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any leather boots that will suit you

You need to be more specific.

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I have a formal job interview next week. How do I avoid looking like shit?

Are there alternatives to just copping a cheap H&M blazer that don't involve pawning a kidney?
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>looking like shit
pic related I assume

go into a lot of different (relatively) cheap stores, like h&m, Zara, mango, bershka and whatnot, and try every jacket they have
you will find something that's not that ill-fitting tho it might take some time and some trying
when you find a good enough jacket get the pants that go with it
in recent years, at least in Europe, "slim fit" suits are all the rage, and they usually look good enough on mannequins and that's it, so unless you're really thin and with very defined bones, like pointy shoulders, I'd steer clear of these, else you'll look like pic related in your post, which should have gone for a couple drop points higher
>formal interview
if the guy on the other side of the table knows a tiny bit about suits he'll see you're not dressed for a formal interview
don't get a blazer
you could pawn your liver
the most important thing about a suit is how it fits, buy something from zara or h&m that suits you, that is grey or dark blue and get it tailored

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Why should anyone wear undershirt ?
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If you have pointy nips that pierce through your shirt
protect your more expensive shirts and jumpers from sweat and body oil etc.

ask in fuccboi next time
can also be more comfortable, and if you want to fully unbutton the shirt. Though personally I prefer not wearing an undershirt if it's summer

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What's the name of those shirts that have a collar like that?
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grandad shirt or mandarin collar i think
I believe that Mandarin is correct, but I've also heard peasant collar as well.
the Mao-collar

What do you think of this brand?
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It's nice
Decent jackets.
in the the uk its worn only by chavs and hoodlums, its nice but id never wear it

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is there any chance someone have seen front side of this picture? if yes pleeeease send it to me.
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Are we just requesting images now?
Welcome the /fa/ - fuccboy general board
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Here's the original.

Ask >>>/wsr/

How do I become a better model?

I have the looks but I always make myself look awkward when people take photos of me

thanks bros
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Most of the times the reason I look awkward in photos is because I don't know what to do with my hands. Try putting your hands in your pockets or crossing them and just sit/stand naturally
yeah, i feel that. i think its probably feeling awkward while getting photos taking as well. i'm going to try improving my general day-to-day posture as well because its easy to slouch and look stupid
become better looking by plastic surgery

menlets out!
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Those kids are so lucky, they can gather with others and shoot the shit and whatnot.

Me, i have this paranoia that other people will take me for an undercover cop. That feel when no friends.
Brittany Venti is there with some chinks and a big fat pedo hanging with children
Cringy as fuck.

ok I'm about to bless you guys with some really good summer outfit advice :)

example in pic related is me: your welcome
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You tryed
decent fit

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need new boots, thinking pic related
are there better options that are more durable? i heard the only good docs are the made in England ones
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The rubber gets cold and they lose traction. They're also for clowns
Idk about other options but I have a pair of mono black docs (i dont think they are the made in england ones) & i've been traveling quite a bit, walking 10+km a day in them and they have held up really well, also fairly comfortable.
They look like, and are the quality of, shit

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What is the most /fa/ instrument?

I'm going to go with the flute.
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I'd say tenor sax. I played both the flute and the sax and the flute is fun but lacks the umph of the tenor
The most /fa/ instrument always has and always will be the piano.
Cello for strings
Alto or bari sax for wind
Trombone for brass
Vibraslap for percussion

Where did /fa/ go wrong?
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Everywhere since it's inception.

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Am I /fa/ yet? Ya bunch a cunts
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yep, a real /faggot/ thats for sure
from the back?
As a tall person to a not tall person: don't wear converses.

The bigger your feet are, the more they look like clown shoes. I found the same thing with Adidas, the 3 stripes just dont "stretch" out well. I wear nike and new balance, which seem to scale more for me.

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Worth a cop?
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If it fits with your palette
>all the ultra boost and pureboost restocking tomorrow or new colorways coming out
>no eqt boost 93/17

White Mountaineering is dropping a collab boost 93/17 in march look out for that.

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Favorite briefs for casual use and when you fucking your bitch ?
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Casual use????
Like everyday use
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goddamnit. i've been doing 2 legs days/week for a year and still my legs dont get bigger and look like picrel

will they eventually get bigger closer to knees?

BMI 22, thighs almost as wide as shoulders :(

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