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Feel with me bros

>Only younger girls and older women seem to be attracted to me
>Girl much younger than I am sneakily obtains my number
>Starts talking to me, telling me I dress well and she likes my hair.
>Don't know her at all, she sort of knows my brother
>Don't want to be a dick and cut her off, ruining my great rep.
>Don't know what to do

Also, fucking Tres-Bien sent me the wrong Damir long sleeve
Why is Tres Bien constantly fucking up with Damir Doma orders?
I fucked an ugly girl saturday
felt GOOD man
That's because you dress like an anime character.
>older women
>attracted to anime characters

I dont think so
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>tfw your hair is so thick and luscious that you have to get it thinned by the barber for it to look good.

its like a bittersweet kind of feel
>ruining my great rep.
>Only younger girls
Like that's a bad thing (unless we are talking under 18)
Sex her fgt.
>some younger girl I dont even pay attention to is crazy for me

Wow, you really have problems, OP, I pity you
>tfw got too wasted at a party and made a huge ass out of myself in front of everyone I know
>oral exams
>have to wear a dadcore ass suit to school

i hate this shit i want to wear skinnies and loose tees :(
Fuck you
more chilled out drunk tho as i have got older, or maybe i just don't get as drunk these days
iktf man, everytime.

and it keeps happening

every time.
>standing in line at starbucks
>looking at some of the reusable cups
>decide to buy one
>notice girl out of the corner of my eye
>she goes and looks at the same cups i was just looking at
>she kind of moves awkwardly into my field of vision
>starts playing with her hair, flippin it in my direction
>clearly getting flirty, but am autist so i ignore her
>she makes some small talk about the cup i just bought
>turn to look at her
>she's old as hell, probably in her fifties, wrinkly as fuck
>oh shi-
>get her number and scoot on out of there
>tfw don't get invited to parties anymore because I've rubbed too many people the wrong way
also i crotch ripped my favourite skinnies :(
>that day after feel
>meet girl of my life
>try to have sex multiple times, can't get it up
>tfw performance anxiety

fuck my life
I'm 19, she's 14, almost 15. There's one guy at my school in my class who's fucking a 14 year old and he gets slagged off everywhere behind his back. I don't know her at all, don't even know her name. This guy I sort of know asked for my number and he gave it to her and directly told me she likes me. I've never really had to deal with something like this before. My little brother often tells me girls he knows like how I look but I don't talk to them because I don't fuck around with a girl that young. I've already told her that I think she's too young but she says she's very mature and all that shit
i know that feel man
my dicks gets harder than diamonds when she says that i have such thick hair
>14 years old

buddy you need to stop drop and roll the fuck outta there, cut off contacts and shit right now
I'm a 14 year old girl's senpai
she sends me cheesy songs saying the lyrics represent what she feels for me
feels bad bruh
dont wanna ruin my rep either
not that I have much of a rep

maybe ur just a faggot m8

>get her number

What? Why would you do that?

Wait two years.
>wearing long rick t-shirt
>"anon why are you wearing a dress?"
>i-i-it's a men's shirt d-dad
That shit's bound to happen to all of us at some point. They noticed less that you did and in time it won't even matter.
get both of you drunk, bruv
spoiler: You're actually an ass
i kno man, i'm trying to improve myself
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>go to get haircut
>pleased with it
>friends with hot woman who cuts hair so it's only a tenner #noice
>hairdresser tells me girl at reception thinks i'm good looking
>give her my number at the counter
>she gets embarrassed
>rings me later that week
>we're going out tonight

never felt so cool in my life man
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>Tfw you're trying to go from full on Auschwitz mode (52kg) to skeleton mode (60kg) and you can already feel your skinny jeans getting tighter

If I really come into a position where I have to buy all new trousers I might just forget about the whole thing again.
I wouldn't talk to her talk to her, but keep replying to her texts every so often. She's too young, and it's one of those things where you just gotta brush it off cus all those younger girls are gonna like you. It's just the way it always is. You're older and probably decently attractive, they're gonna be wet thinking about you. So keep "texting" her, as in like one or two word replies every now and then. When she's like 17 or 18 you'll still be her big crush and then you will be fucking her brains out.
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>Nepenthes opens for phone orders of EG x Vans collab literally 5 minutes ago
>need size 10 or 10.5
>all they have is 5.5 and 9.5 left
>mfw afterwards realize they open 3 hours ago cause NY time and I probably could have gotten a pair
nice man

I only get black out drunk if I'm by myself these days.
Oh man oh man the day after guilties are the worst.

