate widow's peak
>Fine hair (not thinning, but each strand is thin)
>Straight all over but fringe is ridiculously cowlicked and curly
>Slight babyface, big nose
>Can't grow full beard

What do? Honestly have no idea what kind of cut would suit me. Can't buzzcut because shit hairline. Can't HY cause widow's peak.
>stuck in limbo
>need to apply to a college
>shit grades, bad semester in community college
>low sex drive
>turning 20 this winter
I'm at a crossroads in life and all I can do about it is browse clothes on the fucking internet
dw man, 20 year old 2nd year university accommodation virgin here. Not even unattractive. Spent the entire time here partying and living socially and having tons of friends and still a virgin. Moving off Campus next year and I've wasted my entire time. Also getting shit grades.
tfw no super skinny black pants
tfw american and can't by cheap Monday
Tfw don't know where else to buy good skinnies
ebay you sad cunt
urban outfitters sells cheap mondays

Wouldn't fit my face, too young looking.
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>last month
>order a shirt from paom katawear
>finally ships
>fuck yeah gonna get my shirt
>clears customs
>fuck yeah, gonna get my shirt!
>tracker says delivered
>psyched all day
>get home
>wheres my shirt
>it's nowhere to be found
>check canada post tracking
>delivered yesterday morning
>check house again
>still no shirt
>walk to post office
>guise where dafuq my shirt
>no shirts here, it was delivered
>yeah, it wasn't
>here, call this number, they'll tell you where to find your shirt
>call canada post number
>automated message bane of my existence
>finally navigate through the menu until I get to a teller
>on hold
>on hold
>on fucking hold
>raaj picks up
>hello a velcom to canadapost, how can i help vu
>i want my shirt please. tracking number MY6SH6IRT66PLZ
>and vat is your postal code
>tell him post code
>and vor a dress
>tell him address
>vor shirt vas delibered
>No it wasn't Raaj.
>Where is my shirt
>vor going to hab to contact the sender
>okay raaj
>hab a nice day
>goodnight raaj
>email paom
>probably gonna be another month or more until i get my fucking shirt

>tfw ex-gf came on my raws

>tfw time to wash them

should I? I'm thinking not
girls can't cum bruh
she pissed on ur pants
hows being a virgin goin
i've fucked two girls
one of them pissed on me
it was weird.

i felt like your pants
This is how you learn, take it on the chin cuz
hows anatomy class?
>TFW wardrobe is a mix of prep, comfy, and slight tech back from when I had no idea what I was buying.
>TFW I just realize after visiting fa that my wardrobe has so many different styles in it but its too late.
>TFW I wish I could toss half my shirts but it would be a waste, so I want to sell them to some place online.

Got some new stretch jeans from uniqlo and some black leather hi tops, so well see how it goes
she felt like she was a whore, failing to realize she is a whore irregardless

Keep telling yourself that, anon
>tfw no /fa/ minimalist apartment with a view to Central Park
>tfw wardrobe slowly changing from casual to business/formal due to work
>tfw no bf to make cook for and cuddle until we fall asleep
>Tfw I dont own the bed in the picture
>not liking girlpee all over your dick
you can go back to >>>/fit/ cuz you are clearly a homosex
>tfw never have any interaction with girls
>tfw no way to meet girls
>tfw kissless handholdless virgin at 20 despite being normal in everything else
>tfw only come to fa to insist that anything that gets posted went out of style between 2009 & 2013 and make insecure self centered teens question their aesthetic
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>tfw do this to every teen I can spot in every WAYWT thread

If they change they are weak
it was my face.
pic one
thats the best one though
>fuccboi teens will see this and stick vehemently to long-dead trends/shitty fashion choices
>wearing thermochromic jeans
>hot out so pants are all white
>use urinal
>step back
>blue dots all over my knees
that was the plan all along. Let them wear shitty black n white fits that are outdated af
legit i never did anything with girls at all smh
>picked up a chick on saturday
>'sure ill call u this monday and we gon hang out'
>tfw been too busy to call
>she probably thinks im not interested anymore

is it too late now? its 12 am im not gonna call her now, probably gonna try tomorrow, should i even bother?
kek'd, didn't know those existed
Naked and Famous released them ss13 I think.

cool shit, but they're pretty much always white when you're inside
Like they don't anyway

>people actually believe it's still fashionable to those with taste/influence/ffashion sense

>What is grailed
do it, what is their to loose? worst case its stays on the same tracks it is now. and then think about the best case.
you're right anon, any ideas what to say tho? should i say i was busy or just not mention the delay at all? i rarely get any numbers
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too fat and too poor to be effay
too anxiety to get a job

soon it will be autumn and no comfy qt to spend it with in warm fits
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>slowly updating wardrobe with better pieces over the year
>everything I once thought was good is now shit which I still wear and is still most of it
s.sometiems i'll start a thread based on posting last seasons trends, or, stuff you own but can't wear anymore cause outdated

then I flood it with what i know ppl are currently coping
>too anxiety for job
at least it's warm in yr moms basement
it is comfy. i get three bedrooms by living at home still b/c house
Let me guess, used to dress dadcore now you like dark minimal streetwear

