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I just wanna leave this, to everybody who like Fashion and Fitness
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>You can't with a FACE

edgy fucking cunt

Ok /fa/ I'm going to be attending the White House 4th of July party and I need opinions on what to wear. Attire is supposed to be business casual. Pic (possibly) related
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Here is invite for those who r wondering
Full rick
Like a mexican

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Wilderness-core thread?
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wilderness core.jpg
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Post your fav Fila sneakers/gear
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Fila is for football casuals stuck in 1986
love these but I could never find them shipping from europe

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How to be new romantic if I'm ugly?
Like, low forehead, fat nose, narrow shoulders. Is there still hope?
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boy george is ugly as shit and does it well. I don't think you have the mentality to be able to do it effectively based on your OP, though
To be honest I think you need to have a new wave music project running to legitimately pull it off

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Would it be acceptable to wear a thin beanie (its called "sotarmössa" in swedish which a special type of beanie) during summer time? I recently shaved my head and i think i look breddy gud in a sotarmössa and sunglasses. What im wondering is if there are any unwritten fashion rules about not wearing beanies during summer? Or will people think im stupid or something (dumber than usual)?
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Not me in the pic btw, but pretty close to what i look like, though i look a few years older than the kid in the pic.
sotarmössa look too thick in some pictures, and too douchbag in others
you should try just wearing a basic cap in two colors, white+green/blue/red/whatever, instead of a 'thin beanie'
No it's fucking stupid. Get a proper haircut instead

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All their models look like people who tried out for the role of "Brian" in Breakfast Club and got rejected. Their clothes are ugly and pretentious as shit, nothing subtle, it's all flashy graphics. Their shoes collabs are alright, still pretty boring though. They get by because they succle off of adidas's teet.
>british supreme
>adidas shill

i think we've covered it all

What's up with /fa/ 2017 demography survey? Is it already done and I just slept over the outcome, or demographic anon did not publish it yet?
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I've looked at warosu and I have not seen any results. I guess STHLM did not publish it yet.
everyone is underaged spastic cunt

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How come African poachers are more effay than most people on the street?
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Because they get their materials directly from the source
Dope color scheme. W2c similar hat?
This pic is actually incredibly effay from top to bottom, what the hell

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see >>>/cgl/
that's where they hang out
Oh, okay. Thanks.

So I'm going to be spending sometime out west for the next year or so, and I'm just wondering if any advice can be given for these things

I'm getting that weird craving to buy one just because
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Akubras are my go to /out/ hats, pic related is the cattleman model which is excellent but a little more Australiany than western I'll admit.
Go to a real cowboy outfitter for quality hats. Felt is for fall/winter, straw is for spring/summer. Leather is for poseurs. Look here for starters.


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Facial aesthetics thread part 4
Other one reached 300 but we still keep going!

Rate, give advice and for gods sake try not to be unhelpful douchebags or else you get shit on.

And rate me too, please
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you look like a troll please take this thread to soc

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Cop or Not

Last thread reach limit
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post what youd wear with it and ill tell you
this would require a very niche type of look to not look ridiculous
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What category is this, shit/citykid-core?
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Raised by a single mother without a male role model core
Max Herzberg-core aka "drunk and gambling-addicted East German"-core

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buddy holly.jpg
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What styles go well with a buddy holly figure, although I'm 6'4 and have sideburns I have pretty much the same physique.
At the moment I wear tucked-in checkered shirts and slim jeans with a belt matching the brogues of the day. Would like to incorporate racing leather jackets, but I get the feeling it might be too much. Still feels like I'm missing something.
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Why on gods earth would you want to look like buddy holly??

Going faster than a roller coaster
Love like this will, surely come my way huh huh uh huh huh

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