My anxiety goes through the roof after a night of heavy drinking.
know that fucking feel brother, have a feeling it was partially the reason things broke down - she got agitated & uninterested eventually and we stopped seeing each other.

should have just gotten some viagra to get over it the first couple of times
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>tfw walking wet dream for detroit hipster chicks
>tfw it gets fucking dangerous every time
They aren't attracted. They think he's a cute little boy for acting out.
>tfw ugly
Stop when you still have the chance.
how old are you...
>hanging out with friend
>he's a manager at one of the best menswear stores in the city
>were walking towards a little hipster bar
>he calls me the anti hipster
Felt, good, man.
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SKAGWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CDG play x CONVERSE

> wow, you've got a lot of hair
> it's so thick
> your hair is precious

I hate it. If I get it short any cut loses its shape in a couple of weeks, and goes into a mushroom/birdhair phase. If I have it longer it's pretty unmanageable. I leave home with it looking kinda ok and when I come back its totally different.

then you turn into that faggot that hates it when people touch your hair and you're always messing with it

it's a curse
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> tfw the girl who was my first love and never returned my affection is suddenly interested in me because I dress well and lift weights
> tfw everyone, even other straight guys, treats me better now that I'm more physically attractive
> tfw even though my social skills have declined over the years, everyone suddenly thinks I'm cool and wants to hang out with me
> tfw everyone is shallow and only wants to surround themselves with attractive people
>tfw you crotch rip your jeans in public

that's why i always match my underwear with my jeans, in case it happens again
nigga u should record everything and get the fuck out of that shit
how are you people ripping your crotches so much, literally never happened to me.
>inb4 small dick huhehue
I noticed that as well. People are so fucking weird.

When it gets long and I'm at home I can't stop playing with my fringe and making curls...
get better products
run through your hair every now and then to maintain it's style
i tailor my jeans to skinny tight, and it happened when i was fatter, now my waist looks like grandpa's trousers and i don't know how to tailor that shit

and yeah my 18cm schlong is kind of a problem
thick hair bro's, either of your wavy as shit too?

>get better products

like what? I already use some conditioner some hairdresser gave me a couple of years ago (Sebastian or sth like that), and yeah, I kind of see a difference when I use it but still...
i'm sorry to hear that, how long were you together?
>be me
>started to be effay just months ago
>really into post punk core and SLP
>get that vapid careless attitude that was hidden inside me
>grills eye me everytime
>go to a party full of qt tumblr tier grills
>the eyeing is hard with these qties
>social abilities are non existent
>spend all the party listening to the band playing, posing and drinking hard
>see how this qt eyes me and talks with her friends
>get too drunk to actually do shit about it
>tfw you forgot to approach and flirt
>tfw there's no point in being effay if you cant socialize

pls kill me, there's no,point in life anymore

Yeah, mine's wavy. It even makes curls when it's long enough.
like gatsby wax. that shit is magic.
>at orientation for expensive private southern college
>dress basic as fuck
>southern prepcore everyone
>best dressed there
It's gonna be a long year
>not having qts approach you instead

they clearly aren't tumblr girls if they're adhering to traditional gender roles like that :^)
>girl I'm seeing is a trainwreck
>aside from that, she lives far away; sex is sparse
>it's been a year since sex
>so lonely too; never get out of the house since my last semester finished
>nowhere to meet local qties my age/20 so can't go to the bars
>make online dating profile for casuals in the area
>been getting a lot of high ratings, good for my ego
>mostly disgusting land whales, the cute girls are all openly super feminist (wonder why they're single...)
>one girl is thin/effay/good taste in music; said we should hang out sometime
>now just random messaging girls who are semi-effay/attractive looking for sex
>feel so gross and desperate about the whole situation
>still going to get laid in the next week probably, so whatever
>tfw style hair exactly how I want it
>suddenly wind
>every moment wasted
>tfw I want a chin implant + rhinoplasty which could probably bring me up to a 8/10-9/10 facial wise.

