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/fa/ City Thread

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London Thread set me thinking let's decide this rationally

Discuss the city where you live / have spend a considerable amount pros and cons

>we will find out what cities please our needs and make them even more /fa/ by moving there
bump out of interest I live in a shithole
I think Prague is a pretty nice city to live in
>western enough
>not expensive af
>comfy af
>historically interesting

on the other side I hear there are a lot of gypsies

going there for a couple days next month
I live in Detroit and there are a lot of hipsters here. I've just been working and I haven't had too much time on the weekends to go out. Are there any standard handouts? (Besides the Bronx).

Also, I don't think there were any shootings at the fireworks last night, so that's good news.
holy shit do you live there willingly?
Gun enthusiast?
Yeah, rent is fairly cheap and the core city areas and neighborhoods are being rapidly developed. There is a big DIY aesthetic and young people are moving into the city. It's really good for hipsters and yuppies.

The neighborhoods are still really bad, but why would I go out there?
Detroit's getting gentrified. It's on it's way to be what Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was a few years ago
Singaporefag here
>its super clean and crime rates are like 0
>Its like 2cm squared so you can travel across the country in 3h tops
>Laws gay af
>Chewing gum banned and shit wtf
>Singaporeans have an increasingly negative stance on foreigners because they're literally 50% of the population
>people are nice compared to other big cities
>/fa/ as fuck on mag mile
>lakeview property
It's probably the only city that won't go to shit in 25 years.
There's a place called the Bronx in Detroit?
Yeah it's a bar in the hip part of town
i'm moving to chicago soon :> yeah one of the reasons i'm moving there aside from school is the fact that it's a p great city
birmingham UK
>has a p good selfridges, stocks y-3, acne, APC etc.
>friendly independent retailers, have some good conversations with ppl who work there
>dozens of japanese tourists dressed in rick, CDG, pulling it off
>nice town centre in general
>dozens of japanese tourists dressed in rick, supreme, kenzo, looking dumb
>mostly middle of the road plebs
>edgy urban outfitters fuckers/hypebeast assholes/shitton of goth kids sitting on top of graves
>not london or even manchester or even bristol
where are you going to school?

uchicago master race here
birmingham is shit tier m8
The best thing is that the Czech probably has the best looking women in the world too.
Prague especially is full of qt's
can i make it in detroit if im reasonably /fa/ but also a poorfag?
going to Seattle next week, which stores should I check out besides totokaelo?? looking for some good consignments & boutiques
SAIC, ahaha. call me an idiot and a hack if you will but yeah!! ; ____ ;
do you have to pay for it or can you like do it through your school?

fuck, it would be really cool to go study abroad to a completely different country and all
i had loads of friends who went there.

enjoy the feeling that you are wasting your parents many tens of thousands of dollars to put you in the equivalent of a playground for college age kids
ok, idk if that's a plus or not. all the chinese are rude as fuck tho
>>people are nice compared to other big cities
i guess for the midwest they are rich, but it's nothing compared to either the east or west coasts
>>/fa/ as fuck on mag mile
mag mile is fat tourists from iowa clutching their big gulp's and trying to find where the american girl store is. mag mile is too be avoided like the plague. if you want decent shopping and the possibility of seeing someone in geobaskets, oak st is where it's at. oak st has stores like barneys, loro piana, brunello cucinelli, y-3, gallery aesthete (mens goof boutique), jack spade, and a bunch of other cool little boutiques
>>lakeview property
this is very nice
>It's probably the only city that won't go to shit in 25 years.
it's already went to shit. just go look at the south, west, or east sides. and the northside is full of mentally ill, violent bums
idk what you mean by this but i'm assuming that you can apply for a study abroad leave thing for a semester or two by asking guidance counselors?
i applied to SAIC as a first-time freshmen though so i can't help you with that. sorry

