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So guys im in a bit of a bad situation atm.

Got my CDG x CONVERSE PLAY in offwhite today and bought some new trousers from filipa k

I was planning on wearing this tommorow to a graduation party(a bit mor casual not too formal), i bought the pants on sale and just realised they have no belt loops but not sure if I can return them. Which means maybe tucking a shirt will look awkward?

What do you think? Does dis look retarded or will it work? Shirt not properly tucked in the image, but maybe you understand what I mean.

Also which colour on the shirt would you recommend?
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Why is your torso so fucking long dude wow
i'm not really a fan. but normies will probably like it.
definitely do not go with a white shirt if you aren't wearing a jacket or something ontop, it just looks like shit with the shoes. go with some color, maybe like a burgundy or light but not too light blue.

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Can you help me find a rain coat, Something like this in style and colour but where the collar and hood are separate
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would like to know also especially a cheap one
I would personally just cop that one in OP's pic if it didn't have branding on it. Alas.

Where do you shop for pants if you're a manlet? I got short legs and will need a 26-27" inseam.
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You could check themodestman blog
get them tailored. it should cost next to nothing to have them shortened
>be short
>minimum inseam is 30" for majority of stores and designers
>forever a manlet and paying tailor tax

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r8 me and the boys
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stop shitposting
>posting normie memes unironically

Don't buy Sandals from Prada if you have skinny feet, it just rubbed my fucking skin off because of the material. my money, can't even refund
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Sell to me if they're a 41,5-42
dont buy sandals period

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That prep thread is full of kaffirs who do not understand the gospel of Ivy and probably also wear padded sportcoats with J-Crew OCBDs and low-rise trousers.

For our brothers in the northern hemisphere, summer is just starting; now is time for SUMMER IVY: popovers, madras, funding right-wing insurgencies in the third world, bermuda shorts, seersucker, and most importantly, COLLAR ROLL. Where can one finesse fine popovers, short sleeve oxford shirts, and the like? What mfgs and items have you found to have trad characteristics?
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prep and menswear are different shit u fucktards
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If you don't come from real money, no need to dress prep. Fucking lowlife poser dilettante idiot

Dress like the peasant you are.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Post /fa/ logos

I'll start
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Ok just waiting on you to start OP
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turned into a meme, but still forever in my heart.

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Plain white sneakers thread
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I like them at other peoples feet but they look like shit when I wear em
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best white sneaker IMO

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I've lost my favourite sunglasses which had special (to me) lenses. They effectively lessened the brightness from light sources such as the sun without blocking out the darker shades. They also made green traffic lights look blue. Did I just have brown lenses? With what do I replace them?
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I do not give a fuck about you or your sunglasses. Fuck off my board bro
And I don't care about you. Funny how that is.
Probably polarized. They're not special, they're quite common. If lights looked blue they may have had a backside AR. Were they prescription or non prescription?

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what cores exist?
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Some only say there are only two cores but core-identity is a spectrum.

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Does anything make you cringe more than urban techwear?
>inb4 this post
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GOD that is so bad, i'm disgusted and full of hate

user:mommy, i made a ent_cyberpoopy
Urban Techwear is what happens when somebody wants to wear Cargo shorts over their entire body

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or is this board for trying to dress like anime
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i hope this guy never breeds
The real question is does your sorry ass do
red and green

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Post your Grailed profiles ITT and make a few $$
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mention you're from fa
maybe ill give u a lil discount

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