Nut up and ask her if she wants to chill. If she asks why you called late, tell her you were busy ( don't make excuses (!)) and if she bitches about it drop her.
>work makes me miserable
>my friends are boring
>no gf
>no interest in life
>all I enjoy is buying clothes
>tfw i have a wardrobe full of clothes
>only 3 combinations of which i can feel confident wearing after half an hour
File: 4HGCS.jpg (680KB, 2834x1889px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
680KB, 2834x1889px
>tfw not sure if in love or a codependent weirdo

>anno domini


Smash and dash anon

Shop together if you want long term company
>smash and dash

cant do it anymore, the Catholicism has irreparably damaged me and she....fills me with pure utter joy...
>i am now the most miserable man living. if what i feel were equally distributed to the whole human family there would not be one cheerful face on earth
>find double alpaca mad cheap
>eh lil big
>wait its meant 2 b
>wait this is fucking sick , what a steal
>hmm can i cop rite now , just bought a ton of shit
>£10 short arughrg
>wait nop all good
>soz sold
rite in the feels

Then quit complaining and roll with it

Don't fall completely for her though, they all fuck you in the end if they get bored

The truly effay feel

just needs a few more cige
>constantly unsure about anything I do
>latest of that being unsure about why I dress the way I do. Do i dress this way because I really like it or because I feel like I should.
>Am I really the person that I am or am I just putting on this facade
>I feel like an empty shell that gets filled with whatever it needs to justify it's existence.
>used video games and movies as escapism until a few years ago
>now I focus on bettering my image as if doing this somehow will make me feel better about not doing anything to be contempt and comfortable in my own skin
>have dreams where I am being constantly put down and when I try to fight back my mind just shuts me out.
>feel like my mind is keeping me prisoner by sabotaging anything that would make me happy or better myself as a person.
>over analysing and focusing on imaginary shortcomings stops me from trying and learning from my mistakes/experiences
>in a "relationship" where I feel no emotional connection to the person for the sake of comfort and not being lonely.
>I crave emotional connection and to feel like I actually care about something

I just want to see a qt 3.14 that I genuinely like, cause everything so far has been just women approaching me. I've yet to feel an emotional response to a person I just met.

I want to feel like a little teenage kid again with that first awkward kiss and those awkward tense silences and not knowing whether it will happen or not.
>tfw dreamt of Rick Owens yesterday
Time to to lay off 4chan I guess

Jesus I laughed too hard at this


iktf, adult relationships are somehow completely absent of any type of magic teenage hormonal love has

This is solved by banging higschoolers btw
Literally anywhere, they're so trendy rn... JC penney, Hot topic, Hollister etc
That doesn't happen anymore. Girls grow on you over time and you come to not want to be without them. But you never again have that shaky excitement like when you were young.

>tfw I'm not even old (about to turn 22)

Should be ez to find some 17-19 yr olds to temporarily satisfy my need for that chase. If I get past all the other issues I'm dealing with.
File: 1385114560772.gif (597KB, 500x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
597KB, 500x276px
>got redressed 3 times before going to work at Banana Republic for the second time
>tfw new boss compliments your outfit
>tfw dadcore
File: 1387034791119.jpg (76KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 1024x768px
>tfw came into your own at 20 and only had one shitty 1.5 month hs relationship

Deffo, especially if you're tall

>Befriend slutty highschool chick (they love 20~ yr old guys)

>Get to know all her friends

>Invited to HS parties for years
File: piccasso feel.png (11KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
piccasso feel.png
11KB, 645x773px
>used to wear gap uniqlo converse (basic and easy outfits)
>buy lots of good clothes
>never wear them because they're too hard to put into play in 20 mins with no day before planning even though they're basics
>don't want to dishonor my fashion house of choice

>bought APC jeans
>still wear uniqlo more
>bought ACNE t shirts
>still wear gap more
>bought common projects
>still wear converse more
one day i will let my good clothes shine

>read online all day about julius
>will never be able to acquire it
>even off grailed
>failing to see that it's not her it's you

Wait what


You got me beat by a month and a week

and I was considered hot in HS
>girls are only attracted to guys at least 6' tall
File: 1404432946526.jpg (21KB, 235x235px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 235x235px
> never post a fit because /fa/ would hate the way I dress
> never post a fit because I'm a 6'2 195lb big guy (4U) so I don't look skinny and have huge thighs
> massive rugby thighs mean I can't wear skinny jeans
> hair needs to grow back out again
> too pale
> can't wear sick fit because it's still warm and muggy where I'm living
> hair is too thick to stay slicked back
> I have no plan in life
> all movies seem to be the same crap and I can't find anything to watch on Netflix
> want to expand my musical taste but don't know where to start
> want to start writing my book but don't know how to start

At least I have a gf

>At least I have a gf

So you're ahead of 90% of /fa/.
I wish I had a girlfriend.
File: 1398909852413.jpg (30KB, 358x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 358x356px
hunched over computer naked drunk as fuck and hungry as hell not a single qt in love with me.

