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Post Inspo
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looking for more inspo like the ones i'm posting.
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does /fa/ has a qt3.14 effay gf?
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Nope thanks for reminding me
I don't need no gf, I'm above that
Used to date a Finnish model.

Batshit fucking crazy totally not worth it.

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Last thread died and I just realized this today when a buddy made me a comment

>tfw /fa/ has made me so pretentious about fits that when I talk to grills and they aren't dressed impressively I don't take them seriously and I come across as really "confident" now.

Thanks /fa/?
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Wow you let a Internet forum change your personality?????

Good work
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Thanks Samson ;)
iktf bro

>used to be the m´lady betafuck
>after /fa/ i became a pretentious vapid cunt
>for some reason girls love it
>still have a little bit of m´lady fag that helps when flirting with girls with daddy issues
>for some reason i only get horny if they whisper at my ear or if they have an SLP tier fit

i got a boner while wateching this years collections

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What did u get nerds?
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On the way
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mail just came :)
i hope this is a joke

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What do you parents think about how you dress?
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they think i dress nicely with some exceptions, but the main comment is "this costs so much!" and "why would you pay more than £40 for some jeans?"
My parents give me shit for not being #minimalist enough like them

Architect parents are the worst

My dad just sent me a pic of him today wearing a grey sweatshirt with stonewash dadjeans and white chucks at yoshinoya and I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or if I should be terrified
they buy my clothes so probably think i dress good

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I want to be skinny to be effay.
What's the best anorexic diet?
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>What's the best anorexic diet?
dont eat shit all day

live out of water and air

i personally can live out of coffee and cigarettes but dem fucking binges man, food is just so tasty

>tfw you gained like a kile even when you were eating the 78% of your burnt calorie intake
just kill me now

If you want to do it quick without dying (aka the /fa/ way) then:

- Calculate your Caloric Intake, and subtract 400-500 .
- Eliminate carbs, and shit food.

If you cut all food, you'll lose weight, but it's slower than cutting calories carefully. So just do this.
>tfw auscwitz-mode but want to be normal so I can wear just t-shirts without feeling self concious

Fuck you

Just something that's been on my mind, lately. Thinking of unlikely, but fun pairings of items with starkly contrasting style or proportion or whatever that feels spot on, each in their own weird way.

The shape of the tailored pant and cuff with the specific, clunky proportion of the shoe did it for me with my example. There's something goofy, but honest about putting the two together.

Just wondering if this is ever something that crosses other people's minds.
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I love this sort of stuff. Rocking Nikes with dress pants and a graphic tee or something.

I always used to be afraid of doing it, but I'm a lot confident now with it all.
is that a low top ramone?
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saw this on tumblr and liked it a lot. it's hard to find good examples that aren't just "japanese people being good at things", pic related is probably one that most people will hate but i love hapsical anyway and its so ridiculous that it works for me on some arbitrary level.


yup! new season release i believe

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Old one is dead

I have some nice basics and between 300 to 400 euros in cash. I'm about to buy my first "nice" item. Should I buy shoes or tops first?
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shoes are most important id say
Okay thanks. Can you (or someone else) recommend some shoe brands for me to start looking? I already looked at some Y-3 shoes and CP
Depends on your style. You shouldn't just set out to spend 400 euro on any old shoe someone tells you to. Look around and find something you like.
Maybe lurk here more or at least tell us what you normally wear.

/fa/ tumblr fam, we in dis bitch.
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>geeky stuff
>music stuff
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>tfw qt dental hygienist compliments my sneakers
>tfw girl in pharmacy spills her spaghetti as soon as she sees me
>ask her where the hemorrhoid cream is cause i'm a busy man and got stuff to do
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feelings change. sometimes feel invincible, wrapped in an armour of well-patterned, immaculately fitting garments.

other times wonder if people think i'm wack.
>mfw i'm not happy with a single haircut. not a one.
>tfw other men repeatedly look down on me

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