yeah true honestly i wasn't that proud of going to SAIC because i got rejected from all of my other schools, but heck, SAIC gave me half-ride scholarship as well as guaranteed placement in their "honors" program so i must be doing something right. honestly when i looked at the fb page of my graduating class, i felt like i was in kindergarten again since people kept posting work with no style, no substance, and no talent. it sadly disappoints me that people just want to do art for fun, and for shits and giggles. although that could be a purpose, some people just view the medium immaturely and i feel that it's not even worth it for them to grip a pencil and start making marks. but thanks anyway.
>university city
>vomit everywhere
>smells of piss
>everyone shops at Topshop like a watering hole to hippos
you see the same outfit 3 times in a day
ah no, i was basically just wondering how do you apply to schools in the US if you live somewhere else, does your old school help with it or do you have to do everything yourself... I thought you live in asia somewhere?

but no problem
are you coming from korea?

loads of rich koreans go to saic, most of them can barely even speak english so they all stick together. do yourself a favor and make friends outside of your race, trust me, you will be much happier for it in the long run. avoid the other koreans at all costs unless all you want to do is sit around in chinatown sipping bubble tea with the other mongoloids
Dallas, Texas

>cheap as fuck to live because far less taxation
>drugs anywhere on the double
>guns everywhere on the double
>restaurants everywhere on the double
>conservative all white areas and old money with generations of rich history
>The scene is mostly heritage wear like loro piana, brioni, belvast and kiton -- but there are a few shops for the avant garde and more contemporary designers.
>actually a pretty decent nightlife believe it or not.
>texas y'all

>everywhere must be traveled by car so no /fa/ walkabouts
>main downtown area isnt well thought out
>pretension and middle class women trying to look like they're rich -- everywhere.
>South dallas is all poor scrubs.
>everywhere else in texas is like a barren wasteland except for houston which is fairly ghetto and austin which tries way too hard but is boring despite.
nah i'm not from there. and it's kind of racist of me to say this but i don't really want to associate with anyone who can't survive by not being in their own ethnic group, or let alone speak the english language since then they'll probably rely on me and i can't take the responsibility of like 40 lives or something lol.
the reason to why i'm going abroad is that i'm sick and tired of seeing mimetic things within culture, and its own sick little "human-centipede" (digesting each others shit) within asia. it's so stupid and dumbed down here, and it makes me want to puke. although i'm sure that where i'm going, it's not gonna give me as much freedom, but it's going to be something refreshing. i want a tiny bit of diversity, or at least something that's different from what i see everyday today.

anyway, thanks for the advice again du, much appreciated : >
>it's kind of racist of me to say
no, not really

the rest of your scrawl seems fedora though
>Cons: It's Dallas Tx
>the rest of your scrawl seems fedora though
nigger have you ever seen Japanese or Korean TV?

Can confirm, they're a pretty good Fuck
you've never been there
Oh definitely. Not sure what your financial situation is, but I'm living comfortably on $11 an hour (full time). I have a weirdly nice apartment too.

I didn't move until I had a chunk of change in the bank, and I'm not saving (or losing for that matter) money, but that's ok because I'm just working, going to grad school, and living the easy life.

If you don't have a career set in stone you can try to find some bullshit job downtown and live in some mediocre apartment for pretty cheap.
bump for cities

Good bar/scene especially near the beach
Tons of hispanic cuties
Summerfits all year

No white cuties
Can't layer unless you plan on losing 30lbs in sweat
Swagfags everywhere
Cubans are lower than scum
Decent Shops, progressive residents, good food, good music
10% sales tax, roads are shit, people from the suburbs, people from Wisconsin

Ft. lauderdale

Constantly beautiful weather, decent beaches, large bar scene

Fashion hell hole legimamently oy one good shop in the city. Large amount of new money hicks that only listen to poorly made country music and drive lifted pick ups, everyone else is awful.
>conservative all white areas and old money with generations of rich history

>guns everywhere on the double

not /fa/
i live in milan. it's dumb.
I need to know too, visiting in the fall for blue scholars and ra scion
Beirut or Tangier, maybe. I don't know.

Cubans are cool, I don't mind them, and I don't really like having summer fits all year.