Such is life trying to become effay

>Go for a run with your overpriced roshes

>wear your expensive joggers you probably copped last season

>drink coffee

>go to bookstores

Boom, problems all solved

Keep in mind that I am also drunk and may be wrong
how will any of those help get a gf?
>tfw can't decide on shoes
>budget is <$100
>want boots

:) good feel tbh.

I want to go full dadcore. I'm not even full-avantgarde, but this whole thing isnt working with my already arrogant, unapproachable image. Probably that's what I will do. Usual people dont appreciate /fa/'s fashion anyway, while dadcore is something simple and understandable to them. Not to mention dadcore makes people respect/treat your more seriously.
not that guy but

some qt notices your fa shoes and compliments you in the street and starts a convo

there are /fa/ qts at coffee shops and bookstores that like to read, reading fa authors like kafka or doestoyevsky is p good

even sitting on benches reading a book or waiting for the bus or shit outside can lead to something, it could be at any time
I'm kind of afraid of getting /fit/ and /fa/ because I worry I'll just go full blown narcissism. I want to say I like the idea but then again I feel like that's just the narcissism talking. I already catch myself exhibiting some of the tells. feels bad man

roshes though are soooooooo common though.....I doubt a girl will actually stop what you're doing just to say "wow I really love those shoes I see EVERYONE else wearing teeheehehe"
I pointed out in another thread though that the cdgxconverse shoes are an easy way to get fashion oriented girls to talk to you b/c it's a pretty accessible brand but still has some sort of "designer" appeal to it plus you don't see everyone and their mums wearing them so it gives her more of a reason to compliment them
>tfw keep clogging the toilet and someone else discovers it and tells to my landguys'

fuck! very shameful. do I shit like a horse or are the pipes too narrow
File: 1399757372736.jpg (60KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 500x750px
>Sacrifice all social life and majority of study time for fencing becasue I'm young and have potential
>Finally start getting results while everything else starts fucking up
>The other day I got 3rd in the fucking country and I got less recognition than when I got godamn 5th

Feel real alone on this road dudes, other fencers are distant or friendly to end up being manipulative.

What do?
stab them with a real bladed rapier

?ool you;re me
except I started leaving house for something else than late night/early morning 7/11 trips cause college started
16 yrs oldd??
File: 1409541353763.gif (1024KB, 184x141px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1024KB, 184x141px
thank lord
stop being a elitist faggot and cop from Zara or H&M. they're fine.
>knows a girl
>works overtime all the time
>spends shitload on clothes
>thinks she's knowledgeable about fashion
>turns out only a mall-tier basic bitch
why bitches are bunch of plebs
>girls tell me they think i'm attractive
>most of them only see me as some sort of gay friend
>girls that are actually interested in me are ugly and pleb af
File: image.jpg (340KB, 1533x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340KB, 1533x1080px
>tfw no modular synth
>tfw no boiler set
File: 1388122142953.jpg (162KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 960x960px
>start caring about wardrobe
>come into meeting and friend says i'm dressing like a rich white boy
>was just wearing a button up, chinos, and cardigan
>tfw only started dabbling in /fa/ this march
>tfw wisconsin winter is coming up fast and I dont know anything about layering

im scared. I dont want to just wear tshirt+jeans+hoodie all winter like I have been doing my entire life
How do I know if I've outgrown my friends or if I just feel like I've outgrown them to escape my insecurities
>tfw cant get a proper mid time job to start copping new stuff
>tfw you fucked it up and have to waste a lot of time because of 2kool4skool
>tfw literally a waste of human being except for the tailoring part
>tfw no chance of getting a job as a tailor

Well, I should kill myself
File: 1408916204520.gif (2MB, 300x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x170px
>grill goes out of her way to talk to me every day, asks about me when I'm gone, and her eyes light up every time I talk to her
>find out she's mormon
W2c t by wang in the 3rd world?
>tfw the insides of q_ko's melty puspus
>giving a fuck about what a girl wears
You're already a faggot.
File: 1298959000625.gif (493KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493KB, 500x281px
>get first gf ever
>get along SUPER well, like holy shit how is this habbening and she's a solid 8-9.5/10
>has mental and medical issues though

