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Serious discussion time. I'm feeling autistic about post-college.

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Serious discussion time. I'm feeling autistic about post-college. With people blabbing in your ear about careers and adulthood, I'm worried about not being able to express myself through my aesthetic any more in the "real world". It's fine in the the fashion and entertainment world, but almost none of fa will be there. What do we do? Can we still rock our avant garde designer fits at 25? 30? Do I have to start dressing dadcore and find a different way to express my individuality? Do people really care about how you dress past college? Let's talk about post college, real world life /fa/
2scary dont want to talk about it pls

And don't go in accounting.
why not
It's boring.

Also there are more way to express oneself than grand gestures of drapey clothes and 1000 usd orthopedic shoes. One might say that the real world isn't as drab and uniform as 1984 makes it out to be.
Dadcore mark detected
Depends on your field of work.

In design, architecture, music, etc., going for high end designer fits is just fine. Heck, even at all other jobs, what keeps you from seeking out effay hobbies in effay fits in your free time?
lol @everyone being afraid of this subject

>orthopedic shoes
So much this.
what about the other 95% of people in the rest of America, running various small business and building engines and the other shit you rely on day to day but spit in the face of if you're on /fa/
The only time I was able to pull off actualgothninja was when I was homeless. It was also the only time it made sense

Now, however I've upgraded to all black tech wear

At work I do have a uniform but I can have it be all black if I want

You don't have to overhaul your life - just some really modest compromise
C-cant we yell at eachother about rick owens some more and forget about post high-school :(
No. Bump.
You'll be able to rock avant garde pieces rather than outfits.

Individuality as something we consume is so ridiculously overplayed.
Real individuality shines through in details, so it shouldnt matter if you're dressing for a white collar office job or a blue collar construction job.
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It depends on your field of work, k?hai.

I'm 28 years old, I do freelance work from home and have another small business in the side (which I own obv) so I am not 'required' to dress in any specific way. The downside is that my income is really unstable.

Unless you were born into money, if you want to make loads of money you'll have to work long and hard at it, so yeah, "fashion" will be nothing but a stage in your life (and by the time you might have enough money and free, you might be too fat/ugly/bald/busy with "family")

Or you can go the hard, ascetic life of a semi-nomadic single (or casually dating, or gf and no kids) person, making enough money to aquire things you need, but enough free time, and most important of it all, a job that will not suck the life out of you.
are you new as fuck
euro is anything but dadcore
and you're still pushing this mark business
le ebbin new may may guyse!!!11

le hop on the new meme bandwagon :DDDDD
lol i figured it was the same guy
>tries to start meme
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Literally stop caring about this trivial bullshit, OP.
When you get older -

> You can pull off more elegant looks easier.
> Women are more desperate and it's easier to attract them.
> Articles of clothing with status or value mean more to the opposite sex.
> You stop growing or changing physique - clothing lasts longer.
> You can buy what you enjoy without finance being problematic.

You can no longer dress edgy or hipster faggot tier.
Hopefully you're not doing that right now, anyway.
u mad you can't cop no lord rick, dadcore faggot
Boring hyprocrit
When I finally graduated I regretted all the dadcore shit i used to wear in college because hur dur i wanted to look dressed up in my ocbd, chinos, and desert boots usually what i was dressed in.

now, in order to compensate, i dress a lot more casually and younger than my age
So you're saying you're a factory worker
How to into effay job?
You are in the real world right now OP, and it's much vaster than you'll ever know. Find your place in it.

>Can we still rock our avant garde designer fits at 25? 30?

The target market for most "avant garde designer" clothing is people in their 30s-50s-ish with money. You remember that picture of the group of guys walking down the street, one fat dude smoking a cigar and wearing CCP drips, gets posted all the time? I know nothing beyond this, but I read somewhere on some forum one of the guys is the top IP lawyer in the EU.

Kids wearing it is kind of a deep aberration, something only happening because of mass media.

>Do people really care about how you dress past college?

"Do people really care about how you dress past high school?"

What you wear always matters, but how, what, and why is contextual. What field are you looking at getting into?

>what about the other 95% of people in the rest of America, running various small business and building engines and the other shit you rely on day to day but spit in the face of if you're on /fa/

This doesn't actually happen.

