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Lets have another discussion on ZERO-DROP shoes. This means

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Lets have another discussion on ZERO-DROP shoes. This means no heel elevation and minimal toe spring. (Some shoes still claim zero drop even though they have some amount of medial post/arch "support," but I can only wear shoes that are completely flat across, nothing pressing up into the mid foot).


My experiences so far:

>Lems Primal 2
These are the ones I wear most often, in black and brown. I but special thin shock absorber pads under the insole and can walk for 5 hours if I want.

>Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer
I copped one of the models that looks like a normal shoe with laces from their website. Shit is uber comfy at first, but over time molds to the shape of your foot, so no longer zero drop and loses some cushioning ability but still pretty good. These are best for wearing without socks, and I like to wear them on beach days because there's still plenty of material without a removable insole, and easy to get the sand out.

>Soft Star
Pretty much the only true zero drop absolutely flat shoe. I found it great for hiking in- until I noticed the toe box is unusually rounded and the foot slides up and get smashed. Would only consider it again if I talk to them and as to not round the toe box by the big toes. Also kinda tacky looking and most expensive.

>Vibram 5 fingers.
Looks weird as fuck and gets unwanted attention, the most minimal models are unsafely thin, for me at least. Nowadays I rarely wear the toe shoes, and if I do its a thick model to go hiking in.

>Converse all star
I wear these when I just feel like wearing a thick shoe and not worry about landing too hard on my feet. Though they do have a very tiny arch support which I only notice when I walk in them, and it creates more strain on my knees, but comfy enough to wear casually, not for long walks.

I'm not a runner, I switched to 0 drop and barefoot shoes to adapt/rehabilitate after a foot + knee injury, and it has been very successful. Orthotics are bullshit.
The lems look nice.

What about vans?
Too stiff to walk in comfortably.

The sk8hi also has more of an arch bump than my chucks. It feels fine on my normal foot, but the one that was injured sticks out lower in the center, so feel uncomfortable under the heel and hurts the knee when something pressing up into it.

Also, gotta say Altra would be an awesome shoe if they made some that are totally flat across the middle. Its a running shoe but they make a casual wear version in plain black and brown.
i'm interested in hearing more about those vibram 5 fingers shoes. what do they feel like? i've heard it's like walking barefoot but with a bit of protection. how is the toe movement and overall feel of it?
What is the benefit of zero drop soles?
I've been waiting for this thread to happen, thanks OP.

I've really been thinking about getting a pair of Lem's. Could you please post a pic of the black ones with some normal pants? Kinda wondering how they look irl. Would be really cool of you.

Also, are converses truly flat? I have been trying to find info about their heel-to-toe ratio.
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Do you actually use these for what they are made for like, ya know, running and training?
bump, interested
fundamentally, non-zero-drop shoes (that is, the heel is more elevated than the forefoot) are shit for your feet. your feet don't naturally have a heel-toe drop, and adding one essentially forces your foot to rest on the bone as opposed to being supported by certain muscles in the calf. this is most notable when you're running, when it directly leads to you landing on your heel first. this fucks up your knees, hips, and just about every part of your body, as well as your posture. a lifetime of wearing shoes with a heel-toe drop will leave you with weakened calf muscles, stressed joints, fucked cartilage and potentially a lot of injuries if you're running or exercising. I only run in zero-drop shoes; unfortunately I find that there aren't enough casual zero-drop options to warrant everyday wear.

look into skoras. they have like one model that isn't ugly as shit but if you actually have to wear a zero-drop shoe for medical reasons, it's at least worth looking into.
There is no evidence that wearing zero-drop shoes leads to fewer exercise-related injuries. This is why vibram was sued a few years ago.
That said, I wear them because I think they make a hell of a lot more sense than heeled, unnaturally-shaped shoes.
A hightop Lems sneaker would be more aesthetic with normal pants than the low ankle version it comes in. I emailed them about this and they suggested it may be coming next spring. Tbh I wear cuffed pants, or whatever you call it when the pant leg turns into a narrow sleeve at the end. Quality of life significantly improved when I can wear any shoes without worrying about my pant leg becoming untucked and dragging on the ground.

Converse are actually flat, but as I mentioned the have a tiny curve in the midfoot and some toe spring.

Though the zero-drop trend probably started in running, these I mentioned were specifically made to be casual everyday shoes. Except the VFF, which I relegate to hiking. Its not uncommon to see people walkign around in SoCal in toe shoes, but it got me too much unwanted attention and sore feet- I'm sure most of the people who say you can wear the KSO all day every day mostly walk on grass and dirt.
>as I mentioned

Sorry, missed that.

Thanks for the answers though! And they don't seem to be falling apart?
This is true. There's also no evidence that wearing shoes with support decreases injuries, in fact in's probably the opposite. So at this point, we don't really know.
There's also that any studies of conventional vs zero drop shoes are only done in the context of running
I like this brand, or Merrel.

What the fuck is this thread?

I come back to /fa/ for one day and there is a thread discussing orthotic shoes. These look like total shit this has nothing to do with fashion. Go see a chiropractor if you are having problems.
Who do they even go as far to even call these "barefoot shoes" yet they have a huge noticable arch support in the middle?

>Go see a chiropractor if you are having problems.
Did this over a year ago. He said there is nothing that can be done except orthotics and surgery. Did my own research and was able to gradually rehabilitate by walking barefoot and wearing thin, wide zero-drop shoes otherwise. I have long since returned to being normally able-bodied, but still can't wear normal shoes with heels and arch support.

Hence the point of this thread is to discuss reasonably fasionable footwear that meets these standards.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 4

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