Can I kill myself already /fa/?
/fit/ and /fa/ masterrace.

jk no clothes will ever fit you and you will have to find a really good tailor. But apparently you're supposed to get double the grills, which I'm still waiting on...
Mines straight as a ruler with one flick at the front. I can't shave it short because I have a weird hairline
/fit/ /lit/ /mu/ masterrace
we just can't win
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>tfw my ex, still the love of my life has completely moved on and turned into a clubslut
>tfw I see 3-4 girls regularly, they're all awesome, one doesn't have a gag reflex, one is kinky as fuck, one is a fetish crazed bitch, and the other, she's just fucking hot.
>7/10 minimum
>great to be around
>breakdown almost every night because they are piles of fucking garbage to me and I just want her back

MAKE IT STOP! I just fucking want her back. Please. Come back. I want to love you.

>pic is the bitch without a gag relfex
>thick luxurious hair
>starting to see a bit of scalp at front of head
>grandpa on mom's side is bald, and a couple uncles on that side have thinning hair, but no one else on either side
>paranoid about losing hair
>mostly date girls 25-32 who probably wouldn't give a shit if I was bald
>worried that thinning hair will hurt my chances with the 18-21 year-olds that I like to fuck occasionally

Time will tell, I guess.
>the cute girls are all openly super feminist (wonder why they're single...)
Dammit, I want a cute ferocious feminist gf :(
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>wanting a girl without a gag reflex
>not wanting a girl to vomit thick, chunky puke all over your stiff cock and hanging balls

Step it up, anon. Do you even emetophilia?
I just want gf back ;_;
I semi ktf. Is it possible that you're viewing things through nostalgia goggles? Surely you guys had some bad times and she has to do some things that bother you or you didn't like. Sometimes I'll focus on all the wonderful things about my ex, then take a second, and remember that she actually wasn't as perfect as I'm making it in my mind. It's just an effect of wanting what you can't have.
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why yohji why.jpg
25KB, 339x548px
>tfw poor
She dumped me.
I loved her. She's actually not as attractive or fun as the girls I am seeing now. But I just, I don't know, I just want to hear her voice, cuddle in bed, drive up to the lookout, cook meals together, help her with her clothes.

You're making me cry anon.
Nah man, hang in there. Or let it out, whatever. Sometimes we really want things we can't have. I'm sorry, anon. Stay strong and work on yourself, love yourself, and in time those feelings will fade and you'll find someone who's right for you. Love you!

Eh, iktf all too well... Technically seeing her is still on the table; I ignored her for 5 days trying to get over her, but she broke the silence first and started talking to me again. She said she wants to hang out, but last night she hung out with her ex... Truthfully I've been trying to hang out with other girls too, but I know I would be happiest with her.
this, kind of.
they think you dress "cute". and if they say you dress "handsomely", they secretly mean "cute". but it doesn't change the fact that these "older women" are probably old enough to be your mother.
An Oedipus Complex doesn't usually go that way.
I always tell myself not to drink because of this. I always get high instead, but my friends constantly get me to drink more.
>Got wasted on eggnog and vodka, proceeded to hang on a girl for an hour telling her that she's pretty.
>Get slightly drunk three months later, try and hit on the same girl, fail miserably
>Have yet to apologize to her.
>She doesn't seem to mind, still says hi to me and acts all nice and shit.
I think she enjoys betas like me fawning over her.
my ex dumped me as well in january, since the beginning of march she has been trying to get me back. I think I want to try again as I deep down know that I love her, but I'm so certain of that she'll leave me again that the feeling of mistrust ruins the warm feelings of love towards her.

