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mofuckin ass get in here
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italian fresh pasta

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why do famous people dress like shit
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It's always the ones who are self aware that dress the best.
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take it back
>problem hair
everytime I hear about or see her she is more fucked up than the last time, what a mess

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Post your username/link and perhaps an excerpt of your feed.
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Architecture, modern art, and photography at the moment. More fashion, computing, and vehicles in the future. I usually follow back, just got started. All original content.
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I'll follow back if I like your feed


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am i the only one that thinks this aesthetic is cool as fuck? when are flared jeans coming back yo
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wide flare trousers are being memed incredibly hard in women's fashion right now. it's only a matter of time before it catches on for men
have you ever seen any flared jeans for men recently? i would be interested to see how that would look today.
only guy with a decent fit is second from left.
i want his boots

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Have you ever had a flat mole removed???

pic related is me.
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>Have you ever had a flat mole removed???
Well you clearly haven't
dumbest reply of 2017
>that profile

Dont even bother removing them you have no hope anyway

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Opinions? Are these effay?
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Well done, you have found the ultimate meme shoe.

Now if you can add this shoe into the mix somehow you have truly transcended.
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There is only one way to wear DMs. Pic related. And red laces are mandatory.
>black and red anywhere anytime anything

This is not bait.

There are a couple of things that have been recently discovered that will likely turn up in a topical solution.

T-cells, known as 'Tregs' and the protein called KROX20. They work by targeting the actual genetics and stem cells for hair renewal.

We have Rogaine and Propecia at the moment, but it looks like we are going to have something pretty brilliant in the next few years.


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They have been saying this thing for years, so I am a little skeptical
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>cure to X will come in a few years

every time

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Who's best dressed in this pic, /fa/m?
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none of them, they're all niggers
this, niggers literally dress like shit

inb4 banned for racism
Is this saying that it would be a discussion if they were white? If so, what outfit is best (assuming they're white instead)

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post your arms
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I care about hair
why post this stupid shit
> t. hairlet

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Id on the jacket on the right? (sorry I know you guys hate jojiposting)
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generic green windbreaker
It's just a dartmouth windbreaker I think you could probably get it at their school store
wow joji is a manlet. who knew? i know dumfalafel is 5'7 and joji is same heiight

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/fa/ was here in 2008
It was 2008 bud
disregard that, I suck cocks

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I really love my girls
in mink. I know it's
summer but things
always heat up in
mink. Faux of course.
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Just get a haircut bro!

Just wear a suit bro!

Just groom your face bro!
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That guy saved me from killing myself. I love (<3) Alpha M.

hes for normie plebs. Don't hate the man hate the faggots that even needed him in the first place like this manlet >>12505990
I do think he has some good and most importantly innocent and well-meaning advice. it's not the best advice in terms of fashion but his motivation is inspiring. he cares more about fashion than /fa/ does but /fa/ doesn't care about him much because they want something else from fashion which is fair enough.

what kind of underwear is this and wear can I find some?
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trashy as fuck
reebok sports bra / top and some cheap looking aliexpress knickers. wtf
those panties have like an adjustable string on the side, what the fuck?

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suit and tie.jpg
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I'll just go ahead and ask: At what point does this kind of look become inappropriate for a woman?

Long story short I work for a security company, which basically means I chaperone people at various events where they can get drunk and high with other trust-fund hedonists in relative privacy. Most of the time I'm just making sure little Bethany doesn't projectile puke into her hair at 4am in front of a Denny's. The company doesn't put me on any overtly dangerous jobs, but I still carry and have to wear ATACs and a vest, so a suit works best for me. The thing is, I wear them almost daily now, even when I am not at work. They're just comfy. People stare though. I had to pick up paint from Lowe's yesterday and the staff looked at me like I was a Mormon hitman.

Pic related, it's close to what I wear at work. Except no leather jacket/shoes and no dyke hair.
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This is something I wonder about as well, it's obviously a masculine look but it can look so damn good.

Any chance of a fit pic?
At what point does this kind of look become inappropriate for a woman?
When they're ugly.
>Any chance of a fit pic?
You caught me while I'm wearing ratty pajamas about to paint my dinning room, but I'll take a pic later as long as you don't mind my face being scrubbed from the pic.

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