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>Get cancer >Get pale >Dark bags under eyes >Get

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>Get cancer
>Get pale
>Dark bags under eyes
>Get thin
>Chemo causes hair loss
>Get to die early

Why is cancer so /fa/? How should cancer patients dress?
hey good news is ur not fat which is #1 most important factor to being fa imo
All black, like death
Doesn't chemo also cause incontinence?

Are diapers effay and if so, which brands?
Haha I posted the exact same shit a few weeks back. Other thing: Chemo gives me dry skin, so I just make sure to moisturize and sunscreen against wrinkles, but yeah, no acne ever! Can eat whatever the fuck I want and shit.
Oh yeah, and are you also cancer, op? Male, or female? Just curious
What kinda cancer do you have?
you forgot
>chemo causes nails loss, eyebrows loss
>metastasis in liver, then whole GI tract fuses with your lungs and you cough up stools
>liver failure, oedema, bloated up full of water your eyeballs bulge out of your head

full rick
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Wtf kinda fucked up chemo are you on? I'm supposed to have a heavy kind, but my nails are actually getting a bit too long.
I dunno?
Yea plus you die young. And that's so effay.
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You just described the last twenty years of my life, OP.

We're in the same boat, and the ship is sinking.
>Why is cancer so /fa/?
Because high fashion (and a large part of western society) is fascinated by martyrdom and the ascetic ideal. It's nothing new, of course, and it was very prominent 20 years ago with the whole "goth" thing, but somehow there's a romantic glamor to sickness, shame, self-degradation, atrophy and so on.

The weird thing is that somehow it doesn't extend to slobs and cripples in general but only to those that look like they forced themselves to avoid everything.

According to Nietzsche the appeal comes from the vague implication that these people must be really strong-willed to inflict that upon themselves. The idea is that ascetes are the polar opposite of athletes and therefore equivalent to them (there's a few mentions of the "athletes of god" in the catholic traditions that refer to martyrs) which is pretty stupid when you think about it.

But there's also the fact that people in their 20s often have a strong enthusiasm for sublime aesthetics, that often (not always) boil down to spectacular depictions of danger, death and annihilation, and their effects on the comparatively insignificant individual who witnesses them. So that also comes into play.

And that's how you end up with a very rich tradition of poets and orators and moralists and artists who all think that being sick and impotent is the coolest thing of all time.

And since our civilization prefers victimhood to heroism, it makes sense that a miserable wretch would be seen as more admirable than a healthy, strong and powerful individual.

Everyone wants to be his/her own little Christ.
>tfw diagnosed with leukemia recently
I don't know how to feel anymore
Wtc cancer?
Fucking cancer :(
>feel bad for a month
>bfs mother feels my head
>my neck
>"anon you should go to a doc"
>go see doc
>feels my neck
>feels my pits
>"anon take off your shorts will ya?"
>"cancer huh?"
>"we'll get you in to a specialist"

>non hodgkins stage 4
>given a piss poor outlook

>treatment starts almost immediately
>doc says hes going to put me on a pretty arduous treatment schedule.
>"Anon. Im not going to bullshit you. You're going to wish for death."
>first treatment schedule for two weeks he's right. I was sicker than Id ever been. I couldnt eat. I was nauseous all day and night.
>halfway considered pot
>lost 15lbs

>Second treatment course
>decide Im going to fast like the buddha
>two days before I go to a light meal regimine
>my last meal is a breakfast salad the day before chemo
>day 7 of chemo, still no nausea
>doctor is amazed
>finally tell him im fasting.
>flips his shit
>but i can still get up and go to work.
>in fact i feel halfway human
>treatment course ends
>lost 14 lbs
>kept lean mass though
>After chemo course I eat my old weight lifting diet to gain mass
>went back to the gym and hit it hard
>four more treatment courses
>similar results
>spleen cancerous growth gets surgically removed

>couple months go by
>test show some activity so we do another schedule course
>doctor is losing his mind that Im handling it so well without nausea on my treatment.
>tells me hes doing a patient study on how well ive responded both cancerously and physiologically with treatment and fasting even though he says i should be eating.

>After second round im seeing more of the doctors interested in my case
>huge reduction in nodule sizes and regions. No more inflamed nodes below my diaphragm. My nodes on my trunk are really small. My neck ones are doing much better.
>the growth by my kidney is not showing up on ct(?) anymore.

>bulk up
>one more round
>fasting again
>been in remission since
>doc said later he was sure I was a dead man walking when he got my case
Don't know what to say, bro. Maybe your fasting experiments on yourself will point the way toward different avenues of research and more knowledge and progress and better results somewhere down the line. I hope so. May sound weird, but you're familiar with the Jungian idea of Collective Unconscious? I think it may be that when people go through extraordinarily difficult painful stuff, and are brave souls attempting to do something in a new, different way, it somehow on some level makes an impression on the collective mind, Collective Unconscious, thus propelling the species forward. If that makes any sense.

I hope things continue to get better for you.
This was really awesome to read. I think /fit/ would love this if you haven't posted about it already, but, damn, all the problems that people have on this site are so small and when you were handed the worst possible cards you just went right at it.
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give it your all my man

prove them wrong
Fuck yeeeeeah this right here!! I had stage 3+ hodgkins, but I'm almost done with chemo (three more rounds). I have experimented with fasting as well and my doctor fucking hated it when I mentioned it. After each (water) fasting session my leukocyte count goes up! Like, alot! The oncologist is a bit surprised and has accepted my ways, since I had too few white blood cells in the beginning. But since I started water fasting my levels have been stable. Which was unexpected, as I have only received more chemo eversince. Also exercise. I've been forcing myself to go for a run the first night after chemotherapy. I sweat out the chemicals, use up my glycogen stores and then fast. Like, no nausea whatsoever. And yet the oncologist and nutrition guy say it's dangerous and shit haha
A lot of chemos cause nail loss.
I'm sorry anon :(
Wanna tell me about it?
I dunno. Like yeah, my cancer type isn't as serious as leukemia but I was ready to die at some point (I seemed to be a late, unfortunate case). I literally don't see the point in feeling like shit when I have absolutely no control over the situation. As if bad feelings are going to cure the cancer or something. The best thing you can do is to research on how to deal with the medication and maybe some alternative shit because why not. Being a depressed fag can only make the cancer experience worse (obviously). Also, I know someone diagnosed with leukemia pretty recently. Country? Doubt you're the same person, that would be crazy.
My mum died of leukemia lately. There is nothing appealing about cancer
what type you got anon?
Wooden overalls
You died, Q.I.
Interesting post
My father died of a brain stem tumor.

Nothing about the process of seeing him go from healthy to bedridden to dead in half a year was appealing or aesthetic.
all black fetish diapers are /fa/
You mean the Fabine Seductions?
Are there even other black diapers?
Same. I lost my mom about a year and so ago to liver cancer. She had breast cancer when I was in middle school too.

I have not been ok since I saw her health deteriorate. The toll it has taken on my family and the sadness I feel is immeasurable.

I wish I could die, but I'm trying my best. I hope you guys have found peace somehow.
I am sorry to here that anon.
I have been really set in a view of death being a natural part of life for 10 or so years, so while it sucks not having my dad around, i find the pain and suffering he went through at the end significantly worse than his death itself.

Things may never be the same again, but they will get better, I promise
tfw it's terminal and you become the elephant in the room
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 6

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