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I'm looking for some trusty boots that will last a lifetime. Don't mind the price ( since this is the last time I'm buying boots ) as long as it's not incredibly high.

Any help will be appreciated a lot !

Also welcome /fa/ boots posts.

male 19 175 cm if this matters, I don't really know just in case.
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No pair is going to literally last a lifetime, especially with no rotation. If you're looking for a "buy a pair for life" magic pill, oops.

Meme wings, thursday boots, vibergs, wolverine 1ks are all pretty good quality tho.
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40KB, 480x480px

(of course it has to be resoled once the sole gets too worn out, but it's better than buying new boots)

Also the first paragraph of >>12201097 .
anything with a leather sole isn't going to "last" a long time.

>Meme wings, thursday boots, vibergs, wolverine 1ks are all pretty good quality tho.

yeah but again, avoid things with a leather sole. i know it's trendy to have it but they wear really fast, they slip on a lot of surfaces, and things get stuck in the bottom of the sole quite often.

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Does this color combo work?
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Yeah but the pieces themselves are disgusting. Good lord buy shit that fits
It doesn't fit and what are you doing with that trader Joe's coconut oil
Not mine

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Where can I find some embroidered jeans like *pic related* that are not $1,090?

inb4 "google it" – I googled it and couldn't find jack shit
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diy /fa/ggot, it's not that hard
>ain't nobody have time for that
etsy, ebay

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Post outfits you would wear

I'd wear Klaus's
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I always thought the Hogwarts capes looked comfy as fuck
File: 2HZS4mX.jpg (891KB, 2100x1576px)Image search: [Google]
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is this a porn?

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Hey /fa/, I'm trying to get into post punk.

Mostly I'm looking for:

Shirts (30-60$)
Trousers (50-100$)
Footwear (60-140$)
Jackets/Outerwear (100-200$)

I'm currently dressing with a Minimalist/Monochrome wardrobe, so I have most of the basics for post-punk; I'm mostly just missing the flair pieces. Does anybody have recommendations for designers/stores with decent quality fitting the price ranges above? I'd appreciate the help.
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If you want flair pieces honestly save up money.

I personally think the most important aspect of an outfit is the shoes so save up money for boots with slim silhouettes as that fits what you want to portray.

Since you're looking for affordable look up Story et Fall otherwise go for Saint Laurent or Balenciaga (on sale of course).
Also don't buy those shitty fast fashion boots you're going to run through them in no time. As in don't buy footwear from H&M, Zara, Topman, or whatever other fast fashion store.

Here's my current rotation. As mentioned before, my wardrobe is really minimalist at the moment. Do you think I'm missing anything important?

File: asian_hairstyles_12.jpg (235KB, 1024x680px)Image search: [Google]
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Face it, you focus on fashion because you're too ugly to ignore it.
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File: 1462214163818.png (1MB, 916x798px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 916x798px
I actually have a good face. But yeah i have very low self esteem

File: 20170130_192705.jpg (3MB, 5312x2988px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 5312x2988px
Post your shoe collections
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Off-white Converse Chuck 2 Hightops
Black Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
Sorel 1964 snow boots
Black Allen Edmonds Park Avenues
As of like last week
Oop forgot image

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general inspo thread. why isn't there one of these already
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How to look like an astronaunt.
I like shiacore, specifically tight jeans tucked into boots with a tshirt. can anyone other than Shia pull this off irl? Will normies recognize that I'm cosplaying Shia?
this dude just looks like he smells like shit

File: nike-bonafide-zoom-flight-95.jpg (59KB, 620x435px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this lunarcore enough, boys? If it was in silver/grey it would be better.
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No I think it's better like this because it looks like part of a 2000s-future spacesuit
Nike is dead
Hell yeah two-tone spacesuit vibes

File: IMG_20170202_065937.jpg (1MB, 1564x1564px)Image search: [Google]
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Left or right /fa/?

Flying to meet a girl tonight, what should i wear when we go out to a bar later?

Outfit will be black shirt, black slim-leg jeans. Then either beige timbs (not the ones in the pic, but similar) or Nike Roche ones.

Timbs give me that added height which I like, and the brown stands out from the rest of the outfit. I just don't know how to wear them with jeans properly. Tucked in or try pull them over or just kind of hang and do whatever?
Or the Nike's?

>Inb4 neither.
These are my only options really, and maybe not the greatest stuff, but it's what I have.

Feel free to post other left or rights and ask advice from others.
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Left if I had to choose. Also

>Flying in to meet a girl
right pic looks nicer but post yourself in both
Thanks! Also leaning in that direction, it's just that the Nike's might fit better. I'm afraid if I tuck in my jeans into the boots, it will look baggy and strange.

And yes, flying in. We're going to stay together as well. Been friends+ since college. Not as desperate as it seems.

File: 20170201_200602.jpg (3MB, 2988x5312px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2988x5312px
other ones dead get @ me
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le ebin ironic fun shirt xdddddd

look how quirky i am xddddd
Rather than list all the bad things in this pic I'll just say
>D) all of the above
what the fuk is up with those laces

File: s-l1600.jpg (345KB, 1347x914px)Image search: [Google]
345KB, 1347x914px
Never go on /fa/, but I need to get a card holder as a present. How can I tell if this is genuine or fake? http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Versace-Collection-Black-Medusa-Logo-Credit-Card-Holder/433806974
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>buying something to hold your money, purely based on looks
>caring if it's genuine or fake
i don't think you understand what being /fa/ is
If it wasn't a present I wouldn't care. I'm actually surprised someone on /fa/ would think that way though.
Every board has a skewed perspective of every other board.

File: IMG_1760.jpg (69KB, 467x700px)Image search: [Google]
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Why do you guys hate yoga pants so much?

I don't think they are trashy, I think they are cute on a slim, toned girl.
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i mean its not that theyre all that bad but theres nothing overly aesthetically pleasing about them. especially patterned ones like your pic
>I don't think they are trashy
You're wrong. They are.
File: IMG_1689.jpg (257KB, 936x1171px)Image search: [Google]
257KB, 936x1171px

I see a lot of nice, middle class urban girls wearing them and they are not trailer trash. Often the are quite stylish

File: 1483447214673.jpg (52KB, 601x602px)Image search: [Google]
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r8 my fit /fa/
yall jelly or not?. finna fuck yer bitch lol
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mirin prime fuck boy
File: WAT2.jpg (11KB, 319x374px)Image search: [Google]
11KB, 319x374px
this sleeves look like they would rip if you reached for something far away lol
gfto curlbro

i'm trying to think of a tattoo that will bring together the message of eternal recurrence, as well as the black serpent as described in The Vision and the Enigma by Nietzsche

somehow i want the eternal recurrence message as well as a black serpent with severed head

anyone have any design ideas?

an ouroboros seems ideal, but i would like for the snake to have a severed head. so there may be two images which must be tied together.

perhaps some sort of figure 8 or infinity shape - one loop formed by part of the snake and the other a broken loop formed by the severed head eating its tail?
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this whole thing is so basic it hurts
It's babby's first philosophy tier and as much as you feel impacted now - if you're going to continue reading stuff then Neitzche prob isn't your last stop

Just get a minimal and nicely designed Ouroboros, plebs will love it and you get your eternal recurrence.

Have its head cut off and the meaning will be deep as fug since you can say it's something about determining your own fate and rising up to fate + severed serpent head.
>implying people that get neechee tats actually read the stuff


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