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What is "business casual"? I have a life determining

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What is "business casual"?

I have a life determining interview in 7 days and I have 7 days to perfect the "business casual" look.

What exactly does /fa/ consider business casual? What are some good clothing for tall, skinny men to look business casual? What are some brands that would fit me well?
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I'll post a few more pictures I guess. This is very important to me. I need to look swell.
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Formal trousers
Casual patterned shirt tucked in
Square toed shoes
wear dress shoes and socks

tuck your dress shirt in

wear a belt.

there "business casual". it doesn't fucking mean look casual with a button down on.

"business" attire is the same except you have a suit on as well
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What are some good places to buy this stuff in Canada? If I go to the Bay, will the people there assist me in finding something that looks nice + matches. Don't want to look like a disaster.

How easy is it to get clothes tailored? Is this recommended? I have a weird body shape.
urrrr this pic makes me uncomfortable in a naughty way.
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Can we stick to the topic at hand? What is essential to a "business casual" look in 2015, and how can I achieve it?

Let's keep in mind it is very cold where I live and snowing, so I will need a jacket as well I assume. Shoes, jacket, shirt, pants. I have a couple watches so I should be fine in that regard.

Also what should I do with my hair? It's at the awkward phase of growing out a buzzcut.
Brown leather oxfords, chinos with a brown leather belt, a white or pale blue dress shirt (tucked in, no tie, top button only undone), and a sports jacket.
Basically this. A cardigan or sweater in place of the blazer would be fine, too. Can't help with the hair, consider seeing a barber or stylist
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shoes and trousers/skinny jeans with the shirt untucked and a cardigan or bomber jacket
What color chinos? I think this would be a nice look. What color sports jacket?

It's snowing and freezing so I think a jacket would be more appropriate.
Lighter chinos, tan maybe, will go with pretty much any colour. Blue jacket would work quite well. Navy chinos with a lighter blue or grey jacket could also look good.
jeans are not business anything, "shoes" is pretty fuckin vague, I wouldn't call a bomber jacket business either. What kind of shirt? This advice was about as vague and useless as you could get.
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Your shilling has failed Todd
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Seriously get off this board
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Hm. I have these dress shoes. They're dark brown, almost purple color. I could wear them right?

Possibly with those pants? They're dark blue chinos. I could easily go buy new ones if another color would work better with the shoes.
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shut the fuck up you imbecile you havent contributed anything or said where i went wrong. if you want something specific just copy pic related, unless that's too hard for you also?
Calm the fuck down. Have you ever had a job where the dress standard was business casual? I said exactly where you went wrong. Business casual in every environment I have worked in was dress shoes, chinos/wool trousers (straight or slim fit, not this wrinkly skin tight bullshit), leather belt, polo/OCBD, tie optional. Polos were on border of too casual and generally discouraged unless you're in a somewhat active position (aka anything that wasn't just sitting at a desk for 8 hours). Those tennis shoes/sneakers and those pants look too casual to me.
As long as you match the shoes to the belt, yeah I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work. Make sure you iron your pants (and your shirt too but those pants are pretty wrinkled it looks)
if you're going to wear jeans:
black or very dark blue
free of that fake distressed/worn-in bullshit
slim but not tight
don't bunch up too much where they hit your shoes

1. Dress shoes
2. Dark socks unless you really know what you are doing.
2. Chinos (not skin-tight, and also not so short that people can either see your socks or skin when standing)
3. Dress Shirt tucked in. top button unbuttoned
4. Leather Belt
5. Sports Jacket

Its not rocket science.
copy pic related but wear socks gl on that interview anon
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Here are two more pictures of what I came up with using the clothes I already have. I can buy a new belt, shirt, and shoes. Or pants. Whatever.

I think this outfit with a different shirt could work though.

Only problem is that I have a gut and tucking my shirt in makes me look like a fuckin idiot.
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Dark sports jacket and you are set. Not stylish as fuck, but that isn't the point for a business casual interview.
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wtf? just wear pic. dont be a fag when it's your job unless it's a fashion job
Nice titz
ITT: help poor babby learn simple color coordination and wardrobe matching
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Switch shirt to light blue one.

More playah, less dadcore/pedo.

Seriously, why do people even buy non-light blue shirts?
One break at the shoe is the standard, with no break being preferred by some, which is also ok
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One final pic before I go buy a light blue shirt, a belt to match these shoes, and a jacket.
its dangies
buy some longer pants while you're at it, and socks that aren't white
Dark brown belt and shoes + navy socks.

Good job mang.
literally end your own life you narcissistic piece of shit
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I think I'm finished. Got a new belt to match the shoes and got a different shirt. I need to work on my body badly, but that will come in time.

For now I can cover my body with some sort of nice sweater or a jacket. What should I do?
holy shit kids are clueless these days
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Looking good, m'man!

I'd skip a jacket for the first interview and either go like that or put on a sweater.

Everyone thinks the world revolves around them and they ALWAYS have to show off how unique they are to everyone.

It's like the fuckers going to a funeral in black skinny jeans and a band t-shirt, just because 'that's who I am!'.

You can take solace in the fact that retarded losers like that will never get a good job, and are destined to serve your children their burgers and fries.
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Thread images: 19

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