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Is this base okay for lilac hair?

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Hi! New here so sorry in advance if I leave any important things out.

Top left: with overhead fluorescent light
Top right: natural light

My natural hair color is dark brown to black and I bleached it thrice to get it to this point. Right now I really do not want to bleach again since the ends are starting to look pretty dry and tangled and some strands are quite fragile - they break off easily when I comb my hair roughly. Might even get it cut tomorrow.

DIY-ed it so some areas are lighter than the others but I think I kinda like it since it gives my hair dimension.

Goal is to get lilac hair , either light pastel (lower left), or a dustier pastel (lower right). not sure which shade fits my complexion better (tanned SE asian skin). What do you think?

I currently have the following products on hand: Wella T14, Arctic Fox Poseidon, Arctic Fox Virgin Pink, & Sparks Starbright Silver, & some cheap white conditioner.

Would the Wella T14 work? Or should I get the T18? I can also get the 050 additive tomorrow if you think it’ll be a better base & if dusty lilac is better for my skin tone.

Sorry for the super long post hahaha
Slightly panicking since I have an event in 5 days so I need to fix my hair asap. :))
Why would you be dyeing it an unnatural colour in the first place?
You're going to get a lot of shit advice here because nobody is going to know anything about this and they're going to sperg out over your hair color choice because it's getting to be a popular thing to do

But i would think that's light enough for dyeing, and I would also think more bleach isn't really an option. No good advice on which products to use to dye though.
Frank opinion: you have a bigger issue with your hair that should be addressed first. Your top-right section image makes your hair look a bit fried, which I think would look awful, lilac or not. It's juuuust on the border of that "overprocessed and crunchy" look that just... ugh.

That said: lilac hair looks okay in photos such as those but would look kinda Tumblr-y in person. Are you sure you want to go for such a bold look? (and if you did, my vote is on the "dustier pastel" in the lower-right-hand corner).
your hair needs to be platinum blonde in order to go full on like nicole
You'll get some reasonable advice on /cgl in their hair thread, but your hair looks really dry and underconditioned. How long between bleachings?
Your hair looks light enough enough for the purple dye right now imo. If I were you I would dye it a darker purple now and just let it fade until it gets to lilac, which will take a few weeks but the color would last longer than just dying it lighter. Just make sure you research what brands won't fade as fast, I know back in the day special effects was da best but that was a few years ago. Don't listen to what these boring autists here say, lilac hair looks awesome irl as long as your hair isn't completely fried after you bleach it. Your hair looks pretty fried right now but it'll be okay as long as you get it trimmed soon and don't keep bleaching it. Also, getting some deep conditioner is worth it even if it's a 3 dollar packet of the heavy duty conditioner from the drug store.

>I bleached and then dyed my hair lilac when I was a cool scene kid in high school :^)
you look south east asian, you basically kill trends

trends =

Niggers -> Japanese bitches-> white bitches -> Fat white bitches -> dead when it hits Koreans/Filipinos/Chinese
As others said: color is second to the texture/condition of your hair. People care more about your hair looking smooth and 'natural', even if that means putting all kinds of products in.

niggers set trends only among themselves and anyone who copies them is a retarded SJW or that 'lol im friends with black people :)' white sloot
Although it's probably light enough, the issue you'll have is with the tone.

If it's brassy in person like it is in the first picture then spend some time using a lilac or silver toner to bring out more of a cool tone in the hair and make sure to use a toning shampoo.

The lilac colour you want probably wouldn't take well to brassiness, and if you just use a lilac toner you may end up with a baby version what you want without dying it again as well.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 1

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