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If you're that attractive yes, if not stick to something safer
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It's posssible but difficult to pull off without looking like a fedora.
Tweed suits are too casual for most offices but too formal for pretty much everything else.
Much better to just go with a tweed jacket and slacks. Or tweed slacks with just regular shirt.
they are pretty nice, but in very conventional patterns. And in donegal tweed if possible.

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What type of haircut does the guy in this webm have?
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modern quiff.
but that doesn't matter, because you're not gonna look as good as him anyway.
short on sides long on top
fucking chads

Can you identify the brand of Rick Kosick's glasses?
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/out/ist here.

What are the most aesthetically attractive clothes to wear when innawoods?
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Earth tone everything. Henleys, cargo pants, lightweight outer shells, dad caps and 8" boots.

looking for more shops with similar style to these:

anyone have any good ones?
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as for Russian brands check:
Yunost (Юнocть)
Volchok (Boлчoк)
and literally any other Russian street-wear brand.
thanks, looking through them rn

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Where can i find jeans in this sort of style that isnt shit tier chinese stuff?
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those are cringy biker jeans you nigger

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Bad haircut thread

Went to Great Clips yesterday and this is what they did. They fucked my shit up good. I'm 19, and in school so it's fucking embarrassing. The woman cutting my hair "accidentally" used the size 2 clippers instead of the 7. The top is fucked up awful as well.
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Ivy league cut is more /fa/ than whatever fuccboi meme cut you came up with you should be thankful.
>Great Clips
You got what you paid for.
Looks retarded, is your hairline receiding? looks like it. Would hop on finasteride asap.

Can you wear black shoes (ex: docs) with grey jeans?
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sure if it's a slim jeans. there's far less challenge in making things look good when the pants is slim fitted
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I remove buttins and shit from old clothes
and i only have use for this shit like once in an year

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i work in a store. I made the windows today. Is this effay?
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those mannequin nips are totes effay
dam u made this bitch horny
3/10 would not go into store.

it looks like a colorblind librarians pj's man. not effay at aaaaaaaall

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chad stride.jpg
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anyone else find chadcore strangely appealing?
where the fuck do I cop Giuseppe Zanotti highlighter boots and that fucking "ouch!" shirt?
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You now notice the humongous dick Barron Trump imagined on one guy

unless youre going to coachella or ultra or whatever and you wanna pop ecstasy and fuck festival thots there is absolutely no appeal whatsoever
im not familiar with the backstory of this pic, can anyone explain?

>inb4 reverse search


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I think these are pretty slick. Are there any other shoes with weird strap accessories like this?
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Acronym x NikeLab Air Force 1 Downtown
I used to have a pair of shoes from vlado, I forget what they're called but vlado has a bunch of shoes with straps n sheeeeit
got those, my fav shoe of the year, love the military look

>designer is heralded for unique designs, innovative styles and visionary concepts
>runway and production pieces are indistinguishable from other labels
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You're probably too stupid or new to recognize it. Post examples friend.

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Haven't really posted much since 2014/2015

Are the styles pretty much the same? Has it just become more and more indie? What is happening now?
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Why are you bumping a post after fifteen minutes on /fa/? Are you fucking stupid?
i haven't posted since 2014 ;)
This. Only Europoors and Gooks are on at this hour. Also, welcome back, now leave.

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W2C this hoodie?
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