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I noticed a girl in my class wearing Vetements today. Have I found a possible /fa/ waifu??? How do I attract her attention.
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Ask if you can drink from her because you want to live forever, with a wry smile
wear an XL Champion crewneck and tell her is a runway piece from the next drop
when she starts furiously sucking your dick in front of everyone grab the nearest gun and end your sad life faggot

Post /fa/ couples
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/fa/ in 2013 maybe
if u thinks thats /fa kill urself op, u onoriginal trendriding fuck
>fucking normies, I'm so different and cool right??

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Last Thread: >>12197771

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
removed by mods :o(
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Is /thinspo/ dying? It's becoming so slow now :(
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>16.5 BMI
>huge barrel ribcage
>huge hips

just kill me now

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ITT we prepare for comfy spring rains
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all off ebay
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Is this acceptable?

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Raf Simons Autumn/Winter 2017

What do you /fa/ think?
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What does /fa/ think?*
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Looks very inspired by New York. Can you tell?
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Maybe also inspired by current trends by New York residents?

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What's the green garment this chap is wearing under his jacket?

>Military aesthetic general
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I would like to know where I can get a similar type of hoodie to this, without spending a fortune. Thanks!
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buy a fucking black gildan hoodie you wannabe nigger
Ronin makes hoodies like that, but only cause you asked so nicely
Gildan actually makes good hoodies like that for cheap.

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image1 (8).jpg
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Saw that there wasn't a new thread yet.
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What the fuck is up on this day, Monday, January the 30th
Sideways pictures are such a shit meme
I like that outfit but don't do these faggy poses you fag

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what's the most effay type of alcohol? pic related, it's what i bring to parties.
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gin tonic
grey goose is better you dumb hipster
Grey Goose is a fucking shit tier vodka with a ridiculous price tag on it to appeal to retards like you. I highly doubt you're even of drinking age, and certainly have zero taste if you think Grey Goose is good or cool. Sobieski is 1/5th the price, and indescribably better in every way.

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Proud to be Pakistan Edition

Last thread: >>12163179

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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>Proud to be Pakistan
delet this
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Just finished up sewing this onto a jacket. It's a little crooked but not noticeable when I'm wearing it. Thoughts?

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Why is this brand so goddamn expensive?

A simple black tee costs $150...

Literally what the fuck? What makes them so special? Are they supper-super-high-quality or what? All the white kids at my campus have one of these shirts.
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they're printed on gildan, which about the lowest quality you can get

its literally just hype
And ibthink they have fakes because whot the fuck pays 150$ for ugly made in china shirt. But i doesnt matter if they have fakes because fakes can even be better quality than the orginal product.
Buy this and laugh to them

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Will /fa/ have a meet up like this? Can /fa/ redeem themselves from Brisbane?

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Why are 90% of them asians?
its toronto
Why do you think asian inspo comfycore and streetwear are so popular on /fa whitey

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hey /fa/ i'm reading neuromancer and falling in love with the cyberpunk setting. how would one go about dressing cyberpunk without coming off as a total dork?
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Techwear, but don't go full techninja or else you'll look like a dork
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beanie or cap
nerdy glasses
cav empt top pref a fleece sweater or graphic sweatshirt
cargo athletic pants made of that nylon/poly shit (maharishi works too)
nike black sfbs
black laptop backpack

if i want this haircut, what do i tell the barber so that i dont have to show him a pic of richard spencer?????? is there another pic of the same thing or maybe a name for it????
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yea it's called the "I cry like a bitch on camera after getting punched" cut
4/10 best I can do, more subtlety next time
Try punching them in the face and see if they know what you mean

Does /fa/ still like Shia LaBeouf?
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