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Thank you

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Dear /fa/,

I will go ahead and just say that I've never really been to this board much, but a couple months ago I looked at my wardrobe and thought it kinda sucked. I never paid a huge amount of attention to clothing, and just bought my clothes from express when I needed something "nice" for events or work.

I know I know, express.. Anyway a couple months ago I went to tuxbell and asked you guys for some guidance on upping my fashion game, especially for work (I work at a credit union). You guys recommended a bunch of things but there was a lot of overlap, especially with J Crew being a solid choice.

I spent some money and changed my clothes around and I've been getting nonstop compliments on my attire, and it's all because of you all. I just wanted to say thanks, I don't know this board's culture at all and I don't know if people like "report" back to let you know how the recommendations played out, but in my case I'm here to say that your recommendations went over very well and I'm very satisfied right now with my new wardrobe. Thanks for the advice, and have a merry christmas!
post an outfit bitchboi
Yeh k. Props on improving your style, but I hope it isn't too mfa core (vnecks, khakis etc.). What I'm saying is, that it's easy to get stuck on this point, like it happens to many, myself included.

If you haven't already, try moving your wardrobe towards more minimalist options such as crewneck sweaters, leather sneakers, bombers, derbies & more. Focus more on heavier fabrics that drape well like wool/linen blends maybe even silk, but less cotton. You should try going for black/white(cream)/navy palette. After that it will become much easier to experiment and you will know what to do with your style. Thank me later.

maybe in a little bit, I have the day off today and I don't really wanna leap out of my comfy ass chill clothes


I don't know what mfa core is, but so far I really do enjoy the heavier fabrics. I bought a Ludlow Irish linen jacket / pant that I really love. Black and white are great, but I've been experimenting a bit with pastel colors, if that's the right term. Like a pale version of bold colors. As far as shoes go, I'm still a newbie there. I bought an entry level pair of light brown leather oxfords in full brogue. It's kind of my go-to work shoe for now, and the shoe I'll wear out if I'm trying a little.

Right now I try to stick mostly to the sales on J Crew, but I'm finding that they rarely put Traveler versions on sale... it might sound pleb but ironing is like my least favorite thing to do. Also, how do you get wrinkles out of a suit?? Do I just need to suck it up and get a steamer?
Nigga what? The shit you suggested is just like mfa

Literally told him to move from mfa to style forum lmao

Crew necks? Derbies? Really nigga? That's mfa staples
lmao. legitimately the most hilarious post i've ever seen posted here.

this is bait, op. you probably dress great if you're getting a bunch of compliments, people that dress in "more minimalist options such as... bombers, derbies... fabrics that drape... black/white(cream)/navy palette" are walking memes dressed by the internet and no one irl likes the way they dress.

I find it really hard, as a /fa/ newbie, to tell what is bait and what isn't bait on here. But yeah I find that lurking on this board a bit, I'm not really attracted to the meme clothes either.

Here's a question for you guys, how do you feel about rolled up pant cuffs? I've seen it like advertised everywhere. I kind of dig the fact that it does draw more attention to the shoe that's being worn, but you can't really wear socks if you do this.
Might aswell since you posted this.

I'd also like to thank the community and all the helpful posters here. I never really cared about my clothes or appearance beore, but after moving to a new city with a different climate, I figured I had a chance to upgrade my wardrobe and also make a better impression on the new people I'd meet. I started buying clothes that fit well, dressing in matching colours, paying more attention to textures, patterns and layering. Got a new haircut and started caring about my skin and got into fragances. I still have a long way to go, but I have been getting a lot of compliments on my style, and now that I'm back home for Christmas everybody is commenting on how much better I look.

T-thanks /fa/, you are huge cunts, but I could have never pulled that off without you.
why do you hope its not mfa core? seriously theres literally nothing wrong with v-necks and khaki pants. not everyone is 18 y/o and dressed in muh memeochrome.
raf simons rick owens
don't do it
with well fitting pants you can also show your shoes off and don't look like an autist (but you still can do it when wearing boots)

Alright, thanks for the input. That makes sense.


Glad to see I wasn't the only /fa/ newbie here.

I like this board. It's really hard to figure out what is and isn't meme here, but you guys do an excellent job of giving advice. It might sound like your posts fall on deaf ears, but there are probably a lot of newbies like myself and that other poster there that read what you're saying and are applying it in every day life. You might not believe it, but you guys do have a measurable effect on people!
yeah post a fit
Anon, in all honesty just lurk a little, pick a style that suits you and delve deep into the threads that interest you, copy outfits, find cheap versions from international sellers because you don't want to spend a lot of money on something you're new at and then regret it a few months down the line. Only spend big bucks if you're earning it & if you are 100% you'll wear the item(s) for a few years or enough to get your worth.
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Save styles you like and revisit them every now and then, you might notice quick shifts in your judgement and taste, it just means you're improving and you shouldn't feel uncomfortable. Don't make drastic decisions based on sale prices, look at an item as though it has no price figure, don't like something because it's cheap or vise-versa! You'll rue the day.
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Inspo threads are your best friend.

Often noticeable, is the insipid hatred cliques have for one another, the most ostracized and destranged folk are 'fuccbois'. Techno are probably the most relaxed but very accurate in taste, it's more of a hobby than a dress sense because clothing applies to environments that not everyone will live in.

Do you want to fit in? If the answer is yes, look to those that surround you most often, pickup on their style and tweak it for your wardrobe, piercings, haircuts, weight, fitness, all should impact your clothing choice as /fa/ is wholly about your appearance.
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/fa/ has advanced further into hobbies and you'll see more threads focused on daily living, jobs, food, etc. Absolutely everything and anything you do impacts your appearance and whether or not you are effay.

However many people dislike your fit there will always be a select group that you perfectly align with, or at least dobble with whilst you sort out your wardrobe.

This isn't to say you can fit in with every group though, there are standards and these are what you must pick up on. You cannot be a fuccboi if you are fat- just an example.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 4

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