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what are your hobbies /fa/gs aside fashion... /out/ X /k/ here

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what are your hobbies /fa/gs aside fashion...
/out/ X /k/ here trying to into /p/
I like to bait on /mu/, that board is awful. I like to play synthesizers. I like to walk my dog. I like to paint.
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/o/, /out/, /diy/, & /p/
I want to get into /k/ but I don't know that much
I would love to own a korg but all I have are fl vsts
I like to compose music as well, though I like to mix up acoustic instruments and synths.

Other hobbies: video games (both playing and coding), writing
good for u m8
i browse /his/, /sci/, and /lit/ semiseriously and /mu/ and /tv/ to shitpost
>I want to get into /k/ but I don't know that much
whos holding you back man... you wont regret it
Just free time and spare cash
Want to get a yugo sks soon
mfw i own sks too, but chinese
too lazy to look for pics, will post tomorow if thread will live
VSTs are ok, some can be even more versatile than hardware synths, I prefer hardware synths because I like to play without looking at a screen.

I rarely compose music, I just like to mess around with sounds and play random melodies. What acoustic instruments do you play? I want to play wind instruments, I like saxophones and flutes. (I don't like music with those instruments but they look fun to play)

thanks m8
Hiking, photography, and DIY stuff.
I never leave my house exept for the gym and to get food and all I do is play vidya and watch anime and shit post, at least I look good tho
>What acoustic instruments do you play?
Piano, harmonium (I like to mess around with most keyboard instruments), clarinet. I can also play other woodwinds, like recorder and hulusi.
Who /his/ here?

>mfw togas, ponchos and clamhys will never be accepted irl.
where was this picture taken? looks like a fun place to explore
op here again, forgot that
urbex is on top
File: IMG_20160417_213850.jpg (2MB, 4096x2731px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4096x2731px
I took it in an abandoned trainyard near jabunca springs CA, its right next to the border
I play violin and guitar (not so much violin anymore). I used to build/paint plamo, but that stopped a few years back. Other hobbies are cycling, boxing, cooking (I guess it counts), photography, and I'm getting into gardening since buying a house. I want to start hiking, woodworking, and maybe get a motorcycle, but I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin.
I like to go on 4chan.
Fucking degenerate neck yourself what a shit tier website, what retard fuck posts anything there?
Has anybody here ever gotten into sewing?
Yeah it's real fun! I'm not good at all but being able to fix simple things is pretty cool. I'm hoping to become more skilled and possibly make some clothes idek
>play guitar/write music
>hiking/camping while smoking weed (only time I smoke)
>video games
/film/, /mu/, /lit/, /v/, /co/, /m/, /a/
Not that I share those boards' extremely entry level taste, /film/ & /m/ excluded. I also skate and read a little arch and crit theory. My favorite drugs are ketamine, cocaine, adderall

just kys
I like to draw, been doing so for about 3 years, I have the basics down but I'm still developing my own style, it's pretty fun tho
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well I frequent /o/ , /g/ then /mu/ to shitpost.

>play guitar
>started producing
>i write for a newspaper
>vidya of course
>playing guitar and drums - music in general
>currently trying to learn German
>Video games
>drinking coffee with friends
>partying/going out to clubs (though I don't really do it that often)

I'd like to get into making ceramics - i've got a weird thing for collecting cool mugs
/mu/. Learning music production with FL Studio by myself, it's fun. I play bass.

/jp/. I like 2hu and melty blood.

/a/. have watched possibly 50+ anime in all my life but I read very few manga, just Blame!, BioMega and Berserk.

Steam. But not with /v/ or /vg/ they're honestly pretty bad at games or being a community. They will try to bring you down to their level.
Got any tips?
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being and /out/ solo backpacking on the AT and Appalachia is fun
I feel like I try to try every hobby or interest.

Lately I'm getting back into synthesizers. Been making old-school house and techno, lots of fun. Current setup is a Korg MS2000, Roland TR8, Native Instruments Maschine, Korg Volca Beat, Korg MS20ic, and an array of effects and pedals and the like. I'd really love some old modular Moog shit but this setup is pretty fun to play with as it is.

