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Basics General

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Basics General (beyond the sticky)

Long story short, as a young adult I’m finally starting to come into my own. With a deeper understanding who I am, and all that jazz, I want to revamp my wardrobe to be more indicative of my identity, etc. Wow that sounded gay, sorry.

Anyways, I’ve been dressing in vintage junk for the past few years, but now I want to start over and peruse something more contemporary and minimalist. Basically I’m starting from scratch.

Thought a basics thread could be genuinely interesting – change of pace from hair, fuccboi, w2c, etc.
idk i feel that "vintage junk" with a modern feel to it would look great, like just using modern colors and stuff with vintage items is cool enough already

what kind of stuff are you looking for though? you can literally go everywhere with basics to be honest, and the cut, sizing, and the detailing you want in your clothes is crucial too.
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I have a pretty tough time articulating what exactly i want, but i think this picture is pretty close to what i want to go for.
For those of you interested this is just a list I'm in the process of putting together to help me figure this out as I’ve never really rebooted.

Budget: ~ $1k

Trying to keep to grey scale - soilds with interesting textures. Slim, narrow, fit. Priority on denim and leather boots, as I want these items to last me for years to come.


T-Shirts: ~ $75
5 – Everlane, COS, Alternative Apparel
Sweater: ???
2 – ???
Jacket: ???
1 - ???


Jeans: ???
1 – want to invest into a pair of black jeans that will last long time.
Pants: ???
Chinos, cargos, joggers


Sneakers: ???
Athletic – nike flynit, ???
Beaters - onitsuka tiger, ???

Chelsea – RM Williams, Blundstone, Dr. Martens, ???
as much as I love the idea of organizing your whole wardrobe like this, in reality ur gonna need more than 1 jacket, 2 sweaters, etc
unless you're autistic and have a "Monday uniform" "Tuesday ubiform" etc, and wash your clothes routinely every week.

I would say deffinitly put some.down for basics, but don't let this constrict you. buy things you like, even if you have 5 jumpers already.
especially jackets Bruz, you're gonna need more than 1.

get some cheap Levi 511 or 510 to beat around in, they will last ages. docs are alright if you dubbin them regularly.
tees will not last a long time. you will spill things, fall, rip, etc. don't bother spending 50 on a tee if ur just gonna wreck it in a year or 2.

don't label your shoes as "beating around shoes" okay because if you do that, you'll never wear your favourite shoes because they won't match what you're doing. I wear my Williams all the time because I love them, even if I'm just going to get petrol.

best of luck my friend.
fuck off steven
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So basically you want to be a Kaminoan from Star Wars?

T-shirts last years and years, seriously. I've never wrecked a single item of clothing since I was a little boy. One Lyle & Scott polo got a hole that's it in all my years of life.
male or female?
I could probably put together a basic outfit for you like that if you are a male.
dont talk anymore
This is just one shade of minimalism.
>b-but its not because
>minimalism = reductionism = white t shirt and black jeans !!!
Time to do some reading OP before you start buying stuff.

do sumthin bout my star wars references anon
do sumthin
i am male (i think)
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Techwear general.gif
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I'm doing something similar at the moment trying to build a wardrobe from the ground up with as few pieces as possible (I'm joining the army and I want to be mobile)

So far I've settled on Outlier pants, I'm just wondering whether to stick with polyester Uniqlo shirts or go full merino.
This. I still wear a tee I wore when I was 14 and it's intact. (except for the plastic design, it's gone, only the color remains.)
And it's from H&M.
Maybe airism, heattech stuff from Uniqlo?
They beat merino on the price front but you just can't beat the feel, antibacterial and heat regulation of wool.
>I'm joining the army and I want to be mobile
You want to be mobile for when you wash rocks?
Depends on the budget in that case.
Cheap = Airism, heattech
Less cheap = Merino
I'm not joining the US Army
oh, nvm then
w2c black denims to stomp around in? Is there a standard must have or go to for this? I've heard good things about ace cash around here for a while, but I'm afraid they are too thin - not fat, more /fit. 6'2" 185
OP if your starting from scratch i would recommend going into shops and actually trying clothes on.

Fit is the most important thing. Maybe your body is weird and you can find a good fit on jeans in your local mall, maybe not.
Yes, fit is more important than price.
Or at least buy from somewhere that has a good returns policy, free exchanges and what have you
sounds good. I hate shopping irl.
any recommendations? I can google myself, but i would rather get direct recommendations from /fa, even if you are autists.
Asos has free returns and exchanges for one

Figure out if you're trans first and then come back.
Here you go:
>German Army Trainers (I can not find a source for you right now. sorry)
>You could cop some gray/basic levi's for cheap. They are always on sale.
>monochrome sweatpants should be easy for you to cop cheap
>The middle pants look to be wool. Uniqlo sells wool trousers dirt cheap. Harder to pull of casually though. But it's cheap so go for it.
>basic monochrome sweatshirts should be easy to cop
>Uniqlo for you button ups
>maybe ASOS for an oversized/ draped t-shirt. they are harder to find cheap
>this maybe. http://www.hm.com/us/product/23845?article=23845-C I'm not a fan of h&m quality but it's cheap and their shirts are at least somewhat ok.
>ASOS smart collar/ grandad collar. couldn't find much for minimalistic collars on the cheap.
>idk. those ones are pretty specific to a designer. and round glasses are pretty avant-garde imo. best to pick some out yourself if you want some.
>Uniqlo, Anonymous Ism,.. should be easy to find when just about ever retailer sells them.

plz rep me back.
You really just need to focus on color cohesion. Just making a basic fit with perfect color cohesion will set it far above average. This is much, much harder than it sounds
Jeans saint laurent skinny as fuck raw or waxed denim 600 i dunno whatever level of freak you wanna project. Raw will last longer as your only pair obvs
Shoes black vans skate lows 40 chuck taylors any color 40
Everything else old navy, sale j crew, gap tier. Seriously who gives a fuck, the denim is the base

If youre overweight disregard saint laurent buy some levis that fit and buy a not eating anything membership and multivitamins
>babbys first fa post
underrated post
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Thread images: 5

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