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>This isn't another anime phase, mom. This is called high fashion.
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How would this be considered as high fashion ?
Do you even read GQ, little white plebeian?
It had been a long time since I hadn't fallen for a troll

Fuck you

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I literally don't understand how not everyone exclusively uses Grailed for all their clothes purchases. It's the best way to get high designer fashion at the lowest prices. Who the hell buys clothes brand new?
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id love to but most of the faggots charge like 40usd to get it shipped to eu
this is also relevant for selling. nobody wants to spend the extra 40 so i can ship to the states from europe
>tfw don't have paypal
that's my main reason

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I haven't been on here for a while, what did you all think of Paris AW17?
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I liked it, was a good mix of anti fashion and actually wearable clothing
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yohji was really great

Dries also nice too, a whole lot of beautiful but wearable clothing
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Jan 27th edition
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repostan, obvs I'll rate later

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Thoughts on the CP bball high? Sizing? Should I cop??
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Simply awful
lows are ok, but this is just... kys my man.
Why not get Af1 instead

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is terrorwave still a thing? post inspo
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now what do you think of this particular pieces of clothing?
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90s New York Italian gangster/10
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Greetings. I've been looking for some /fa/ lunchboxes that are at least 7" by 7" and are insulated.
What do you guys use?
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This is real life. A human being came up with the idea to post this to an image board, ironically or not.

Is this the definition of free will?
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>not adjusting the size meal based on the space of container

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pic related: the /fa/ catalog right now. why do you guys have such awful taste?
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thats just one shitposter you moron
long coats are dope regardless
Five of those are the posts of one autist memeing about blacks wearing camel coats.
camel coats are overused shit tier core

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just look at this
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Because he's not as timid as all the little people on this board.
Because he realizes that the point of fashion is not to blend into the background but fashion yourself into something more.

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Stop supporting big companies, buy shoes from your cobbler. He knows his shit and much more about shoes than you will ever know.
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diy converse.jpg
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my cobbler lives in italy idiot eat my ass
this isn't 1960, my town doesn't even have a cobbler anymore because everyone buys their shoes at Kohls and Shoe Carnival and shit

>god bless capitalism
I don't usually tell people to kill themselves online but this is pretty sad, so feel free to kill yourself if you want. After getting used to the idea you might recognize that there are certain people you'd like to take with you to the dark depths. For a better tomorrow and stuff.

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Stop being twinks.
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fuck my boipuss /fit/
do you blame skinny boys for your sexual drought, /fit/?
You tell em Mark

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anybody know where to cop these, or something similar?
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Those are called boat shoes and you should not buy or wear those.
why not friend they look nice
Bad advice. Boat shoes are classic menswear and on top of that practical and comfortable.

What eye color do you find most attractive on men and possibly why?
I wanna know.

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Also comments
Blue master?
Obviously depends on the person, the circumstances (the way they are dressed, the environment, the way they behave, etc) and shit. Stop finding definite answers to questions like this.

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Hows my outfit. Sry I couldnt show shoes dont have a good mirror, but they RL and fly asf
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desu you remind me of something out of the 70's, which isn't necessarily bad. IMO lose the scarf though
Just with this outfit or in general?
>lose the scarf
Tf is dis deadass shit B my.nigga got like 10 oldspices

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