Pretty into everything with wheels. I've got a trials bike, dirt jumper, and a cyclocross bike right now. Just sold my CRF450, wanna build a Norton cafe/tracker now. No car as I just ride most places right now but I've been thinking about building some sort of German or Swedish rally beater. Been looking at Volvo 240, Saab 900, MB 190E, VW Rabbit, Ford Sierra. Never owned any of them before so should be pretty fun, a few are already in my budget as well.

I've got a DSLR and a GoPro but I really only use them if I'm doing something other people would actually want to see. It's fun but I can't really get into it as an activity in itself.

Got some guns. I don't really understand /k/ though, I can't nerd out about gun technology.

I only use fully free software. I studied information security so I guess you could call hacking a hobby for me. It's more of a tool than anything though, I'd rather be out doing actual shit.

Into literature/writing, art, architecture, foreign language and all that. Practically only it in the dark when I've got nothing else to do or learn about though, or if I'm at a museum. Learning Russian currently.

You could call backpacking, rock climbing, urban exploration, hiking/running hobbies as well but unless you're super into them all it takes to do is reasonable fitness. I'll do it if it's convenient. I'd rather take a motorcycle or something though.

Been doing train hopping, leatherworking, boxing, lock picking, counterfeiting (Just for fun) and that ish lately. Used to be a bit of a vandal. I'm into it. All over the place, man.
you sound like me >>11211233
but I haven't been productive lately. I just dj sets for a monthly basement party and sometimes on the local radio. I've been wanting to get into /o/ and fix up a motorbike but I'm in an apt and don't have a garage

I get worried I'm spreading myself thin. They say the best thing to do is find yourself a corner and chip away at it until you become a somebody. I'm just drifting from one interest to another with little to show for it.

i've been super productive lately luckily

it's pretty fun to host parties, done a few

i built a dirt bike upstairs once and then rode it out down the stairs once it was done hah

i have my fallback of infosec where i can make pretty solid money easily if i want to so i've just been looking for wherever i can be my best 'somebody'

i don't really feel like i'm spreading myself out thin because i commit to something until i'm done with it or at least have an opinion on it

it helps that for the past few months i've been in some form of lunacy where i don't even care that i don't do things with friends besides the occasional date with a girl, gives lots of time to obsess about shit. thank god i'm attractive because if not i would be totally fucked

i've always figured i should just do my own internet show or some shit and other people can keep up on my batshit decisions instead of me having to get good at any single thing

i know because of my obsessive behavior i could be pretty fucking good at anything i put my mind to obsessing about i just don't know what i want to be best at

i got time though, just graduated university four years early so i'm still pretty young

cut out most drugs lately besides liquor and cigarettes, and i won't drink or do anything at parties. tried most psychedelics a while back, could definitely use cocaine like caffeine if i could afford it.
get the vw rabbit
>I've been training parkour for 6 years now so that's pretty much my focus area rn
>I like to work on bicycles, draw, cook
>I write all kinds of genre, mostly editorial-type
>Trying to get myself to be a habitual reader, but I love it when I do
>Solo backpacking and urbex are deeply fascinating to me
>Want to get into garment design and construction
>Want to get into seedier shit along the lines of >>11211923
exploring my city
doing graffiti
getting high and writing excessively long posts on /qa/ about 4chan
Justin you aren't buying a gun
Soon Kyver soon
/co/ /mu/ fight me irl senpai
oh and ive been into snowboard culture since i was a kid but i'm growing out of it as snowboarding is difficult/expensive
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I'll commit seppuku when you do
do u jizz on ur mirror?

