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What are some examples of light, versatile jackets that aren't bombers?
I need something I can wear when it's hot outside, or in cold weather with a sweatshirt.
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Depends on the kind of climate you live in and the temperatures you get in the winter and summer. An unlined cotton coat will be nice in the summer, but not very useful as an outer layer if you get cold winters. Fabric and lining make all the difference. A breathable water/wind resistant unlined jacket (of any type really) would be the most effective, and easiest to layer.

But for different types of jackets, there are loads. Coach jackets, varsity, chore coat, Harrington, parkas, technical stuff, mac coats, denim jackets, etc.
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Members only senpai
Go with a Harrington jacket.

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gonna reupload this in a smaller size because loading is terribly slow
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repost with shoes this time

How to look effay in very hot weather?

I have been wearing only tan or blue chino shorts, CPs and neutral colored tshirts for the past 2 weeks and feel like changing it up a little.

pic only semi related
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This guy's outfit looks good imo.
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Forgot picture, here it is.
looser clothes with thinner fabrics
possibly switch to breathable undergarments

Hello /fa/, could I pull off bleached hair like pic related? Moreso the colour than the style
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Haven't got many pictures of my face
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you look like someone tampered with your nose, pic related
but your hair looks very nice

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may 26th
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Here we go!
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narrow shoulders + big heads=not a good combo
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Only god can judge me now

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Tattoos are degenerate and gay

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How do i not look like a waiter or valet when wearing shirt and vest?
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don't wear a vest. you'll come off as a tryhard anyway
why the fuck would it be tryhard wtf, im wearing it for someone's graduation
If you're asking "how do I not look like x", it means you look like x, not that it's something that can be easily fixed.

Just wear a jacket or sports coat like a normal person.

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Going on a job interview, dress code is smart casual, and my wardrobe primarily contains t-shirts, some shirts used for parties, slim-fit jeans (Diesel and Weekday, black and regular), and chinos (khaki, dark blue and a bit worn, both slim fit but a little long). Shoes aren't any special, just nice-looking flat shoes.

So please help. What do I need? From what I gather, I can go with the weekday black slim-fit, but not sure what to put on top that doesn't show sweat when they start BBQing me, and I need some nicer shoes.
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Dark brown dress type shoes (brogues), formal black pants (cheap), white or light blue shirt, blue tie, grey blazer.
>formal black pants
Like pants for a suit?
>blue tie
Aren't these supposed to be skipped in the smart casual?
Dark grey?
>brown shoes with black trousers
>black trousers with blue shirt
>blue tie with a grey blazer
>any of that with a grey blazer


just get some nice oxfords/brogues in black, some slim fit grey dress trousers, a white oxford shirt and a black/coloured pullover, either V neck or crew neck

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What is /fa/'s opinions on face masks? Who can pull them off and who can't? Half considering copping one for shits and giggles.
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>Who can pull them off

>and who can't?
You, me, everyone who isn't a asian.
let me guess, muh cultural appropriation
nah, it's that there's actually a point in wearing one in chink land

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finally a dress code we can get behind, Bottled Blonde Chicago

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tl;dr wear a suit

would save time if they said just that
I can't believe they banned white t-shirts and matching clothes.
>Dont be a nigger, white folk

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I bought a pair of these years ago and just found them in the back of my closet. I tried them on and they are pretty comfortable.

They look retarded with shorts, but are they acceptable with pants, or should I throw them out immediately?

Not my dark ass pic - from ebay.
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keep them for doing yard work
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damn, really :(

What about them is bad? I'm trying to learn.

(again, not my pic. Mine are in much better shape.)
the contrast stitching is a bit excessive and i'm not a big fan of the random side sole

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This would look cool on a cool person but it doesn't look cool on you because you look like you chop yews in runescape for a living.
ok but nice fit right?
Well, i for one, think you have a very nice fit. The clothes alone a strong 8/10, you look like a kind of well balanced and fun person, so i'd say 9/10 for the whole package :) Well done you!

what does /fa/ think about the upcoming supreme x louis vuitton drop?
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I try not to think about it.
It's dumb

ID on the shirt?
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Kill yourself and fuck offf back 2 /r/streetwear
Pretty basic fit. Clean and put together though
>clean and put together
he has fucking holes in his jeans LMAO

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How to take care of hair?
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>leave-in conditioner
>It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
>pay a hairstylist every 6 months for maintenance work

it's not hard to take care of your hair
Depends on your hair/scalp type. What works for some may not work for most.

For example my boyfriend uses only coconut oil to wash his hair and it looks great. I tried it with my hair which already gets greasy easily and it just makes it look disgusting. In the summer, I use a small dot of moisturizing shampoo on my scalp and thats it. I use diluted lemon/lime juice in place of shampoo occasionally too. In the winter I rarely even shampoo and only then do I use conditioner. You just have to experiment and find what works best for you.
Blow dry, low to medium heat
Regularly shampoo and condition
Avoid non-human tumblr-grade dye colors
Proper barbers only (i.e. no supercuts)

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