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HELP - acceptable business casual shoes

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hello /fa/

I've never put much thought into my style or choice of clothes. I dress pretty cheaply to be honest and I don't buy new ones very often and when I do I do it in bulk. Terrible I know.

But recently however it has been decided at work that I will be part of the group that is going to some business partners abroad and that I'll have to dress atleast up to business casual dress code.

pic related - at first I thought I'd need to wear a full suit and this was taken at the store

Anyway I have decided on a black Lacoste V-neck sweater that I happen to have(fairly plain, except the croc), a white\black shirt(the one in the pic) pants like those or maybe in black aswell but I have a big problem with shoes.. What are acceptable bussiness casual shoes? Is there any kind of sneaker that could work? I find the shoes for dress suites very strange and I don't feel good wearing them. Not physically uncomfortable tho.
OP here

also any advice on white vs black shirt and pants in pic vs same black variant would be most welcome
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First of all avoid black shirts, it doesnt fit everything,

please get, for business casual:

Grey V-neck sweater
Navy Blue V-neck sweater

White Shirt
Light blue shirt
Maybe a white + stripe shirt (stripes can be blue, grey.. sometimes a bit more fancy like red but be careful with that)

Grey pants (generally chinos)
Navy Blue pants
Tan pants

Black and Brown Belt

You can switch all these items and always look good, also wearing a tie with those items is always cool.

For shoes, I got pic related theyre good, but I would rather go with brown shoes first (with the brown belt)

type of shoe can be:
Pic related
Chelsea boots
First of all thank you so much for replying!

I would also like to note I'm on a budget and I will be playing a side role so I don't have to outdress anybody.

What I want to say, would the shirt advice from your post apply if the sweater was black aswell? Honestly I'd prefer to use the one I already have.

You also mentioned grey chino pants. Would the ones from the pic in OP not work? They're very affordable.

I also like the shoes from your post. I could work with that.
Ok. First you need to determine how buisness and how casual you have to look. I wear blazer, shirt, black jeans and stans as more casual look and swap jeans for chinos or wool trousers with brown derbies for more business look.

Second. Nothing in your photo fits you. Hope you didn't buy it.
no I didn't buy anything. It was just recon.

But if I do buy anything it will be off the rack and no tailoring to fit since I got this assignment last second. So I need clothes that you can hardly go wrong with but also won't cost a fortune.

Oh and they specifically said no jeans.
Go to a place that stocks a ton of manufactures. Unless you have odd proportions, you should find a brand that fits you well of the rack. Try the different fits too (slim fit / fitted / regular).

Find a local tailor. Ask the sales manager of the store you're buying the clothes at. They may be able to recommend someone. You can get things tailored within a day or two, sometimes even the same day if it's not too extreme.
would the pants from the OP work if I had them shortened? I'm very skinny(think dachau) and I generally don't buy totally tight fit clothes.

Fuck jeans bro.

I repeat, avoid black, it's considered too formal and usually used only for events like weddings, evening parties etc.(also, if you sweat a lot, you will have white stains on it real quick).

I use HM shirts, they're 10€ here in Belgium

Honestly, if you buy all I said in this post>>10672237
You would probably pay around 100€ if you get everything in HM (good starters, the items get crappy over time but not too quick).

Pay for that, unless you want to look like shit, but I doubt it
100€ is reasonable, I'm willing to pay that. The suit in the pic is 40€ for top and 25€ for bottom and I found some silly shoes for 30€ so I was talking in that range anyway. I'll check H&M tommorow. You meant that by HM right? I'm having some trouble understanding you guys with chinos and derbies so I google alot.

Oh and thanks for all the advice. I will take everything in mind when going to the stores tommorow.
Yes bro, H&M, you got everything you need over there

Check out RealMenRealStyle website and youtube, there is some useful information over there
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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