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Going to Chicago this week, me and my boy just decided to book the trip on a whim yesterday we both got weeks off from work so why not.
I've been once before but it was years ago when I was younger, just interested on things to do and see. Going to go see a Cubs game one day other than pretty open looking for restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, museums, and anything else going on. Going to be there from Tuesday 4 till Saturday 8th, staying at Soho House so going to be in the West Loop area.
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least effay city
Besides getting shot, you should check out some marinas and see if you can get a ride on a sailboat.
Smoke crack

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Any tips on how to stay effay in +100 degree Fahrenheit summer heat?
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Don't use Fahrenheit.
Any tips on how to stay effay in +311 Kelvin summer heat?
bet u live in canada faggot

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I got these brown skinny cords brand new for $5

What do i wear them with?
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white shoes and a white shirt, obviously
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w2c something like these?

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Who macaroni here?
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I like the clothes, but those ridiculous powdered wigs are too much.

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like these shirts literally called chad polos
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gib me normie gf.jpg
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Barbour in general desu
t. barbourcel

Is pic related a good alternative to Shoes Like Pottery? They're handmade in the US, and the interior is lined with pigskin leather. They're supposed to be very high quality and very comfortable, but I haven't bought them so I can't say for sure. They cost $150.
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>the interior is lined with pigskin leather
please don't hurt animals
No, first of all they're a limited edition. If they really want to support US manufacturing they'd make it a permanent collection. Second, they use cheap quality leather that peels away. Third, the sole begins separating from the upper. They're 100% Made in the USA meme shoes and not worth getting. Fuck PF Flyers.
Oh, I almost forgot. They will not replace your laces or insoles when they rot away.

Hey /fa/ i want a side zip jacket any sugentions. Low budget edition please.
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Y-3 online store 50% off right now

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is he /fa/
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Thoughts on Reigning Champ?
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Okay, but overpriced

People gush about their shit like they've never touched a sweatshirt before in their entire lives
This is wrong.
Their sweatshirts are much higher quality than that of SLP or Gucci or many other sweaters with much higher pricetags.

Clearly >>12575191
has never actually held a piece of theirs before.
have you ever held either of those brands or are you just parroting what some guy on reddit said

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Is Hollister for douchebags? Do only pretentious people wear it after what the CEO said?
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hollister is only for uppity kids with parents on antidepressants who think way too highly of themselves between the ages of 12-16
I wish I had some hollister piece, preferably t-shirt
Their skinny chinos are comfy as fuck though

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Navy Blue sneaker inspo?

I find navy blue shoes incredibly hard to match. What do you guys think?

>stock navy sneaker photo for reference
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Then don't get them dumbass
^ gay
Blue jeans, ever heard of them?

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Was Carlin /fa/? I mean the phase when he wore all black.
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The world may never truly know. But as you'll yamatoyotires once said;

>"black says leave me alone please"
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>that webm
What the fuck man

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>Rick Owens
>Raf Simons
>Yohji Yamamoto
got cucked by streetwear nigger culture

now even Balenciaga and most recently Louis Vuitton got cucked by it

Are there any brands that won't ever enter such low level? What are they?
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Dries Van Noten
Ann Demeulemeester
Haider Ackermann
I meant high fashion brands in similar style

ie those that have their own aesthetic

not just generally any high fashion brand
haider was cucked by kanye

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Foto am 02.07.17 um 18.52.jpg
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I need some inspo for some nice summer fits
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it's not that hard

it's just about color coordination since you can't layer much
this one is completely shit.
it's not, it's just not something revolutionary

I posted it just randomly, it's not supposed to represent a great summer fit btw

still going to defend the fit, it's not that bad

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Tips for how to create a garment rack closet?
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you go to the store, buy one, build it, get some clothes, get some hangers, put them, voila

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