>gf was selfish
>had epilepsy
>didn't take her meds
>had seizures

>I live an hour away
>Her parents live 5 mins away and are rich as fuck

>called me down to her place once after she had a seizure
>went, her dad took me down because he was working near my house that day
>had another on holiday with her family
>had one early on in our relationship too when I got done banging her

>had another 2 weeks ago
>text me to come down
>ask her if she told her parents
>says no and tells me she's alright
>she butthurt for 2 days
>meet up and talk about it
>tell her it ain't fair that she puts this shit on me when it's not necessary
>hang out for a bit, tell her I'm not staying over
>butthurt again, tells me to leave
>says we shouldn't see eachother for a bit

>calls and texts the next day, didn't answer or respond because I was busy
>does the same again the day after
>respond 4 hours l8r because I didn't hear it
>tell her I'll come over and we can talk again
>says no and that I can't come over whenever I like
>break up by text(cowardice)
>regret sets in the day after
>go over and talk it out, make up, bk2gthr, stay over for 2 days and enjoy ourselves
What's wrong with Mormons?
File: 1294943605903.jpg (6KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 160x160px
>go back home and talk with cousin(reasonable human) and mom(barbarian) about what I've been up to
>mom hates my gf for a number of reasons, probably jelly as fuck that I'd rather be around her because she doesn't do my fucking head in
>end up having to listen to savagery from my mother's mouth about how I shouldn't be with her which rubbed off on my cousin's viewpoint
>end up calling gf that night and breaking it off with her
>didn't really give a fuck until 2 days ago when I realized she was the best and only real friend that I've had since I was like 8(20 now)
>that feel set in when I looked at her instagram because I don't know why and saw that she baleeted our pics together except one
>been like 4 days since we split and we haven't spoken
>want to speak to her
>want to see her
>know that if I see her I'll prolly get back with her
>feel myself getting over it though since Instagate

>College starts in 6 days
>bored as fuck, no one to see but family and what not
>don't wanna go downtown because I'll prolly get on the bus to her area and come knocking

>know there'll be rich pickins in college but am still clinging onto the past because I feel like I'll never meet someone that I'll hit it off with instantly again
fuck these feels, I wanna start my course in fashion

wat do u think guise

>kinda wanna go out and try to land a qt tonight as to try and fill this healing void
just buy some chinos from cottonon they're dope

dude you're young and there's more than a billion grills on the planet

>tfw fat
The ultimate feel
want to expand your musical taste? look up Lapalux nigga goes hard
some good songs in my opinion
Moments, Walking Words, Forgetting and Learning Again, Time Spike Jamz, Close Call/Chop Cutz
dont do the break up then get back together shit meng. I was dating a girl up until 6 months ago and kept doing that shit and extended the relationship much longer than I needed to. Now I found a girl that is better in literally every single way but it did take like 10 dates.
U dun goofd

What's the point of looking good if you're not going out with friends or at least alone to get laid out a gf
Shirt under jumper under long coat

That if shit is sort of freezing and you're into menswear, I'd you're into other stuff like IDK postpunk then leather jacket over thick cotton shirt
are you homeless?
The most frigid annoying dumbheads in the western world, they make Christians look like atheists
Ok big question here, how can you tell if a college has degrees related to fashion that isn't just plain design? My local university (and the only one which isn't a business) doesn't have a fashion degree per se, just architectural design

Btw, get to know more people and start thinking what u really like about someone so can start looking for the good one

>tfw ypi were taking a shit but started browsing /fa/ and now you got your legs numb
ha i didn't realise it before
is this a room "cosplay"? it doesn't look exactly like in the movie if i remember correctly

J Crew or Banana Republic
Not sure m8. It will probably explicitly say that it's a fashion degree. Mine is just a 1 year course for clothesmaking. Gonna do that in tandem with a local course for clothesmaking while trying to apprentice at a cobbler or tailor. Going to find a design school after.
>tfw no jump boots

two-buckle boots are cooler anyways
>tfw corolla has a blown clutch after 200k miles
>tfw have to drive my camry
>tfw camry has an inoperable a/c
>miss my corolla cus I could wear layers and dope fits galore even though I overheated outside. Then I just step into my cold-rolla
>have to wear fits that accomodate my oven of a camry
>can't take off sweaters because I'll get makeup on them

fucking fuck I hate this car
>tfw no gf :'(
>tfw no bf
That bedroom is beautiful

/fa/feels, though

>tfw no cheekbones
>tfw short
>tfw want to be /fa/ but physically can't be

I'll just admire good fashion/looks from afar.
its a feel ;(
File: 1368247368316.gif (909KB, 500x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
909KB, 500x201px
>tfw lost a fair amount of weight and still going
>ill still look like shit and have shit social skills
i don't even want an 8/10 effay bf
just a qt dork to watch movies with and cuddle
but i don't even have the self esteem necessary to msg back my tinder matches so
is 19 too yung to be on tindr
tfw no other clothes minus some shit from "the old days"

feel like shit all day cause you know you look like shit
i'm 19
i dunno, dont care either i guess? tinders full of college kids
i think you just had a bad experience mate

a lot of the mormons I know are sexy party freaks because of how much they were repressed in their teen years.