I've felt depressed about waking up from my dreams nearly every morning for three months now, because I love her, but I can't take her back. I don't know how to get past all this
know that feel
i have a friend who always mixes really strong drinks. woke up one morning having no idea what happened.
the following monday a girl in my class whom i'm in no way attracted to comes up to me and says i tried to kiss her while i'm with my friends
Don't get back with her, out of respect to yourself.
I know that seems like some shitty advice, and it's much easier said then done, but know that I have been in your position.
I know about the dreams.

Relationships end, and she is not all you've built her up to be. Again, I know you may not be able to understand that but hopefully in time you will.

You shouldn't trust her, and getting back with her is only prolonging the inevitable. Getting back with her may feel good for a while, but her respect for you is gone. She may want you back, but getting back with her is the quickest way to make her not want you again.

>tfw it is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship.
>never root through the trash once the garbage has been dragged to the curb. you get messy, your neighbors see you do it, and what you thought was worth digging for is never as valuable as you thought it was.
Nt uncommon to date younger women unless they're under 18.

Most of the married people I know wife is like 2-5 years younger
but she wants me back and she has changed for the better, I've seen it
I've seen her take measures to fix her problems that she never would have done a year ago. I believe her when she says she loves me, but I need her to prove that we can go through the same situation that we once went through and that her feelings for me will live through it, I'm just unsure of that it'll be enough.

A couple of months ago I would had taken your advice and convinced myself to break up with her - but too many signs have showed me that I still love her. One's integrity and pride could be sacrificed if it is done to allow something beautiful to come to life again, but then you've got to believe that it WILL be beautiful.

Right now I need her to pass the test of the summer

But hey, tell us about your experience?
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oh fuck mate

thick hair checking in
>tfw my dream of long ass pirate hair is achievable
un-achievable i meant
as in it can never happen
>went to run errands with bae
>in line at safeway
>infront of us by two people is some tall fat metal guy
>he turns around and starts starring at me
>i whisper into the baes ear that some dude is thirsty for my dick
>we start talking about his outfit and laughing
>see his soul get crushed
>leave safeway
>go to clothing boutique
>now posting on /fa/ while bae is shopping
yeeeeeeee #dank
whats the fucking point of getting drunk if you arent getting wasted and puking over everyone
get some viagra m8
Can you leave already?
>order some clothes online
>pay the shipping cost
>clothes finally arrive
>they dont fit me
>a american medium is a normal large or very large
>it looks like a nightie on me
two questions:
What is a bae
Why are you such a jerk
>too many signs have showed me that I still love her
Yea. Ok. Have fucking fun with that.

Either open your eyes to reality or die in your delusions and false idealizations of "love."
It doesn't matter what she says.

I know she wants you back... now.
That's how it goes.

I had a long response, with a ton of cool advice and accidentally so I lost it all and now I'm mad, but also I know it doesn't matter because you'll chase your "love" until it leaves you more broken than it did before.

You'll discredit any advice as generalizations, because you know better than the people who have lived it, and seen it play out again and again. This story is cliche as fuck. It's basic attraction.

You owe it to YOURSELF to move on, and leave the past in the past. She will NEVER love you the way you think she will, and that isn't criticism to her.

>tfw healthy relationships are founded on genuine mutual desire, not a list of negotiated terms and obligations, and this is, by definition, exactly what any post-breakup relationship necessitates.
1.Girlfriend, wifey, etc.
2.He was giving some shithead smirk and so in the moment of insecurity i started picking him apart through personal appearance.
It probably wasn't the best thing to do but meh.
If my story is cliche, what does that make yours?
Life is full of people who have
a) managed to get back together with some ex and had a great time for however long and
b) tried to get back together with some ex and got fucked over again.

Of course the people who have suffered from scenario b are emotionally ripped apart, and I'm truly sorry for what someone did to you.
However, how would I know that I would be among the others in group b if I didn't give it a shot?
If it goes to shit, I'll join you later. I'm not nearly bitter enough to jump in your boat just yet, I believe that is a neccessity to be able to skip chances like the one ahead of me without thinking twice
If it doesn't go to shit however, I will be happy that I gave it a shot after all, and I won't go the rest of my life wondering what could have been.