i'm split between getting a diesel or a gti but it is very tempting

a mk4 vr6 or tdi would be much more logical but i love the look of the mk1/2s

would probably be the most fun to toss around


i'm seedy, nice

i used to do parkour but got bored of how ineffective it is if you aren't in a total urban jungle and have crazy stamina you just look like an awkward jogger

garment design is easy just make shit you want, start by modifying stuff
File: ss+(2016-04-24+at+06.46.17).jpg (282KB, 962x535px)Image search: [Google]
282KB, 962x535px
i like photography, i recently got a minolta srt-303b and some film from 1975, going to get it developed soon

too lazy to edit this pic to have proper levels so inb4 that

i also use (mostly) free software, i bought a thinkpad off ebay and replaced a shitload of parts on it, installed elementary OS, and i use it as my school laptop. i use windows only on my desktop PC for gaming (i rarely play games anymore, though)

my first car was an e30 325i and i swapped an m50 from a e34 525i into it, i bought an entire donor car for the swap. someone hit me, now i have an is300. i put on the wheels, coilovers, and swapped the transmission from a pontiac solstice into it. it handles and feels really good, and i'm planning on taking it to a drift event next weekend too.

i've raised two chicks, but i had to give them away because they were messy. i own a dog, though.

i want to get into more hobbies though, but my car really keeps me busy, i'd say its my main hobby other than fashion
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I mostly browse /r9k/ and /a/. My hobbies include watching anime, playing dota, and listening to music. It seems like /fa/ and /r9k/ don't share many users. That's not exactly surprising to me. I'm a typical robot but I care too much a out what other people think about me so I dress nice. I guess it helps my confidence as well and I'd be lying if I said fashion wasn't fun.
File: 4622214137_be31e8b836_z.jpg (237KB, 640x426px)Image search: [Google]
237KB, 640x426px
>my first car was an e30 325i
I've always wanted an e30, they just so look so damn good. I'm fine borrowing my brother's car and using the metro now, but will probably buying a car for myself in a year when he leaves the city.

I already have about $6k saved up for nothing in particular. Is it a bad idea to get an old car like that? How much trouble did it give you? I don't have any experience working in cars besides changing oil and jumpstarting them, but I've heard the e30's are starting to be considered classics and the price is only going to keep rising.
they look amazing. before i got it it was my dream car, basically.

as your first car, well, if youre really unafraid of wrenching on it, and i mean REALLY unafraid, then you should get it. a lot of people like the look of e30s but they're not really about getting them, if you know what i mean. most people who talk about getting them are just living a pipe dream and end up getting a honda civic or something; dont get me wrong they're not bad cars, but you really have to be ready to start learning about cars when you get an e30 and won't be totally fucked if you dont have a running car for a while.

before i owned the car, my brother was an idiot and never replaced the oil on it, so he ended up blowing the motor. i swapped the motor and tranny so i wouldn't know how that stock motor is personally, but i hear good things about it. other than that of course, it was a good car. it only left me stranded once, and that was because i was a total noob. what happened was, it had an intermittent with the fuel pump, it'd randomly not want to start after you turn off the car. it was as easy as taking off the rear seat and unplugging it and plugging it back in, and i didn't think of that when i called for my friends to help me out with it. the car is easy to work on other than that.

i installed coilovers on them, so if you wanna go as low as your pic then that's what you'll have to do. it's kind of a pain to get them on because you have to get the front spindles welded onto the shock tower, so you're gonna have to find someone who's good at welding to do so. after that, you'll never be able to go back to stock suspension again unless you buy a new set of spindles, which i didn't really care about... but if you live in a place with shitty roads, then i guess that's something you'd want to consider.

it handles like no other. i still miss driving it, it felt so tight and nimble, nothing honestly compares to the raw feeling of driving that car
who /jiu jitsu/ here?
Thanks anon. around how much would you say I should expect to be investing into it beyond the initial purchase? I don't have any tools with me at all, living in apt but I'm changing leases to a house with a driveway in a few months. And I haven't really worked with machines, just with wood building furniture and in computer hardware, circuits etc. But I have a few friends who know there way around well. Would I be going in over my head?
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/mu/ (no time to.make.stuff atm)
Want to get into /out/, /p/, /ck/ and start lifting again.
/mu/ but I am just a listener at the moment
I'd like to get rid of my car, get something better to work on and start browsing /o/ more
Also graphic design and film but I don't really browse 4chan for that.
My more expensive hobbies are shooting and road biking

I'm currently building another road bike and I have like 5 trainers sitting around the house

Been quietly into cycling for about 5 years now.
You can't work on cars in an apt complex check your lease and county hazmat laws.