also, holy shit, you ever go to a mormon event - you'll realize why they like sticking together. mormons are fucking hot. i don't know what it is.
all the fencers i know are really chill ppl
and theyre nationally ranked (US)
do u fence for a school?
I used to have feels about being condemned to clothes I hated because I was born a man. That's (largely) passed; now the closest thing to fashion feel I have would that I can't get some shirts from my favorite singer. Nothing else comes to mind.
>New girl at work
>5'10" blonde gaunt qt
>talk to her
>she's from middle of nowhere Indiana and just moved to cali
>get along fine
>eye fuck each other errday
>"let's grab a drink "
>"Oh I gotta pick up my boyfriend from work"
>How long you've been together

Oh well.


Similar but not really

>sit next to qt in class
>miss a day cuz hungover
>walk in next day
>"I missed you yesterday, I missed your cologne a lot."
>make a witty response
>she laughs
>invite her to grab lunch
>says she has to pick up her kid from day care

Dodged a bullet there.
what's a witty response to "I missed your cologne a lot"?
"y-you too"
File: jouFGip.gif (194KB, 477x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 477x456px
>gf broke up with me last december
>scare away other girls with my social awkwardness
>only have my pet cat to keep me company

Its really not that bad to be alone. My stress level has gone down, and my cat isn't an annoying cunt.
Girls love flirting with guys at work.
I mean the end result is the same right?
You've outgrown your friends.
> not caring

I outgrew my group of friends.

I knew them since highschool and I realized they never changed or wanted to change. All we ever did was smoke weed eat and hate on people from highschool even though we graduated in 2012.

It's better to just cut nd run. They'll shit on you for moving on but it's better than being stuck.
>Too fat
>Too poor

I know this feel. I'm just chub but its too much for a lot of clothes I want to wear. I wish anorexia wasn't so bad.

I have more feels to dump.
>be poor
>have lil bro single mom
>live in doublewide trailer for seven or so years now
>was nice and clean until bio dad came back and they both became alcoholics
>never gotten social cues until now /fa/ or otherwise
>have perfect bf for four years now and movibg out with him is what keeps me going
>afeared i will never be successful as an artist
>so fucking scared

My wardrobe is slowly getting better through better hand me downs though. So there's that.
your style sounds fucking retarded mate
Christ I'm almost full on white trash now.
>tfw waiting for package delivery

Oh god the anxiety. Can't do anything because I'll miss it
>No geos
>No CP's
>No Raf Velcros
>Less than 4 articles of clothing more than 100 bux

Life is suffering

> sacrificing your social life

You dun goof'd son. Work on your social skills so you can better market/sell yourself.
>going out tomorrow night
>winter is slowing fading into spring
>getting hotter
>have so many winter fits i want to try
>scared theres not enough time to enjoy them all
>cant decide which one to wear tomorrow
>feel sorry for the clothes i dont get to wear that often
>pissing and moaning about not having an ugly pair of nogshoes, converse replicas, and shoes for middle schoolers
>wearing Julius at uni
>girl tells me I look like a nazi
>t-hanks you t-too
>ask me if I made some friends
>she thinks I'm asocial
>I leave her saying nothing
>doesn't matter she's a fuckin pleb anyway
Diagnosed with rosacea to top my psoriasis. Regardless of how well I dress I'll still be that red faced guy with red spots on his body.
File: 1406072949132.jpg (12KB, 153x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 153x256px
>starting college in california in 10 days
>pleb as fuck at wearing hot weather clothes
>have shitty keratosis pilaris
>not too bad but I pick at my fucking whiteheads which makes it all look shittier
>damned creams don't help much
>want to get back into swimming but worried about my backne and hyperpigmentation
>just want to wear winter clothes and layer like a boss and be comfy
>wish it rained
>long term drought likely

Fuck this state

And fuck my skin. I was blessed with a clear face but when the clothes come off I'm as insecure as a 15 year old girl. I told myself I'd be super social and talk to all the qt's but this one thing is holding me back. I hate most of my wardrobe too. I'm awful at being a basic bitch and that's all I can afford

Hold me /fa/
>have moderate, barely picky standards
>girls you're attracted to aren't into you because lol not 6' tall or some other reason
>girls that eyefuck you aren't attractive even by moderate standards