>the desire is mutual, though we both have some mental issues to work past to be able to trust each other 100% again
>we are both willing to work on it and if we make it we will be stronger, closer and more open with each other than ever before
I knew you would talk about "what could have been" and I actually addressed that in my original post before I accidentally deleted it. I covered all that stuff, because I've seen this a million times.

>If my story is cliche, what does that make yours?
You don't get it. I'm not saying your relationship is cliche and mine isn't, i'm saying that there is a reason these things are cliche.

>I'm truly sorry for what someone did to you.
Stop that bullshit, like I'm speaking from one simple, personal story and am unable to see it from any other way. I made the mistake of getting back with an ex, and it was great, and we had a lot of great time together, and then it went to shit and then.... it sucked, and went to hell and you know what - it was my fault, for putting myself in that situation.
But don't think that one, single situation, is what I base all my advice off.

>I won't go the rest of my life wondering what could have been.
The flipside is going the rest of your life wondering what could have been if you DIDN'T get back with her, and moved on from the start.
There will ALWAYS be a "what if" play back in your head,in all situations. It's your life, and I already know your mind is made up because "hurr my undying love and passion" but i'm just saying, have fun with that.

The trust will never be there. Ever. The doubt is there. And I promise you, no matter what she SAYS to you, she knows it too.

Getting back with her comes with a loss of respect for you, on her end. I know you say "she wants me back" but you don't understand how irrelevant that is.
So similar happened to me.
>Last sept. broke my heart
>dragged it on til nov. by still needing me
>we didn't talk for 6 months
>a month ago started talking again
>decide to get back together
>lasts one weekend
>she does the same thing she did the first
>don't want to talk to her for a long time now
>still miss her but can't let her do that to me again

Shit sucks but you just gotta move on and put her out of your mind.
I have yet to see you contribute to this board man
Drop the trip smh
>There's a reason these things are cliche
Of course it is. A fair share of people getting back together with their exes get their feelings hurt again. Some doesn't. The question is cliche, the outcome is not.

>Stop that bullshit
Okay, I hear you. You've been through some shit and now you know what it's all about. What else can you base your advice off then?
The reason I'm asking is because everytime I've had this conversation with someone giving the same advice that you are giving, they've gotten all aggressive about it, exactly like you are now.

>hurr durr etc ridicculing my emotions for no particular reason other than you being bitter about having felt exactly like I feel now and getting fucked over
There won't be if I give it another go and fail. You made no sense in this point.

The trust is something we're both willing to work on. I'm not saying it will work with absolute certainty, but I want to try.
>tfw i need 500+ points for my course
go to a medic
Ok have fun with it.

It makes sense people get mad talking about this because it's like teaching grandpa how to fix a basic computer problem and he won't stop asking you if you're going to install a virus.

There is a lot of bitterness, from a lot of people, in any thread discussing relationships, but i'm not one of those guys, and I never have been.
I don't even regret the bad relationships i've been in because I've learned from them.

I hope you'll learn too. Maybe you need to get back in this relationship and let it run its course before you can learn, but hopefully you learn.
how tall are you?
Finally dropping the aggressive tone, I'm glad.
I'm actually thinking in these kind of areas too, I'll definetly earn some valuable knowledge from all this, no matter the outcome.

Thank you for your effort though, even though I didn't agree with your reasoning
That's the way it is man, you'll notice your job interviews will go much better as well. People care more about looks than anything, it's easier to get mad at somebody who is unattractive, it's easier to hate somebody who's unattractive, it's easier to mistreat somebody who's unattractive. I had the same experience.
>Finally dropping the aggressive tone, I'm glad.
Great, I'm glad I'm winning your approval.

Here is what you aren't understanding:
I'm not trying to convince you the relationship will end bad, i'm saying that it is fundamentally wrong for you to continue to pursue a relationship after it's ended.

There is nothing else that matters, no details, no "trust" no amount of perceived honestly, because it shouldn't even be considered.

You need to learn to for yourself, fine.
But you shouldn't even be considering getting back with her out of respect for yourself.

Hopefully that's the overall lesson you'll gain through this.