Coolant, used oil, trans fluid, read diff gear oil etc etc are all hazmat

For an e30 BMW, the engine bays are crampes as fuck. You're pretty much going to want snap-on or matco everything

Anything lesser is going to make even the simplest of tasks very difficult

Like a matco flip socket on a impact wrench makes a 25 minute job of removing wheels and tires into a 5 second job

You're going to want a half inch drive socket set and a 3/4 " drive set

Snap on makes awesome screwdrivers

You're going to need a torque wrench an air compressor, Jack and Jack stands engine puller etcetc

When I worked on Hondas I think I only spent like $12,000 total on tools because I didn't buy a snap on box.. .those are like $15k alone
And if you want to fab parts, Miller gtaw welder

Get a model that lets you do smaw as well for shit you don't care about like cast iron exhaust manifolds that crack

Lincoln electric welders are chibk made crap....if you don't have $3k for a welder....I guess go Hobart....which are nice enough welders but not god tier....

Don't spend less than $250 on your welding hood unless you don't give a fuck about your vision
I play guitar, lift, and read literature
and can't forget video games
Cool m8 post pic of doggo pls
I frequent /fa/, /mu/, /sci/ and /ic/
I run about 45 miles per week if you want to call that a hobby. I wish i could do like 60 some day
when is "watching tv, reading books, listening to music, exercising aren't hobbies" anon going to show up? I love destroying that guys argument every thread
who /ck/ here?

that person is me and I am here. exercising might be a hobby I guess, but reading, listening to music, and watching tv and playing video games or browsing the internet are not hobbies, they are just passive forms of consuming media
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reading books, drinking tea, reading books while drinking tea, listening to music, slowly transitioning from being very comfy in bed to falling asleep, recklessly spending money, compulsory lying are all my hobbies :^)
I'm into all American popular sports
I go to concerts

I listen to a lot of hip hop and punk music
I play dark souls and rainbow six siege

I fuck my gf
I read books on women's rights
sup brah
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i raise beetles and browse /x/ /mu/ and /g/ sometimes i also like talking about tanks and art history
Seems like lots of people play music

Me included, piano/guitar/vocals, started writing music but for now they're piano instrumentals which sound an awful lot like anime OSTs because I watch a lot of that. Cant write songs yet because I'm awful with lyrics.

Other hobbies would be rock climbing and wibd surfing.
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yung leo.jpg
112KB, 1920x1080px
I didn't remember that you used to be part time /o/ Sieg. Thats true, I remember that back in 2010 you mentioned /o/.
File: 02170011(1).jpg (241KB, 663x1000px)Image search: [Google]
241KB, 663x1000px
I've been into music production and composition for a while now, to the point where I've made work that I'm proud of. I also sing and have always been in school choirs growing up.

I'm into vidya as well, but I mainly play retro games and don't really follow modern gaming that closely. I play DDR on a competitive level too, and I've been thinking about getting into Smash recently.

I take part in individual sports like swimming and rollerblading, free running and gymnastics in the past too.

Right now I've been getting into film photography and working on my skills in that.
File: 3098904639_a1167eb8b6_o.jpg (49KB, 520x818px)Image search: [Google]
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I agree with you, partially. What would you define as a hobby? Production?

Because hobbies don't always necessarily produce anything, for example, participating in a sport or something like bird watching. I think hobbies are primarily about process and engagement.

In this sense, consumption /can/ be a hobby if it's not simply passive. For example, the distinction between someone who "likes movies" and someone who is actually into them, the latter would be engaged with not just films, but film theory and criticism as well, and spend time studying them just like one might study history.

You're right that simply entertaining yourself with media isn't a hobby, and it is pretty sad that people think it does constitute one. It's just distraction, even if you might have invested time to refine your taste in it. But nothing precludes the /possibility/ of connoisseurship.

A lot of the posts ITT include interests as well as hobbies. Which is fair considering the OP himself made that mistake. Fashion in the sense of developing your personal style isn't a hobby.
>guitar, i guess /mu/
>independent horror and thriller films
>Vertigo comics
>that person is me and I am here.
i have no idea why, but this made me laugh

i enjoy taking the piss out of you, but honestly i do agree in some respect; there are certain things that are so ingrained in normal human activity, they barely count as hobbies. However, i'd argue that if you care about something enough that you regularly visit a 4chan board (and presumably discuss and critique it) then that could constitute a hobby.