I just want to be done with everything at this point
iktf brah
>not having performance anxiety to top it all off if you get w/ one.
lmao fuck me
>be in the main library on campus
>girls near me talking about what kind of birth control they're on
>one girl starts talking about all the guys she's seeing lately
>tfw no gf or casual sex or even platonic cuddling
>only time get touched by grills is half-hugs and handshakes
File: feel sunset.jpg (115KB, 653x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel sunset.jpg
115KB, 653x490px
>school photography day
>dress effay as fuck
>look /fa/ as fuck on the picture (I assume)
>feel invincible walking around my great fit
>girls looking in my direction

Life was good today
do people really stay in cafes for hours reading? i can't imagine sitting in one place taking up a seat having only ordered a coffee and nothing else.
yes people really do
theres places that specifically want to attract that kind of people, offering a chill place to read
File: 121343443.jpg (7KB, 275x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 275x183px
>never post a fit because I don't have any decent mirror in my room

mormon girls will let you fuck them in the ass tho
I know that feel, bro. Definitely have rosacea, but not psoriasis. In any case, I'm always splotched red everywhere.

I kinda just made it part of my identity, but once in a while I get real insecure about it.
I tend to. It's a quiet place to read with a nice atmosphere for the cost of something I enjoy when I read anyway - coffee.
File: ngbbs5004a0fb3ffa3.jpg (40KB, 500x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 500x596px

End my life.
>tfw still unsure what I want to cop for F/W
It's coming way too close
Australia, the whole national team is dysfunctional or awkward in some aspect besides like maybe 3 people but they're much older than me, I'd know because I'm on it and I have to travel with them.
I still have decent enough skills but I don't have enough time to make normal social networks because I can't hang.
File: bruh.png (159KB, 500x363px)
159KB, 500x363px
>tfw you order something online and are already thinking about selling it 1 hour after receiving it
>had to stop a thief at work
>went completely apeshit on me during the confrontation
>at least I looked really good and my hair was perfect today

If you're gonna make it you'll definitely look better skinny.
hideous bedroom

don't accuse me of not "getting" it. I do. there's a thing or two to be said for not taking certain aesthetic obsessions to such an extreme when you're doing interior design. if you're going to sleep in an art project, you'd better have the budget for frequent renovations, because you WILL get bored of it.
It's from a movie you fagot. Get your shit together.
Clockwork Orange
File: Capture.png (10KB, 428x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 428x270px
why do i feel like i don't deserve happiness
you do squats? cuz u got nice quads
>order 1300 dollars worth of computer parts
>waiting all day
>get email saying i wasnt there
>call them and shit
>defintatly couldnt of missed it
>say its been delivered
>run across street andthere is a missed delivery slip on the wrong address.
Oh wow this faggot.

is that a blanket? if so does anyone know w2c?
that shit sucks yo


post tits
this room makes me feel uncomfy
I would if I could. Do dick pics work?
>dreamt about watching an aeroplane stunt show with some friends and their families
>went out to drink after
>found drunken qt and went back to hers
>laid in bed, cuddling and kissing, felt like love
>I fell asleep just for a moment in the middle of it
>when I woke she wasn't interested any longer
>go outside for a moment, smoke some of my lucky strikes (most of the tobacco were gone from most of them, and they were soggy and gross for some reason)
>go back inside and discover that she had gone to sleep
>pick up my shit and leave
>sit by the street just contemplating my misery
>wake up
contemplate my misery and the weird meta-experience I just had of my life
probably gonna cop a grey zip-up hoodie from Uniqlo today, are they any good?
ZIP ups are eurofag tier. Get a slacker hoodie instead
>huge thighs
>no idea how to get them atleast a bit slimmer

fuck my life
>Tfw only wear Vans

I'm going to buy a pair of sk8 highs and all black Vans. I want to pick all white Nike Blazers at some point too. Any suggestions for more shoes or a better white high top? Preferably not too bulky.
give them to me kek
>mom hates my gf for a number of reasons, probably jelly as fuck that I'd rather be around her because she doesn't do my fucking head in
File: Travel-the-world.jpg (64KB, 320x506px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 320x506px
>tfw no gf to travel the world with
tfw can't decide is secondhand grails are better than new h&m shit in terms of quality. the pics just dont do enough justice.
you dont have to pretend you lspend your time in your room at your parent's house
File: 1410586667390.png (59KB, 684x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 684x710px
>tfw all your fits are americana/workwear
>tfw you want to branch out of /mfa/ tier shit
>tfw memechrome looks like the better alternative
>tfw your wardrobe consists of dark toned colors, brown boots etc
>tfw you're broke and have to redo your wardrobe, one piece @ a time
>tfw for the time being you have to look like some one's dad

>tfw fucking beautiful girl and can't stay hard cuz you're drunk and high

Don't be the stereotype homie

>Shitty wardrobe
>No money
>No job
>No girlfriend
>Living with my parents
>Car getting scrapped
>Grandmother died