Getting back with her is only wasting time, but you'll see why later.
lol manzako
Tfw wake up in a police cell no recollection of the night before

Probably the worst feeling you can ever feel
>be super paranoid about my behavior after getting fucked up at a drinking party
I hope they keep inviting me places...
>moved to a new city about a year ago
>moved just before I started second year of sixth form so my schoolwork went to shit
>hardly any friends
>friends I do have are nice people but nerdy and not interested in fashion whatsoever
>they don't go out on weekends and I'm too much of a pussy to go out on my own clubbing and shit
>some times go to fnm because i'm a faggot an i play card games
>only time i really leave my house for any extended period of time
>always wear good stuff but people there wear ill fitting jeans and shitty graphic tees mainly
>none of them get it
>why god why
> fucking a girl and she tells me to stop because my dick is too big
> she gives me a handjob while we talk about our dead fathers
> only finish to be polite
> pick up her phone by mistake because all phones look the same now
> she thinks i'm stealing it and tells me to get out
> go to performance art show instead
> artist compliments my shoes
good day.
That shit can drag on forever with them getting back with you and then losing interest when they actually have you. In the end you have to stop giving your whole heart to people who don't commit like you do. If you can take them as they are and not expect too much then it's ok.
>few friends
>no motivation to be /fa/
>just browse /fa/ and clothing stores
>never get invited to parties
>dont want to go anyway
>live in a country where its difficult to do things i like
>few friends i do have have fairly different interests from me
I'm a fucking wavy cowlick-y bitch :(

My hair does whatever it wants no matter what.

IT TAKES ME 30 minutes to do tha back of my head just to get them down
Don't. Really. A 15 year old doesn't have the fucking capacity to be anything close to "mature". Trust me, I was in your exact situation. I told her no for a year but she got so forward I couldn't help myself eventually. We dated secretly (her parents knew though, and were fine with it) for a year and a half until she latched on to another older guy and we broke up. Afterwards I found out she had cheated on me with 7+ guys (still have no idea how many, I'm still finding shit out about what she was doing behind my back). On top of that, she told everyone that I took advantage of her/dumped her because she stopped putting out/etc. basically what I'm saying is a 15 year old is still a little kid with basically no idea of what is right or wrong. They're impulsive, stupid, and dishonest. Tell her no and don't talk to her anymore.
Yeah I know what you mean. She now lives 3 hours away so it's gonna be better now for me. It feels pretty good to finally really truthfully move on.
>7+ guys
how old were you
>tfw you're hair used to be so thick you needed to get it thinned.
>tfw turned 21 and im losing hair
>go to party on Saturday
>wearing a pretty sick fit
>good friends with father and brother of the hostess
>hostess is still in high school
>all her friends are in high school
>find out that I can still hold my liquor pretty well
>find out later after some guests leave that they were mirin' and said that they would do a threesome with me
>spend night spooning with some girl
>father invites me to chill anytime

It's been a hard couple months. It's just nice to win one.
mayeb just work for 16k ya faggot
I'm sorry anon, my dad's the same way and I'm probably going to end up there
I know that fucking feel. I'm too young to go to bars and nobody in my circle likes any of my interests..fucking sucks balls man
Good for you man keep it up and you might actually get some pussy in the next party

We're gonna make it, anon. We're all gonna make it.
>You'll never make it, you cant make it, you'll never make it, dont you know that you cant make it? You'll never make it
>fuck i really need X for Y fit
>get X
>fuck, i could use X with Z fit, but I need W
>get W
>man, W would look sick if I had some V and Q
>get V and Q
>V and Q would look sick with P in another fit

it just keeps going and my wallet just keeps shrinking



they say theyre mature, they fucking arent

never date girls in that age bracket, it NEVER works
inverse feel

>tfw no real desires fashion-wise
>blocked out a rough wardrobe addition plan a few months ago and surprisingly picked up p much everything
>now just coasting and dedicating any future cops to footwear
>say besides something like CPs which I've never had, not really pining for much, and would only cop at sweet price
>CPs float along in my size, brand new at great price
>that mother fucking feel when
well, they looked like tumblr grills, there was even one effay 5´11 grill