When I was 21, I [thought I] had to move back in with my parents in a small Sunbelt technically-a-city-but-"Town"-feels-right. When I finally got a job in its depressed little economy, it was at a secondhand goods store that was trying to position itself as nicer and more professional than pawn shops, with a decidedly lower-middle-class idea of what that meant. There was something between a dress code and a uniform - hideous embroidered uniform OCBDs, black slacks, polished black Oxford shoes, ties. I had cut my hair short (I normally wear it long) for the job search. The managers were all local randoms with high school diplomas, ill-fitting Dockers and wide bright polyester ties.

What did I do? I wore tapered sateen slacks and black knit ties, grew my hair and my beard out - all, crucially, within the dress code and natural preferences for me. I made it my own. They teased me, mostly in a friendly way, about it all and stuck me in the backroom. It was all minimum wage no matter what, so I didn't care. One day they were super slammed out on the floor and sent me out to do sales, and I went and sold a guy a few hundred dollars worth of stuff and he (this wasn't normal, it was mostly that he was Middle Eastern, I think) slipped me a fifty dollar tip. Needless to say, I was out on the floor after that, usually did more per shift than anyone except the jewelry girl, and they begged me to stay when I finally GTFO. How? I decided the company was bullshit and I'd just look at it as solving people's problems, which I later found out is exactly the sales approach taught in Apple Store training materials, the most successful retail operation in the world: selling and problem solving as the same process. Worked on everyone from redneck kids to retired transplants. I also had ace product knowledge with the home electronics, because I was trying to get together the necessary knowledge and capital for a bespoke computer/electronics company at the time. Got half of it, whatever.

Lesson? Amplify and sharpen your differences, know your shit, do the work, make yourself indispensble, don't be a dick, and you can get away with most of what you want even in Peak Bumfuck.

People are better and sharper than you think they are - they just need to be shown you're worth something when they don't know who you are, which is shitty but whatever.

The only real hard and fast rule is to only wear clothes that have something to do with you.


These guys are also onto something.
Don't be a worrywart.

Life is choices. If you want to some 24/7 hipster streetninja fedora at 35, there's nothing stopping you. The important thing is to recognize the things you actually value and hold on to those. Just be aware that those values might sometimes have consequences. There's no pleasing everyone though, so stop trying.

With regards to dress for work, in any job where you're dealing face to face with clients, be it waiter or lawyer, you have to put up the airs and look the part because that's what the other side expects and pays for. Unless you're in a position where you can pick your own clients, meeting customers expectations is generally a good idea, no?

That said, it doesn't mean you can't dress your own style. But if you're looking to make a career in something, tread carefully at first and always keep your goals in mind. Always "dress for the occasion". Once you have your first impressions set, you can eventually start slowly sneaking in a bit more of yourself into your daily life.

Also, >>8510998 is right. You are more than just the clothes you wear, always remember that.

Regards, your friendly 32yo casual "dadcore"
>Do people really care about how you dress past college

You're dressing for other people? Why?

And of course they do, people don't suddenly stop caring about how they/you dress as soon as you leave college. Are you autistic or something?

College is only 4 fucking years of your life. Stop acting like once it's over your life, hobbies, interests etc change completely.

And yes you can still dress /fa/ even when working a desk job. Real fashionable ppl know how to make it happen.

Or do what I do and start growing. You don't have to answer to anyone and can dress however you like. But definitely not while working, or you can kiss your tricky Ricky clothes goodbye.
>implying there is anything at all wrong with expensive shoes that look good and are comfortable
explain yourself
So you work in retail?
I'm not really doing avant-garde because I can't afford it, but after college I'm looking forward to trying 'casual' techwear at work usually. Or do they get pissed at slim pants?

Anyways, I think the main thing is that you're not going to be wearing goof at work, but regardless of your age the people who you hang with is your business. There will always be people there to appreciate what you wear. Proper occasion, same as how it is with us right now.
Not now. That was just the first job I got when I moved back to my parents' house. Saved up and left town six months later.

I've worked a few other jobs that had retail elements to them, but that was my only stint as a shopclerk.

>you're not going to be wearing goof at work

This definitely depends on where you work and what you mean by "goof."
Daily reminder that when you are in your 30s life will slow down.

You will have nothing to live for.
Your job will be meaning less.
You will be stripped of your personality.
You will have no time to pursue your hobbies.
Your family will be meaning less.
By the time you retire your body will be broken and you won't even know who you are.
No one will remember you 100 years after you die.
Goofninja was made for 30+
Meh wear whatever you want past college but if youre working in a office good luck fitting the goth ninja shit in the companies dress code.
Plus try not to look too much like an autistic kid and you may keep you're job long enough to buy whatever designer shit you want and enjoy it on your off days or after work.
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 3

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