Overall basically true, most of the white girls live in Brickell
File: 1402890336393.jpg (16KB, 247x251px)
16KB, 247x251px
every southern state sucks
Charlotte, NC

>Niggers everywhere
And I don't mean black people. I mean straight up obnoxious acting, shitty-car-with-giant-rims having, "WHATCHU WANT WHITE BOI" shouting, niggers. It's like every major city in the southeast in that there is a disproportionately large, poor, and uneducated black population b/c of the legacy of slavery. And like any major southeast city there are nice areas where white people have tried to silently segregate themselves. But in those areas every block has a black man who sits silently on the curb until you pass him and then springs to life and shouts "SUP MAH BROTHA" to try to get you to react so he can harass you for money.

No /fa/ people. Small population of cheesy hipsters biting trends that took 5-10 years to trickle in from the real cities in the Northeast and Northwest. Rednecks and white trash abound.

Making a game plan to be out of here within 3 years to Seattle, Portland, Boston, or NY areas. Fuck the south.
>Ft. Lauderdale
>constantly beautiful weather

Fuck off. I hate it when people in the South say "THE WEATHER IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL" when it's 100 outside and you're constantly squinting b/c the sunlight is so intense. I lived in Tampa for 2 years and people were constantly saying how fucking beautiful it was while staying indoors.
Beautiful weather is weather you can go outside and do shit in while wearing the same clothes you work in, not sweating your ass off and being forced to strip down to a tank top and gym shorts. In Florida people who have shit to do spend all day sprinting b/t their cars and air-conditioned buildings. being outside is only enjoyable if you can make it into a pool or the ocean before your skin turns to bacon or if you're outside in the late afternoons after summer storms.
pls kidnap me from the south
lived in city for 7 years, and grew up in the suburbs. i know the place
what year lol. old poorfags don't really have a say
>makes fun of hipsters
>endeavors to move to Portland, Seattle, Boston, or NY

Guess who the hipster is
>tfw want to be /fa/ but it's too hot to wear anything more than a tshirt and shorts

aircon everywhere indoors though

>Varied climate
>Diverse culture
>Great nightlife
>Good shops (as far as Australia goes)
>Loads of good looking European tourists

>Meh drugs unless imported stuff
i'm going to new york and boston in july for a trip, any cool places to shop?
>okay stores
>okay food (a bit lacking in salt)
>loose qts

>it's NYC
>Chinese invasion
>Puerto Ricans
>smells like shit during the summer
>shitty cabs
>bad Über service
>smelly subway
>small apartments
>pretense and plastic smiles everywhere
>racial/ethnic tension evident
>locals have annoying voices and grating accents
>Donald Trump
>the ramen place I like is always full
>so is the French place
>crazy cyclists

Shit, so am I. What program?
>Chinese invasion
>Puerto Ricans
How do you hate nonwhites and segregation at the same time.
This sounds like HK except for the foreigners part

I like the diversity in styles in HK and you can buy everything here so you see lots of top designers.
You should check out Glasswing Studios and Toto if you're on Capitol Hill. Not many good consignment spots on the Hill. Crossroads Trading Company is ok and Red Light District has some good vintage, but it's pricey.

There's a rad store in my neighborhood called Hammer & Awl. It's off the beaten path, but in a beautiful part of town.

Downtown has all the fancy stores like LV, Gucci, etc. Barneys, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack are probably the best shops downtown, though there are some cool looking Boutiques by Pike Place that I haven't been in yet.
Chinese invasion refers to obnoxious Chinese tourists lining up and messing the displays at Barney's.