people is still too traditional in Mexico
>tfw you´ve been on calorie deficit for three months straight
>no sweets or treats for all that time
>be me today
>bought a whole liter of ice cream for myself
>not even the half and i feel regret and wanting to puke evrything out

fuck, i reaqlly need to smoke and get doped with caffeine
Did that guy who got the wrong Damir jacket twice ever get the right one?
What happened to your tumblr?
Nah, the jacket he got the 2nd time was worth more than what he paid for the thing they never sent him. He kept that
how much they cost u
Oh I thought he chickened out and sent it back. I guess it worked out to his advantage then.
Yeah it was pretty fucking disgusting
I was 4 years older than she was.
File: 1381618307550.jpg (376KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376KB, 1280x960px
>girl I've been seeing for past couple months is not working out
>never wants to hang out; we live an hour apart
>she's not really stable emotionally or something too
>she always does stuff (like go to shows, trips, etc.) without me
>she hangs out with other guys who live close to her
>bails on our plans more often than not
>I'm starting to feel like she only talks to me for some measure of validation, or she's got nothing else to d; but then again, all my relationships fail because I always imagine that I'm being had or cheated on
>after I don't talk to her for a couple days, she's always the first to call/text me back
>dem mixed feels
>can't leave her because there's nobody else in my life to potentially have sex with
>trying to hook up with girls from soc and other sites, but have too high of expectations/feel really lame and desperate doing it
>grandmother is dying from some botched surgery
>mom is pissed because I'm lazy/never do anything productive
>dad moved 5 hours away because he hates living here; he seems happier spending time with his niece than he does with his own son
>feel too shitty to get out of bed most days
>friends all have jobs and girlfriends, so they never hang out with me anymore
>tfw 5"11 and 163 lbs.
>have such an effay wardrobe, but never get to wear it anywhere

>pic very related... most exciting thing I've done today was actually finish doing my laundry.
10/10 advice

>Finally dropping the aggressive tone, I'm glad.

man youre such a passive aggressive arrogant cunt


>GF leaves me after 2 years and takes a trip to Spain
>Buy more clothes to help myself look better
>New haircut, new attitude
>Start working 6 days a week, making the big bucks
>Only think about the good times and focus on making more happen
>Still sad, but know that I have the potential to be happy and will be happy again
>tfw 5"11 and 165
>Grills still think I look good and I don't give a fuck either way
>The time to be afraid is over
>Time to live without fear

Get up and keep walking.
mah brah

i just ended a 2 year realtionship.

lets be strong bro
$250 almost brand new
>not flirting with this little girl will ruin my rep
doesn't sound like a rep you want tbh
There is literally nowhere for me to meet qties my own age socially where I live, unless I drive a half hour to the bigger city, where I have no friends/none of my friends ever want to go. I'm stuck bro, nowhere else to turn. I'm starting to go to local shows that don't cost much to get into, but I never end up meeting girls there... never meet guys (for new friends) either..

We can do it, bruh.


Start putting yourself into situations you normally wouldn't. I recently started trying parties for the first time. It can be really awkward, but you can meet some great people. I try doing all the things I couldn't do when I was in a relationship. I recently decided to book a trip to Mexico. Get those sick fits on, start going for a walk a day or something, maybe go and grab a coffee every morning. You'd be surprised how easy it is to make new friends. After my break up, I completely revamped my room. Repainted, new furniture, new everything.

You're the master of your fate, bro. You're the captain of your soul.
Do you live alone? What do you do when you go to parties? I'm going to a house party my co-worker invited me to and I think there will be a lot of my other co workers there. I'm kind of quiet at work and can get real quiet if I smoke + have alcohol which will be at the party so I might just stick to drinking. It would be cool to meet some people but idk I'm kind of awkward. What do you do at parties?
this please

i just usually talk with my friends and the friends of my friends if i feel like it and listen to the music and that but i feel so akward
yeah wish i could meet some cools bros and/or qts
what do you usually wear at parties?
Shit I just want to look cool im not interested in mating. Just walking around looking good is fun.

