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Long story short, my dad got me this backpack for my birthday

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Long story short, my dad got me this backpack for my birthday (I'm 26, but we don't talk much so he tries to make up for it by buying me insanely expensive things).

Problem is, it seems kind of ugly to me. Am I wrong? Is my sense of style broken? Is TUMI a fashionable or even just a good-quality brand?

This backpack apparently retails for ~500 dollars, and the receipt I found inside suggests he bought it at DFS at an airport in Italy, so I sure as fuck can't just lose it, and I doubt I can return it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

>Buying a Tumi backpack.

To be honest the quality is great (well used to be, zippers have gone a bit shitty since 2010)
The warranty is also great (well used to be, no longer lifetime no questions asked)

The look? Their big failure, I have an Alpha briefcase for carrying my laptop in an urban setting, it's an amazingly well built bag and maybe even iconic, but good looking?Not really.

They try to apply their "business" look to anything, and that's why the backpacks look so weird, they are designed to look passable in an office and not like a high-schoolers one.

It just doesn't work in terms of looks. It will be well made and probably outlast your old man that it will do.

(unless their quality really has taken a turn for the worse, it's been on a slippery slope since '05)
looks alright but it would look better on black
what i would do is bring it in to somebody to paint the leather black or do it myself.
I think it looks really nice. The zippers are a bit big though.
yeah it would make the ugly zippers stand out less

It is not exacty beautiful but I think you can make it work in a rugged kind of way. Draw something cool on it if you are artistic. Appreciate the quality.
I'm a complete neophyte with leather stuff so I'm surprised to hear that it's even possible to paint leather black (unless you mean doing it some janky way like spraypainting it - hopefully not).

It's not just the color, though. The size seems a little small to me (this image illustrates it pretty well I guess). Maybe I'm just used to bigger messenger bags so this feels like a very un-utilitarian bag given its size. Maybe I'll get used to it.
there are places you can take it in and they'll do it for you profesionally, i did it with my leather jacket.
if u look around the internet you'll find a place in ur city for sure
I'll consider that. I certainly expressed gratitude to him, but if for instance I could've returned this for cash and put that money toward my car, or rent, or food or whatever, I would've strongly preferred that. I have a good backpack for travel, he bought me a nice messenger bag a few years ago, and my day-to-day is yet another messenger bag.

Actually, come to think of it, I have like half a dozen bags now (backpacks and messenger bags) (all but one were gifts) so I think this is just the last straw for me. If I had 0 backpacks I could say that this fills that niche, as gaudy as the brown is and all that.

Fair enough.
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It doesn't look horrible but I wouldn't wear it.
You should check out Briefing
Japanese brand that makes military grade bags/baggage in America
Everything is well designed, looks good, and is completely bombproof
There's a retailer in L.A. that has them

No need, my 2005 Tumi still has no blemishes and the original lifetime warranty.

But thanks.
The brown looks a little more gaudy in real life. I can take a picture if someone would like, but I'm not going to photograph myself wearing it in part because that'd be an awkward setup and I don't want you all commenting on my pajamas and shit.

The bigger issue is that I have a timbuk2 backpack for traveling, THREE messenger bags (a very cheap canvas bag, a timbuk2 bag that I can clip on to the back of my bike for rides, and a Jekyll & Hide briefcase sort of thing my dad got me (yes, another one) a few years back that's actually quite nice that I take to conferences and stuff). And my sister got me a black Cole Haan briefcase kind of bag that same year as the Jekyll & Hide bag (they don't talk, so this was bound to happen).

So in summation I have:
- 2 messenger bags
- 2 briefcases
- 1 duffel bag
- 2 backpacks

I don't remember telling anyone I was this interested in bags, but I need to put a stop to it before I hit double digits.
minor update:
I noticed that the bag the backpack came in strongly advertises that they do returns and stuff (probably to reassure customers that they won't be fucked if they buy a dud in a store a thousand miles from home), so I contacted the site's customer service to ask how to go about doing this. The receipt looks like a local shop, but it doesn't indicate any taxes were taken so I'm *hoping* they honor some larger exchange/return system/program, in which case I could just package this backpack back up, send it to some place, and get cash/money back.

Here's to hoping. Even if they'd just credit my dad's credit card back and I wouldn't see anything, I figure he could use the money more than I could use the bag.
Thread posts: 15
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