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Hi /fa/ please help me design my new apartment. I'm pretty

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Hi /fa/

please help me design my new apartment. I'm pretty sure how I'm gonna set up the loft portion, but I need inspiration for the main room. The only thing I really care about is the main back concrete wall being left blank so prints and chalk art can be put on there. Will dump the photos I have (sorry for shit quality).
and 5

sorry for the giant pix m8s i forgot to resize :^)
rich ass bastard
The lofts here in Japan......are nothing in comparison to that. Lovely place mate.

I keep telling myself I'll only be here for 10 years......

thx m8s but more design ideas pls

I'm thinking wooden dinner table in the wall nook with a bench against the wall and 2 chairs on the open side, but I'm lost as to where I can place a sofa + lounge chair + coffee table without it looking mad awk
please put a giant tapestry in that black section of wall

I will rotate some of my film prints up there, but it will mainly serve as a giant chalkboard/projector screen. If I ever do a mural print it will probably go on the left white wall over the stairs
where do you live and how much did this cost?

as for input, I put a flag of some sort up to hang from the upstairs railing

SF, little over $2500/mo

not a fan of flags. Do you mean like draped over the railing or hanging down into the kitchen?
any sort of flag in general, for example I have a favorite hockey team so I would put up a flag with the logo or a US flag or something. It seems like a perfect spot to have something hanging from it

what do you do for a living?

Software Engineer
dude lives in SF and posts on 4chan, so probably something dealing with technology
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gotdang that looks really good even without the design. im jelly as fuck. where is this?
>Tfw i will never have a good looking apartment in a nice city
>Couple of 1x3 maximalist paintings hanging in the highest point of the left wall. (1st photo)

>Nice cedar minimalist furniture. No ikea shit. Go ask help of a good carpenter. Chocolate color, Not dark varnish.

>Install a big wardrobe. In case the department is totally yours it will raise the value of it.

>Go for functionality, over commodity. Buy a dishwasher and a wash machine with dryer.

>Don't use fake letter, don't use letter at all. If you do take professional advice.

>Buy a couple of plants. Beaucarnea is a stylish small plant.

Get a pet.

What is fake letter? Thanks for the other ideas though
File: diy map.jpg (139KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
diy map.jpg
139KB, 1024x683px
maybe... this? could be a fun project

I am having a hard time figuring out which space you want help with. Have a floorplan? Could you highlight what it is you want?

Or do you just want inspiration of like... main rooms? haha
Also, I don't see much natural lighting, do you have windows? Or is it just dark out? I can suggest some lamps etc.

thats dope as fuck, thanks man.

And I do not have a floor plan atm, only these pics. I'm picking up my keys on Friday and I'll begin measuring everything.

As for light, only that window on the right sight of the main room. Otherwise I'm stuck with artificial light so lighting/lamp suggestions would be great m8
happy to help. I thought it was pretty cool. also >>8572806
I posted a link there. I don't think you really need that type of transforming furniture, seeing as it looks like you have so much space. But it's fun to check out. And I don't know how much clothing you have, but I find bed storage to always be a nice(sometimes dangerous option because then you want to fill it with more cops)

Not gunna lie, your place looks pretty dark! My dad is legally blind so lighting was pretty important for me whenever we went furniture shopping. And it really opens up the room. Do you plan on having like... parties there? What do you want to use the main room for? Work? Study?

Go LED, try and make sure the lamp has a dimming function. Just because it'll be more versatile.

MoMa also has dope furniture we bought the Z-Bar there and it's pretty nice and worth the money.

But the Equo looks a little more /fa/
I'm sure you can find a place that sells those in SF, or order them online

I'd also think about maybe some sort of fixture on the stairs, might look a little childish though. But keep an eye out, could open up the room some more.

Did you pick the paint?

Also, mirrors help with lighting. Maybe consider going to an antique place and getting a nice solid mirror. (that's a personal preference though)
I think he meant leather
File: mansard-floor-11.jpg (120KB, 600x614px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 600x614px
to add!

Floor plans would be nice to see, but from the image I'm assuming the space between the stairs and the doors is kind of awkward?

Maybe consider wall separators?
I met the guy who runs a japanese showroom and
could be nice. you could then use that left corner as sort a little reading nook(it looks big enough, but I'm not sure how large of a person you are)

Or it put it further in the room, and you can make a more living room type space.

I don't think you need a full wooden desk. I'd think about maybe installing a bar?
like the pic related
you can also maybe separate between living room area and other parts with something like this, since you have high ceilings.
and this is just cool. haha. Good luck!
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First things first you're going to want to put a storage system under the stairwell. You don't have a huge amount of room to work with and you are not going to want to sit under the stairwell or have a table under it or anything so that space can only really be utilized for one thing. If you take care of that then I would add up what you have with that and the closet space. Also I'd recommend getting a bed frame that you can put bins under as well.

This is pretty much the first thing I figure out when I move into a new space, how much storage room I have and then try to maximize it even more before I even think about furniture.

With your loft I don't think you want to put any sort of storage in the area in front of the stairwell and next to the balcony door it would just be kind of awkward. Likewise with the kitchen area, it's small enough as is and you have all those different doors and cabinets that need to be able to open. The area in between the balcony and the downstairs closet is prime real estate too which you'll need for furniture so it's kind of out of the picture for storage as well. The loft itself will shrink a ton when you actually put a bed in so as I said when you factor everything in you really don't have much room for storage so you're going to need to maximize that space under the stairwell as much as possible and like I said, get a bed you can put bins underneath and that will make a world of difference.

If the stairwell isn't too narrow I'd recommend shelving that goes along the wall next to it if possible. That area in between the balcony and downstairs closest would also be ideal for shelving. You could maybe consider some in the loft area but I'd be careful. Because the space is kind of enclosed you don't want to fill the walls with stuff or it can feel claustrophobic. I don't think there's anywhere else that would work well for shelving so as I said consider all of this first, then furniture.
File: table02.jpg (244KB, 620x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244KB, 620x729px
As for actual storage systems, since you're based in California I'd recommend ISS Designs who are quite reasonable to boot:


If you want the gold standard though then it's Vitsœ:


Pretty sure they have a showroom in LA, if you're even considering them then go check it out ASAP. Next level customer service and once you experience the 606 Universal Shelving System in person it's a lot easier to shrug off the price tag. The modularity is insane and the system itself is a product you'll hold onto for every move you make.

Last recommendation from me would be USM:


Right up there with Vitsœ the only real difference to me is I think the style is a bit less neutral. I dunno I'm a Dieter Rams fanboy so Vitsœ will always be number 1 for me but a lot of people in the know prefer USM. Looks like they have a stockist in SF too so I'd check them out in person as well and see which you prefer, between the two it really comes down to personal preference.

This is the other reason I handle storage systems before anything else when it comes to moving in, there are styles at play even if they are rather slight and so a lot of this will dictate furniture choice. Especially something like USM. Also if none of this is to your taste there's plenty of other options but if you're a tech guy and on an imageboard this is probably all right up your alley. I don't imagine you wanting to do a Rococo thing or something but if that's the case then throw all these recommendations out the window and find a nice Armoire to help shave down your furniture pairing options.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 12

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