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Do you browse 2Chan's fashion board? Why or why not?
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I can't read anime
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russian 2ch m8
also link for ya lazy faggets


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I like that boi
their bois are always so fuckable :)
why does the boi look like he has a tit
also the denim is pretty nice but I generally don't like acne studios

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cop or not?
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>no chalk
There's already a shoe thread for white shoes
There's already a cop or not thread
Cuck offfffff
oh sorry i'll post it there then

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New face rate thread.
[[[ignore the facial hair]]]
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Did you tune up your face bro? Lmaoo
Ye, got a new phone and played around with it. I realize it looks quite obvious.

dat lower thirds.

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évol cheveux 6.jpg
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Currently short like on the last picture, taken few moments ago

What do you think anons
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Far right and far left are the best two depending on your facial hair situation imo
really all of them
Kinda depends on what you wear, but I'm a really big fan of #4

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Is my haircut effay? Uh also what medium to long length hairstyles are effay
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dont say effay
keep the haircut
shor hair
long hair

Now, are you a female (Female) or male?
Who are you, Nick drake?

Lets have a general thread instead of making 10 different threads about ultra boost , gazelle tubular and the like
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I bought these the other day on impulse, how should I wear them if at all?
Not bad I like them desu, although I typically go for sneakers like NMD's.
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Buying NMD R1 or maybe NMD XR1's for summer. Comfy af

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Post designers who didn't go to fashion school
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while you wasted your time in fashion school, i studied the blade

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Comfy Folk/blues inspo?

thread theme
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The next meme right here, be early adopters.
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Wait, before you go

Who creates these memes?
Stop calling everything a fucking meme you fucking nigger. Also these have been a consistent "trend" amongst teenagers since they were a full on trend 20 years ago
if you are talking about the actual item then:

If you are talking about these meme's in general, me.

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Is being a manlet /fa/?
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Jesus Christ that comic lmao
>popped collar

I need to go to the barber soon, post hair inspo similar to this so I can show them
-fairly short with a fringe, bowlcut-esque
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fuck you. this doesn't deserve it's own thread

and you already have the image to show them so that's a ridiculous question

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So I've noticed that some Ryan Gosling movies, Kavinsky album covers and artwork, & Hotline Miami promos and trailers all share this type of gritty Miami 80's but modern flow. What category what this style fall under so I could have key points to direct me in the right direction when googling inspiration for this style? I'll dump a few more pics for a better picture of what I'm trying to get at. I'd really appreciate the help.
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new retro wave core
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/fa/ phone cases?
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Here's mine
Terrible and corny
Love this
raf or custom?

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Hey /fa/, I have a law school formal (Barrister's Ball) coming up. Mind posting some suit fits? Pic related, I planned on wearing something similar to this. My suit colors are navy, dark gray, and light gray.

Also, fashionable suit fits general.
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getting my first custom suit made for brother's wedding and for interviews and shit when I finish school this year

Going for a lightish/mediumish grey three piece for muh versatility, but I can't decide whether to get a regular 'flat' vest or one with lapels

On one hand I think regular vests look really department store but also I don't want to be a fuckin dandy either

with my other suit I bought I usually take the jacket off once people have seen that yes i have a jacket so I kinda like what the vest lapels will do for my tie

wat do besides an hero
lol, I hope you seriously don't plan on getting a vest, especially if you plan on wearing said suit to an interview. Vests look good on very few suit styles, most look like neckbeards or spergs.
Actually, three piece suits (along with double breasted suits) are coming back in style. As long as the fit is good, it'll look fine.

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