Puerto Ricans here speak some corrupted version of Spanish mixed with New Yorker English that is about as grating as running your fingernails on a chalkboard.
Bodega is the best place in Boston for shoes. It's also hidden behind a soda machine in a fake convenience store front.
>beautiful area
>amazing restaurants everywhere
>great farmers markets and pike place market
>on puget sound and lake washington
>lots of unique neighborhoods
>great university
>the weather

>the weather (really not that bad)
>rapidly rising rent
>rapid gentrification of the once cheap and dingy, but really awesome Capitol Hill area
>not many well dressed people
>plenty of bros, crusties, flamboyantly dressed gay dudes, asian hypebeasts, and plebs

I love this city.
Bend, Oregon
>beautiful area
>outdoor sports paradise
>fantastic weather year round
>hot downtown and snowing half an hour away at the ski hill
>flat and super bike friendly
>many delicious food carts
>more breweries per capita than any other city in the US
>river running through downtown that everyone floats down in the summer
>a few good bars

>in the middle of the desert
>lots of yuppies downtown
>few /fa/ clothing stores
>nightlife is limited

Would definitely consider moving back.
where do you go? im guessing UW?

everyone there dresses like they listen to childish gambino if that makes any sense.

but seattles pretty cool, walking around downtown by gameworks and like around macys and shit is fun, lots of stuff around there.
I'm not in school. I work full time on the hill and live by the lake.
Mah nigga
>"It hurts so much but I do it for /fa/"
Go to Orchard Road or the commercial area, m8.
Some of their air-conditioners are mad cold.

HK > Singapore x999999
Holy shit, its like an improved version of Singapore. Temperature also makes it possible to have sicc layers.

The foreigner problem is just
>"dem foreigners b takin my jobs"
>its kinda true though
I fucking love Hong kong and I fucking hate Singapore.

Singapore has malls, but no style. Incredibly dull Monotonous city.

Hong Kong on the other hand has style everywhere. I'm trying to get my dad to buy a flat there.
>I'm trying to get my dad to buy a flat there.
Woah, mad jealous

You can only layer in winter doe
>people from Wisconsin
suck my nuts loser Milwaukee for life
>Incredibly dull Monotonous city.
Moving out of the country as soon as I graduate. Gotta take advantage of that patrician education.
At least the architecture is k00l.
>I'm trying to get my dad to buy a flat there
wat area m8
Obvsly you big poop.

>expensive af
>good nightlife
oh cool! i'm doing fine art with an emphasis in art education, what about you?
hmu sometime!!! lets get coffee together
File: prague.jpg (44KB, 898x597px)
44KB, 898x597px
>Designer stuff here is even more expensive, because there is very low demand for it. Living here is cheap as fuck though
>It´s comfy and seriously beautiful here >Gypsies.. not that many in Prague, more of a black and asian tourists, gypsies are more on the east of the country. Outside of Prague I´d say we are one of the whitest countries in Europe. I haven´t seen a black guy IRL till 14 and it was in Germany
I don´t think that´s true, but that might be because I´m living here all my life


> grey

What is the detroit night life like?

Are there lots of tech start ups and shit?

you're ok
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

>Great techno/rave scene
>Some cool restaurants
>One hour in the train and you are in Amsterdam or Utrecht
>One of the few places in the netherlands that has any elevation

>Run-of-the-mill boring dutch city
>Not /fa/
I'm thinking of doing my MA at the Radboud University next year, would you recommend it over staying in Amsterdam?
File: 1403255805750.jpg (304KB, 1600x1280px)
304KB, 1600x1280px
>Not Europe

It's like you guys aren't even trying

> grey
> Mordor
Hm, depends.
>150.000 people
>20.000 students
>Has more of a university town feeling
>University is repeadtedly ranked best non-technical uni in the Netherlands
>Focus on training you as a researcher

>750.000 inhabitants
>50.000 students
>Cosmopolitan, tourists
>Has the best concerts/shows/drugs/shops
>More expensive
>Uni's are ranked lowest in the country (quality wise)

>implying basques can't be qts
Florence, Italy

>history, art, bla bla
>pretty much /fa/
>lots of foreign cuties
>the country is just awesome
>good food, wine

>too expensive
>too many american tourists
>weather is dull (rainy and somewhat cold in winter and hot and humid in summer)
>nightlife is not that awesome
Yeah bro, the new hip thing is to refuse to move to those cities no matter what and call everybody in them hipsters. So counterculture. Let's go live in the rural midwest, I'm soooo over urban life.
Cheers, that's actually helpful.
>City center is nice
>Accepting atmosphere, when it comes to dressing
>Perfect climate, allows all kinds of fits
>Boring & ugly outside the center

