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Why am I starting to like these fucking things? Can someone snap me out of it?
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They're not ugly, they're just normcore
What is this fucking meme? Can we please snap out of it?
ive seen these everywhere, what are they called again? and wear them who cares, you might get called basic though

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Why am I starting to like these fucking things? Can someone snap me out of it?
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Same, not sure why, the back profile is so good.
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>be me
>visit a clarks store
>try those on among others
>dude gets a brand new pair out from the back
>sole sticks to the tissue paper in the box
>walk around a bit, feels alright I guess
>take them off
>they look fucked, with the light brown color showing through clearly where it creased
I get the whole wabi-sabi nonsense, but things shouldn't look beat up after just a few seconds of use.
Clarks are pretty bad right now, my cdbs were 50% off and I feel like I paid full price for what I got.

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Why am I starting to like these fucking things? Can someone snap me out of it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Apple Computer Sneakers.jpg
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This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15,000

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Sounds stupid af.
they look good af

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Looking for a pair of vans posted earlier

There was a thread asking what kind of shoes to wear with casual blue jeans or something, and the pic was this off white colored van with blue jeans. I forgot to save the pic sadly.
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Use warosu you autistic Mongolian
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I didnt know that existed but i foynd then. Im dispaointed bevause they are koinda ugmy looking than i remmebrr

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Somebody know her name
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This doesn't have to do with fashion at all

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Yea Really Rosey Pink.jpg
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I'm an amateur when it comes to designing clothes but im recently working on some, I have no printer at home but next pay check im getting one so I can print out shirts n shit. Is there a website where I can upload shirt designs and if someone wants it the company will print them out and send them it? Im not talking a website like spread shirt, any help would mean alot, thanks.
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check out teespring

if thats your design you need alot of work tho
aw geez....
I don't know what >>12520298 is talking about. I'd wear that.

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Looking for some bag to carry my things around festivals. What do you carry your things in at such events?
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Rick owens dust bag.
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the top one I carry innawoods, the bottom i carry while innacity, I got the top one becasue it had a better internal layout IMO than the maxpedition one, the bottom one I got as a camera holder, but it also has a nice documents pocket, and sits slim across your back. the camera dividers can be used to sort/ hold water bottles, wallet etc.

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The /bigguy/ look
How do I pull it off?
The tank tops are at the core but I am not quite sure about the rest.
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First you gotta be a big guy. Not like me, I'm a 5'10 south american that weighs 63kg. Feelsbadman
You should imply a source for your big guyness like a weird looking device(mask, weird backpack and etc.) for the bane aesthetic imo
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Can someone help and find me this outfit? or tell me what its made of?
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your local sex shop
i need this to have sex with a womeeeen
>what its made of?

100% daddy issues, machine washable

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What are some jeans like nudie thinn finn that are essentially skinny but don't have spray on thighs?
skinny jeans are finished /fa/
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more importantly, i need some raw denim color jeans inspo that is not americana
fashionista should invent new memes with this color jeans
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Tanuki denim has got the denim daddies pissed cz they're too slim cut

Jaoan blue and momotaro also have some good slim options

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Why are the Japanese so based when it comes to clothing? Repo wear, ect
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a rigid social structure that wore their status in their clothes that led far into the 20th century

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Opinions on this shoe
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if ur a dad maybe
Great criticisms

How are you keeping your feet cool this summer? I'm looking at mesh sneakers, but I'm not really in love with them.
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canvas is better desu
File: 1.jpg (76KB, 748x561px)Image search: [Google]
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Had these. Really comfy. But looked uaf. I am with these now
been wearing some 70s converse lows in parchment, pretty cool and comfy

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Who here /operator/ aesthetic
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File: 1456417653218.jpg (2MB, 2241x2988px)Image search: [Google]
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>Implying North Face is operator
your watch is the wrong way
What type of vest is that?

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