if you're young enough that it's socially acceptable just get really drunk before you go, learn where that sweet spot is where you're drunk enough that you can be confident but not so drunk you act like an idiot.

downside is that I don't remember any parties I go to.
i wear what i usually wear everyday, in my case it would be SLP core (referr to >>8365317)

i just dont, i join convos with some people and thats how i sort of meet people but ofc i forget about them the day after because i forget to ask their number or something or i´m too drunk to remember them

to the last party i went i met a pretty cool dude who likse the same music as me and another dude who teaches capoeira and shit like that, probably i wont see them again in my life

are you the same person who has posted about this in other threads

how the fuck can you even say SLP mode, SLP is a fucking made up brand and aspirational lifestyle that doesn't even mean anything except being rich and pretending to have taste
biking will wear down the crotch of your pants

where do you hang in detroit?
What is SLP?
well is easier and faster to write than post punk core and well, SLP is almost post punk core in a nutshell
Fucking duh nevermind lol.

Why don't you all chill in AA like the rest of us Michi/fa/ggots, Detroit sucks anyways

>downside is that I don't remember any parties I go to.

how the fuck do people do this

ive gotten so drunk ive passed out and needed my stomach pumped and i still remembered everything up to the point where i was in my friends bathroom

i swear its just a cop out to avoid feeling responsible for the retarded shit you did
Take them to a tailor, they'll sew a new patch on the inside over the rip to repair them for cheap.

fair; from a personal standpoint it's valuable to keep in mind how much you are defining a style versus how much you are eating someone else's expensive dog food.
tfw made a complete ass of myself in front of gf parents at a party
Saint Laurent Paris
>really thick hair
>style it perfectly, looks fantastic
>go outside
>wind from all directions
every time
>perfectly-styled hair
>perfectly-applied makeup
>step outside
>wind+hair+lip gloss = i am going to step in front of the first car i see
i take uppers when i drink and it always makes me super concerned and responsible
>tfw nobody likes the dude telling them to drink water and give him their keys at 3am
makes it way easier to pretend to be sober though so idgaf
>tfw cp sizing anxiety repeatedly keeps me from pulling a trigger on a pair
No one will hire me so I have to rely on my parents for money which means I can hardly ever cop new clothes.
But then you get a job and have no social life, and no place to show off your cool fits.

That's why when I'm at work I think about cool fits for my days off.
Then I have days off and I just post on 4chan until I have work again...
size one down and you'll be fine, enjoy the shoes :)
File: image.jpg (54KB, 366x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 366x416px
>just now starting to try and be social
>thinking about how much fun I've been missing out on all these years
File: image.jpg (95KB, 550x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 550x620px
>be unsatisfied in all romantic relationships as I'm a pretty assertive guy day to day but secretly submissive in the bedroom.
>dated girls in the past and have been obligated to be the tower of strength for them, which is not something I blame them for, it's just not what I need.
>brought it up with a gf that I really liked, dumped me for it
>meet girl that was super dominant at a party, she initiated and I love it
>go in a date afterwards and she is actually just a manipulative bitch who just wants money from me
>start feeling unwarrantedly resentful towards girls for being naturally submissive, which is ridiculous
>feel mentally ill, probably because I am. Will continue to have unsatisfying relationships with women because most seek validation and do not return it
>tfw no dommy gf to snuggle with and tell me it's okay ;_;
>pic unrelated
File: flander2.png (152KB, 317x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 317x437px
>tfw this is me (kinda) except I made it
:3333 dommy gf will snuggle me and tell me its okay
tfw life is gr8 and u can make it too
guys we're all gonna make it

rick has a plan for us all
File: 1400237211498.jpg (679KB, 1280x1750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
679KB, 1280x1750px
Hey, I'm actually pretty happy for you. How'd you find this girl bruz? What's she like?
File: 1381638843683.png (28KB, 500x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw copped a 10 samples pack of I Hate Perfume for 30$ at 1ml each

I'm perfectly okay with this, every day will be a day in front of the mailbox.
woops I mean the entire pack was $30, not that it was 30 for every 1ml bottle.
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