>decent Arts scene
>good coffee and food
>high-end fashion stores
>reasonably decent nightlife
>logical city layout so it's easy to get around

>bogans, although less of them than other cities
>high cost of living
>no one actually dresses well despite the availability of high-end boutiques

I'm so envious. i love that city, the architecture, the heritage, one of the fashion leading cities, Italy, the food, not poor and Italian qts
>shitton of goths sitting on top of graves
pidgeon park?
>Perfect climate, allows all kinds of fits
You clearly have never experienced the late Fall/Winter in Helsinki
It's the worst fucking thing in the world.

>capital of Europe
>european intelligentia, nice job possibilities
>decent university (ULB-VUB) and close to KUL (Leuven university apparently one of the best in the world, didn't feel like it they're just annoying as hell)
>45 min. By train to Antwerp
>decent outdoors life
>great architecture if you know the spots
>close to France, Netherlands and Germany to go visit and go shop
>One of the best cities to live in in Europe
>not as expensive as Paris or London


>shitty weather, although it quite nice today
>most people dress like shit
>white boys from outside come to brussels thinking there it and are courageous to come here
>constant linguistic issues abd conflicts between wallons and flemish, most of them don't even live in Brussels or aren't from here
>full of annoying arabcunts and niggers (most of them are nice and mind their own shit but as everywhere minority ruins everything)

>great city planning, ty based franklin
>/fa/ as hell, great shopping
>walk everywhere
>amazing food (cheesesteaks wooder ice soft pretzels etc.)
>young city with all the uni's
>pretty cheap compared to other similar sized cities
>most history of any us city (whatever that means) tons of really unique museums


>literally flooded with niggers.
>dangerous, can be mugged
> no one is /fa/ despite all the boutiques
>shitty college kids everywhere for 9 months
>only 2 weeks of good weather
>someone is always yelling about fucking nothing

>qt hipster chicks
>for Australia, pretty compact
>so many trees

>Public transport
>Tickity cunts
>getting booked
>expensive af
>get chased at night
>>Great techno/rave scene

>mfw this still exists in yurop
The Gold Coast

>inner city is a photogenic balance of new and run down due to council not handling money well
>top tier beaches
>hours drive from one of the crispest and freshest mountains, great for camping
>low living cost and burnt out surfey atmosphere


>fuck all in the way of outlets and specialty clothing / shoe stores
>brisbane's little brother and is considered their toilet
>always in a shitty mood and hostile towards foreigners and outsiders because tourism's more important than the people living here
>gross sketty bitches as far as the eye can see, qts are diamonds in soil here
>surfers cant dress well lmao
>only semi-decent style is the 'sports casual asian' complete with new balance 373
>not fa in the slightest
File: 4.jpg (222KB, 1024x832px)
222KB, 1024x832px
Berlin, Germany

>one of the best music//party scenes in europe
>young people are nice
>girls are great
>did i say nightlife

>not young people are shit
>shit weather

cons: full of muzzies
I live near philly, but I've never shopped in the city.
What are some good stores to look at?
put ur trip back on stance
Hmm, definitely going to consider that then. Would love to study under Marc de Kesel.
>girls are great
not really
File: 1362899719998.jpg (257KB, 640x480px)
257KB, 640x480px

i don't really know about any pros or cons
but fuck i love this city
Cincy, OH

>compact city
>4 nice uni's 2cc's
>cheap rent
>cheap land
>qt's rampant

>not /fa/ in the least
>few boutique's
>fat ppl
File: boat_house_row.jpg (71KB, 800x533px)
71KB, 800x533px
There is a lot of shops around walnut/chestnut street and liberty place, but if you want the good stuff check out the boutiques, we got a fucktonlook at old city too

I reccommend third street habit, trove, vagabond, and boyd's is my shit
not stnce