Sort of wanna just hide in a hole in the ground for a while right now.
I feel like I'd be a narcissist if I didn't hate myself so much
thats what i did when shit started to pile up around me, when i came out everything was still the same only i felt like a pussy for not just keeping on w/ normal way of life.
keep doin things.get your mind off all the other shit.
>tfw gained lots of weight
>tfw fat
>tfw can't be /fa/ anymore
>not gaining it all in muscle
>u dun goofd
>not dirty bulking into a cosy cocoon of man-meat and breaking out in the summer as a resplendent, muscly butterfly
>not doing straight calisthenics and getting that perfect effay bod.
>tfw broken wrist from skating
>tfw lame shoes cause of skating, except for set of dress shoes
>tfw no windbreakers or waterproof coats for when it's pouring
>tfw need new apcs
>tfw probably ingested 4000kcal of food and alcohol yesterday (michelin star tasting menu + wine pairings for dinner)
>tfw friends birthday, will probably end up drinking tonight
>next day dad's 60th, big family celebration (food + drink).

Jesus christ.

>not lifting weight and playing basketball
Get a job. even if it's a shitty, mcdonalds job, you'll be getting money while you look for other work.
fuck off pederast
>go clubbing
>if I don't drink I won't loosen up, open up and enjoy myself because depression
>if I drink eventually I'll be depressed because alcohol is a depressant
>don't have fun either way
>stand there silently all night while friends are having fun with girls

Truly depression is hell.
>want to go clubbing
>don't know how to dance
>house party
>qt girl drags me to dance because I look sad
>just move my upper body awkwardly
>She hugs me puts her head on my shoulder
>we "dance" like this for 5 minutes
>she has a bf
bruh girls that wear lululemon are my shit. Luv dem
>no jump boots

Are you going to be jumping out of any airplanes? Going into combat? No? Then you don't need them faggot.

If you just want them that's fine. Wanting them for a fashion statement is fucking retarded. Why don't you go buy some pink camo fag.
either she think u gay or she tryna smack

Stop being a faggot and study all day most days.

I went from like a 2.14 GPA in high school to a 3.98 in college, honors scholarship, research projects, everything. The only thing stopping you is laziness.

That being said
>tfw too busy to socialize
>tfw amazing qt3.14 gf
>tfw happier than ever with her
>tfw all these less qt but still qt girls suddenly find me attractive at my school for some reason
>tfw haven't had sex at age 20 and I can't stop thinking about leaving to pursue tight slizz
How did you get accepted into any university with a gpa that low?
She knows I'm not gay
But she's definitely not interested as well

I'm just gonna ignore it
You have to be aggressive and express interest if you expect to get anywhere and not be seen as gay. Doing nothing will give no results.
>Have girlfriend
>haven't had sex

>Make plans with some fashionable friends
>get dressed up in an outfit you really like
>step outside
>starts to rain
Part 2 (live update)

>figure it's not raining too hard and start walking
>rain picks up
>run to a nearby awning
>Raining turns to pouring
>trying to wait it out.
>browse /fa/ in the mean time
I spilt the spaghetti so hard with this girl. I plan on killing myself soon. Can't control my autism.
Part 3 (live update)

>I didn't wear my glasses because I just planned on hanging out with friends
>holding my phone near to my face, to see the screen
>realize my hands smell like bleach because I was hand washing some white shirts.
>does everybody think I smell like jizz?
qt asked me to coffee (first meeting her). I went. Amazing conversation with this qt (I controlled my autism during the convo). After we left, I sent her the most autistic "It was nice meeting you, I want to see you again" text, which turned into 5 paragraphs.
I'm cringing and I haven't even read the text yet.

Please post it.

Bleach doesn't smell like jizz. Mine doesn't, anyway.
It does tho. Jizz smells like cleaning solution. Its like chlorine bleach
Please post. Im still stuck in the rain.
Part 4 (live update)

>Rain cash down to a drizzle
>Friend shows up with an umbrella.

We're gonna make it.
Truncated version of myautism:
It was pleasure meeting you. You're very intelligent, knowledgable, and inquisitive. Usually I struggle meeting new people, but speaking to you felt natural and agreeable. I remember you saying you're going to have to put yourself out there with your position, but, after this meeting, if you felt how I felt, then you should have no problem, and be excellent at it. I would like to keep in touch, but, then again, it has to be reciprocal. Also, I have never met anyone else that shares the view of sex as me: ie strange and insignificant towards who I am and how I view the world.

Have fun at your party, and I look forward to reading that zine (if you don't forget).

Try not to laugh at my autism. After I sent it, I wanted to kill myself.
go back and get her you stupid petty cunt
yeah it's over

learn from your mistake and if it needs to be spelled out to you keep text messages as short and to the point as possible

if you're typing up a paragraph you're being a weirdo in the eyes of normalfags
>Also, I have never met anyone else that shares the view of sex as me
what is your view of sex?

i bet that girl is sharing the message with her friends and there all laughing about it
Oh man, I feel for you anon. Had you shortened it some, cut some stuff out (that entire sexual part, the part about struggling to meet new people), and made it less direct (?) you would've been fine.