Maybe i'm just defending the hours i spend discussing movies/albums/designers, but i think there is something more to what i'm doing than your avergae Joe catching the newest cape movie, Twsift album or volcom tee.
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maxresdefault (2).jpg
132KB, 1280x720px
skate vidya /diy/


rip heracross.
anywhere to talk skate on the chans? 8ch's /sk8/ is dead. does /asp/ have generals?
>does /asp/ have generals
They have /eternal skate general/ for skateboarding and more occasional inline threads.
I watch anime and play vidya and only hang out with friends so I don't become a hermit
Anime and graffiti.

Fuck all that hipster shit I'm trying to get arrested.
Do you spray big anime tiddies on stuff?
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95KB, 600x402px
anyone else do bouldering here?
I've been going twice a week for years
>I want to play wind instruments

Get a Xaphoon, great fun and not too expensive!
skateboarding, music (listening as well as making), woodworking, painting, writing and i collect cool pictures from medieval manuscripts on pinterest
wrong kind of sword baka
damn great
thanks senpai
Cosplay, hiking, sewing, movies, and reading star wars books.
what's your experience with train hopping? my friend and I are planning to try it out soon.
melee is fun as fuck and worth getting into tbqh
Painting, sculpting, skating, cooking, making cocktails, decorating and /g/ related stuff.
making comic/concept art both digitally and traditionally, reading cyberpunk and scifi novels, skateboarding, building computers, watching anime, studying human muscular anatomy. Plus all the general stuff that everyone is into like music, traveling (although haven't been able to do much of that lately) and world news.

Hopefully i can manage to add learning languages to that list soon. Haven't had time to start yet though.
Also would like to get into drifting cars but haven't had the extra money to blow on a car that i'm gonna beat on, yet.
File: 1461774361365.jpg (150KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
150KB, 540x960px
I collect coins.
File: 1461774354423.jpg (160KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
160KB, 540x960px

File: 1461774365480.jpg (130KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
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way to kill the thread collectorfag

ride the grainers, you can hide in their hole

bring a bandanna or something to filter the air in tunnels

i have belt with a couple of stretches of webbing and caribeaners i used to strap myself to stuff, it's good for urban climbing too. makes riding suicide a little safer in some cases, but you risk being dragged along hanging from your own rope if you're stupid about it.

beware of bulls, just run/hide, they have no problem fucking you up as their whole life is devoted to kicking people off of trains

know where the junctions, hills, corners, and yards are gonna be, keep track of them when you're first hopping and once you get going because you don't know when you'll have to hop off and get back on. those are the 4 places where they'll generally slow down enough to hop them

have a backup plan, compass, and at least a general idea of where the routes go

if you have two people you can assign watch

don't surf unless you know nobody will see you

even a slow train will kill you if you end up under it

good gloves and waterproof clothes

that's all that comes to mind, can probably answer questions though
File: 1458194789541.png (92KB, 493x535px)Image search: [Google]
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/v/, /co/, /aco/, sometimes /trash/.
fuck I thought this meant we had an alt comix board now. fuck you, /co/ is shit with commercial ass taste you're all fag losers nigger nigger nigger
File: 1458262425512.png (46KB, 938x1060px)Image search: [Google]
46KB, 938x1060px
I don't even give a shit about comics amigo, I hate reading.
I just go there to get my draw requests done, and shitposting in the occassional Avatar thread.
fair enough but do you at least have good taste in vidya

I guess the question is do you use steam?
File: 1456366079319.gif (440KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
440KB, 640x480px
I do use Steam, most of the games I play are in emulators however. I like the old Neo Geo fighters like Breakers and Waku Waku 7.
The last game on Steam I was play was 100% Orange Juice, before my vision got worse.
I need to go to the eye doctor before I resume playing.

What games you like anon?

ANYONE with steam add me I love having /fa/ friends
Thread posts: 104
Thread images: 26

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