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Is USSR military wear /fa/?
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no, but the soviet look is
yuh bruh
the militant socialist look is /fa/ af
Better than the nazis, in part.
They made some great camos, Strichtarn and Fl├Ąchentarn are beautiful.

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How do I stop my jeans from getting distressed?
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Don't wear them.

mfw /fa/ can't give 1 (one) rational reason for shaving
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Your workplace requires it.
That is untrue. Also, why?
if you can't grow a proper beard like me, you look x10000 better clean shaven...

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fa I need help.
What are these shoes called? They're vintage reeboks from some film. Any help?
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i think their ricky kickies
confirmed, they're Reeboks
I think they're just classics
Idk if u can find the exact color tho
They are so sexy omg

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hi i saw this on a thread somewhere and i was wondering where do i cop it
thanks :)
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post it on the W2C thread. Thats what they're for
that is the rick owens aw03 trucker parka
You don't, unless you find somebody willing to sell and you can dish out the money. Also please refrain from buying Ra- Rick Owens without extensive knowledge about his godly work.

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i keep seeing that shit on WAYWT threads and i know this doesnt deserve its own thread but fuck it,heres an example
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who fucking cares lmoa
you think youre going to get extra approval points from random internet strangers you'll never meet in real life because of some shitty effect you use to cover up your face?
that's just a vape
he must be running some custom mods to get that kind of colour and thickness though

is Barron Trump /fa/?
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we have several threads about it
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he's autistic and I hope the trump-family can provide a good life for him

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Do you judge people who wear cheap knock-offs?
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Of course I do. There's literally nothing more pathetic.

Even more so if said knock-offs are of shit mall brands like Timberland.
nah. especially if theyre a good knockoff then i dont care much. i know what its like to want nice things and not have the money for it so dont really have the room to be an elitist
t. Mommy and daddy buy me everything

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>got tricked into doing buzzcut
Currently growing it out.
Who else got tricked?
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i got tricked into getting a bowlcut now i look like i'm freaking 14... i'm 35
But looking younger is a priority why should you want to look old
I did, but I also don't know what other cut to get these days aside from "just a trim", so I'm contemplating getting a fade cut the next time I go for one, which is long overdue. Just not sure if I'll get gypped like with the buzz

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Where can I find sites/brands like this - https://ballandchainco.com/collections/t-shirts

but without all the depression/edgy cringe shit? Decent prices are also a plus.
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i posted that earlier. it's streetwear so just look for that
just type in streetwear brands? I don't want supreme/palace/etc, but small sites, idk how to find them tho.
i know more brands for women then men sorry but here's some unisex ones


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Is there any way to fade denim or make it a little darker/less vibrant? I got a denim jacket from levis and the lights in my house made it look a completely different color than what it actually is so now i'm stuck with this ugly dadwash ultra blue jacket

pic unrelated
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Rub it against brown
Leave it in the sun for a couple days

Bleach it

Use an abrasive against it?


Post your grails here, no matter how basic.

My current lust. Get at me if you've got one to sell.

Our Legacy Octopus Jacket from S/S 2013.
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There's an XS on grailed.

Who's supposed to fit in that, my 8 year old nephew?
How the fuck do I know what size you are, faggot?

You're welcome for the help, by the way. Hope your nephew gets murdered!

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Guys I'm trying to remember the name of this really cheap Korean website that had a bunch of cool shit, had a lot of oversized sweaters and turtle necks and a wide range of different fitting trousers with that 90s style all of the fuccgirls like now a days.

It had a really weird English name that purposefully misspelled a word somewhere a long the lines of "IHRTCLTHS" or some shit like that.

Pic unrelated.
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spell icup nigga
ader error?

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anybody have any alternatives to the SLP teddy? dont really have 3k to drop for a jacket
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Thrift and hope to find something similar.


Buy its knock off from sites H&M, Zara, etc. That will eventually release it


Make one yourself
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could go for falcon garments v3 aka toj0

its made to measure for 500 dollars

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What is this brand and how valuable is it? I've never heard of it and I can't find information on it. Please help?
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its the pepsi brand
what kind of shithole do you live in that you've never seen pepsi
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guys help just copped this today what brand is it

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