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How do you deal with having a peculiar body shape? Where the proportions do not correspond to standard sizes?
I wear two different sizes for tops and bottoms, and not quite similar ones. Where can I get some nicely fitting dresses, other than a tailor?
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8 top 6 bottom here, I feel your pain.

For oddly-sized stuff I've had good luck with Etsy, most shops will tailor their patterns and the prices and quality are usually good.
I have a three sizes difference from top to bottom, is Etsy still good? Will they still accommodate for it? I've never used it.
Are there any shops you recommend? Looking for basics mostly, but if there's a particularly nice shop that does something different, it's welcome too.
Wear shit that fits with your body type. Nothing is worse than people who try to dress for a bodytype they don't have. I don't care that it looks good on someone else and that you NEED that piece, if it won't worth with your body then you've already lost.

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Is Brooks Brothers effay?
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I don't know

is this the furture of fassion
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If it is, I'm ok with it.
No, it's fucking terrible. Buy a shirt that fits
delete this thread rn don't want people stealing this

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Honest opinion, do these glasses fit my face or should I send them back?
Also how the fuck are you supposed to know what your face shape is?
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Joker from full metal jacket core
>negative canthal tilt
>pencil neck

kill yourself

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Opinions on these Raf Simons Extra Highs?
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Why would anybody want these shoes besides the name/bragging rights?
Looks like ramones except not ugly
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disgusting please dont get it op.

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These are the best trainers of all time
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dadcore nigger
meh they are ugly as fuck

If you're a chav / street rat.

How can one dress to improve their chances of acquiring a quirky art major gf?
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you dont want one.
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pic related
join a shitty band.

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When do you start looking old? I'm 21 and took care of my skin since I was a kid. Also used sunscreen to protect myself from damage.

I'm still paranoid about looking old though. When does it happen? When I turn 23?
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Post the products you are using, OP.
If you're a guy it basically doesn't matter. You're thinking like a woman.
Don't worry about looking old and haggard at 35 - worry about having nothing impressive about yourself except your skin at 35.
tru... the only wall for a guy is when he stops looking after himself.

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How often does ssense get restocks of these meme shoes? Was looking to pick them up next paycheque, but they're out of stock in my size.
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what's the sizing on these
dont bother 'picking them up' since you'll buy them and never actually wear them

which ones
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Both could work in an outfit. Are you going for subtly trendy or flashy?
Neither, those are the fucking gayest sunglasses ever

jesus man you sound like someone just called your sunglasses gay on the street today

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I'm too poor for Ramones, are shoes like poetry a good consolation prize?
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nah. they're still nice tho
File: v3ux0b3fjcix.jpg (44KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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nigga you can get ramones for like 250
File: 6BqYlT9.png (288KB, 320x391px)Image search: [Google]
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get 1:1 fakes on reon district

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Screenshot (24).png
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Anyone else use Excel to keep track of their wardrobe?

>pic related
>my work shirts
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this would be fine to keep track of your possessions, but "time worn" is autist as heck
>Calvin Kline

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Are tracksuit bottoms/sweatpants effay?
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Some of them are, but not pic related
90% of the time? No.

Excusable as everyday wear if you have the body of a Greek god and you want to flaunt sex appeal.
What if you're just a lazy bastard?

w2c effay anime and Vidya graphic tees that don't look fucking autistic? Any help?
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just enjoy anime and games without felling the need to show everyone that you are into it and btw all look autistic.
Vintage on ebay

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does anyone wanna collab? im trying to get into digital marketing/growth acceleration and I need a guinea pig to practice on. no charge for you and maybe a few hundred more followers while I get experience and some insight.
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Practice what?
What exactly do you plan on doing?

Alright, well, depending on the target audience, I can make suggestions on photography, photo editing, and grid appearance.

I also would ask of the guinea pigs to do a set of tasks that I believe would increase their active followers/increase engagement rate. It's things I would normally do myself but I don't want to ask folks for their logins and spook'em.

If they were comfortable with it, I would ask but ya'll paranoid.
Oh, also -

I wouldn't be using any botting programs so no worries about that.

I want to test some theories I have out.

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