>the best place to see concerts in Anglophone Canada
>good educational institutions
>doesn't get very cold or very much snow (for Canada)
>flagship stores and good boutiques
>free shipping from Ssense in 24 hours
>relatively liberal
>diverse (not just culturally but you can find a group of people for your interests, no matter how narrow they are)
>public transportation isn't complete shit
>arguably the best cultural hub in Canada for art, music and theatre
>decent food but it's always expensive
>real sports teams (not good, but hey)
>the best place in Canada to just have access to things
>decent startup culture
>the history is shallow enough that new ideas are still embraced

>high rent/expensive
>suburbanites drag the city's reputation down and make it difficult to navigate the downtown shopping area on a weekend
>isolating culture. you really have to go out of your way to connect with people
>everyone thinks they're a foodie because they've tried ramen once
>people are more likely to be reading their twitter feeds than willing to talk to you (but you can make friends from Twitter so that's good?)
>CN Tower
>having like 50% immigrants makes it hard to have a cohesive culture in a city

I don't know. I'm in Palm Beach quite a lot and I think Florida is beautiful like 75% of the year. In July and August you can't go outside between 1pm and 4pm and after that it's probably going to rain so you have to cancel your golf game. But otherwise it's pretty nice. The economy and healthcare and society are kind of shit, but the weather is good.
NYC has gotten shitty lately. Good thing I live in a neighborhood where I blend in
>beautiful skyline
>parks in the summer
>great food, can be found for decent prices in pilsen, chinatown, etc if you know where to go
>most black people there are cool if you're not a cunt to them first
>polish-american qts
>craft beer
>they love Europeans
>good art, new and in galleries
>U of C pretty much always has interesting events open to the public at grad schools, oriental institute, IOP, etc.
>actual history despite being in US

>shitty shitty shitty fucking cunt bastard shit winters
>small minority of black people are detroit-level niggers, but you can usually tell by how they dress
>full of plebby refugees from the midwest. some are chill but most are entry-level hipster sjw faggots (see also: Austin, TX).
>brick-and-mortar boutiques hardly ever have any good sales (last one I saw was OSB last year)
>a million miles from anything else. You can go to the beach in Gary, I guess...
>did I mention it gets cold? Every winter I tell myself I'm going to move to Argentina or Italy or something.
>all the universities are full of assholes
>getting salt on your shoes/car/bike

not really worth it compared to cities which have most of the pros, but in which you can actually go outside all year long. Also, the midwest sucks balls compared to almost any other region in the US. only the rust belt is worse and chicago has plenty of that too. at least in the South they have barbecue pork and aircon.
anon, dont move to argentina, im an argentinian and i would love to live somewhere else

>everything is expensive (groceries,clothes,everything)
>importation is limited and with expensive taxes
>you can get robbed at anytime anywhere

stay in chicago

>pretty okay music scene
>art scene on the comeup
>old (for America)
>some okay architecture
>pretty small
>easy to navigate
>cheap af

>pretty small
>still in KY
>lots of homeless (for size)
>some real shit architecture

where do you study anon

>scene in Nijmegen

do you even know what a scene is?
I can't really compare it to other cities, but there are a lot of bars for different types (yuppie bars downtown, hipster bars in midtown, mega hipster bars in Corktown, etc.). It's a major city so bands usually come to town and all the venues are pretty cool. There are clubs but I've never been, but I assume they're fine. Downtown has become a bit more touristy (suburbanites) in the last few years but everybody is fine with that. It's all part of the "Detroit is becoming cool again" mood that a lot of people are trying to create.

There are a lot of tech startups here. If you have tech skills you could (I assume) easily get a job. My friend isn't finishing college because he got a legit tech job and he lives in a decent apartment in a great location for $300 a month.

not /fa/ at all despite what it thinks, just loads of twats with beards. Topman everywhere
reppin prague~~, pretty much nailed it

the gypsy "problem" is overblown to fuck, I honestly haven't seen a single gypsy in weeks
>lots of Brits
>euro retailers barely ever discussed
>90% of threads us or Aussie centric

Come on Brit bros step it up
Isn't this pretty much the case for most of the uk? Seriously shitty for shopping. Also, where do Muslims buy their clothes, I want to go desert-core.
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