It's done, but be sure to learn your lesson and not repeat your mistakes.
>tfw semi calorie counting (a bit lazy)
>taking too long
>thinking of out right skipping lunch and just have really small breakfast and dinner
But I'll lose all my muscles that I gained from getting /fit/ when I was told to fuck off there before buying clothes.
>tfw going to charter school
>tfw must wear the same striped polo every day
>tfw only chinos, black non-hooded outerwear, no boots

i want to die
Yeah, I learned my lesson. It was odd: as I was writing it, I knew I should delete it, but I couldn't stop nor could I delete it.
Unfortunately, I don't think there will be another time, since this was rare as fuck. I'm not sure why she asked me to coffee in the first place.

>i bet that girl is sharing the message with her friends and there all laughing about it
I think you're right. She's throwing a party tonight, and will most likely tell everyone about me and laugh at me.

This is why I don't talk to people.
>>starts talking about uggs, oversized sweaters, and lulu's
eugh, I'm generally fine with pleb grills' clothes but uggs and quirky oversized sweaters are too plen, and holy shit yoga pants look like they'll smell like rotten fish when a girl takes them off after wearing them every single day
> It was odd: as I was writing it, I knew I should delete it, but I couldn't stop nor could I delete it.
iktfb. It's almost like you're watching yourself doing something and yet you can't stop it.

Well, I guess you can hold on to some hope - if she was the one who invited you in the first place there's something there. And besides the text, was the end of the "date" normal?
Yeah. We talked incessantly for an hour and a half. Great conversation, no dull moments (it got really personal and deep and shit and that's why I sent that cringe sex part cause I didn't get to say that in person, since that was one of the things we talked about). After we left the coffee shop, she seemed like she was happy meeting me and said it was great meeting me and she had fun. Then I sent that text.
>cause I didn't get to say that in person, since that was one of the things we talked about
I've had that feel before, when you want to continue the conversation over text - it's never a good idea, I'm sure you know.

Hold out hope, man. How long ago did this happen?
Around 2-3 hours ago. Like I said, she had other obligations (writing a zine with her friends). I'm probably just going to my phone on do not disturb, work on my essays, and if she doesn't text by tomorrow, then I know its done.

Another thing: I texted it to her pretty soon after we left, since I wasn't sure what is an appropriate amount of time to do that shit. How long do you wait before you say "I enjoyed meeting you. Hope to see you again"?
You can take this advice however you want but this is the policy I've adopted since I started uni this year

Your phone as a communication device only serves the purpose of organizing logistics. You do not chat with girls through text messages unless they are initiating and seeking a response. In other words, unless they ask you a question you have no reason to send them ANYTHING unrelated to arranging a date. The only text messages you should be sending are "Do you want to grab dinner around (time)?" or "Are you finished with classes for tonight? If you don't have any plans let's go (activity: movies, chilling and watching netflix, whatever things to do around campus)"

Even then you should try and call instead of text every now and then because a girl probably has a dozen other dudes she's talking to and you can be the one guy she had to answer the phone to talk to instead of backlog her text options. It doesn't mean much but at least it gives you somewhat of an impression whether that be good or bad you can learn off it.

TL;DR: Unless she's endeared to you and you're hanging out in person you don't say shit that isn't relevant to scheduling a date.
Personally since this happened on a Saturday afternoon over coffee I'd have either invited her out to dinner that evening about 2 hours before I'd intend to eat, so around 5pm or 6pm.

If I got the impression that she was obviously busy today or over the weekend I'd have waited until Monday to text her and say "I enjoyed our coffee date over the weekend. We should do it again some time." wait for a response. Probably expect something like "Met too! Sure anon!" and reply with "When would be a good time for you? I was thinking (day) at (time)?" and go from there. Worst case is she isn't into you / you fucked up (which it looks like you already did) and in that case you just move on.

You're going to "fall in love" dozens of times. You're not really falling in love. Don't get confused. There are thousands of girls on campus (I hope your uni is that good anyways). A lot of them are possibly awesome chicks. You're bound to run into a bunch of them as long as you find people with common interests to yours.
>throw out almost everything I used to wear, most shit looked like it was straight from the 90s (ugly coloured jeans, wigger style baggy jeans)
>go to a store to buy a couple new pairs of pants
>look in mirror and get disgusted with myself and how I look
>can't find anything that looks even 2/10 on me
>people are getting annoyed, social anxiety is getting to me and I'm getting more anxious by the second
>leave without buying anything
as a grill, i can say that if i saw a qt guy reading.. id probably approach him.. its a good conversation starter too.
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